Industry calls for ‘cruel’ trainer to be named and shamed

THERE are growing calls from within the greyhound industry for a trainer, caught on video using a cattle prod to shock one of his dogs, to be named and shamed after harrowing vision of the incident surfaced on Friday night.

The video, recorded on a mobile phone camera, shows a trainer at The Gardens greyhound track shocking his greyhound with the cattle prod as the lure approached the boxes.

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) announced on Friday the incident, which happened in 2012, had been independently investigated and preliminary findings had been handed over to the NSW Police Force.

Later that night the ABC released the mobile phone vision.

GRNSW have advised that the cattle prod allegedly used in the video appears to be a Parmak ‘Stock Master’ which is capable of emitting 6,000 volts of shock.

While GRNSW have not named anyone, interim CEO Paul Newson said the individual had been identified, with findings of the independent investigation including the forensic analysis of the video footage and witness interviews handed over to the authorities.

“Given the atrocious nature of the conduct depicted in the video, I have referred the preliminary findings, along with the video footage, to the NSW Police Force to examine whether criminal charges can be laid against those involved,” Newson said.

“While the NSW Police Force is considering the findings and video footage, I have instructed the independent investigators GRNSW had engaged to suspend their inquiries so as to ensure that GRNSW does not prejudice any police investigation.

“While the video footage was taken well before my appointment as interim CEO, it is disheartening to have uncovered another example of greyhound racing industry participants engaging in a serious act of animal cruelty.”

It is not yet known whether the footage was handed into GRNSW straight after the incident or more recently. Despite occurring four years ago, Newson said it was essential that the individual involved is brought to justice.

“Although this is footage taken well before the greyhound industry reform process started in February 2015, participants should be aware that GRNSW as regulator, will transparently and decisively target serious wrongdoing with escalating enforcement action, including referral to appropriate law enforcement agencies for potential criminal prosecution, to hold the industry to account.

“The public need to have trust in us as the regulator that we will be doing everything we can to protect the welfare of greyhound, secure the integrity of the industry and ensure individuals involved in animal cruelty or other serious misconduct incur serious consequences.

“However, GRNSW’s actions in relation to this matter are indicative of a change toward a more proactive and responsive approach from the greyhound racing industry, demonstrate GRNSW’s Industry Supervision Strategy in practise and affirm GRNSW as a modern, capable and effective regulator.”

Australian Racing Greyhound has attempted to contact several staff members of The Gardens as well as the now defunct National Coursing Association (NCA), which was the body operating the track at the time, to confirm details of the incident, however no comments were forthcoming.

Past Discussion

  1. Well this member of the racing industry is not calling for him to be named and shamed. He is entitled to a fair trial and a presumption of innocence until proven guilty just like every person in the country. Then if he is found guilty he will be named and shamed on the public court records and a Judge will decide what penalty he should get.

  2. Deborah555 

    I agree Deborah, this is so obviously a witch hunt, the real perpetrators are those that sat on the evidence. Shame on Paul Newson , he must have all this information.

  3. Deborah

    The information was handed to police over 4 years. They chose to do nothing about it. 

    The information was only brought back to light to help the government sway undecided politicians and keep the pressure on closing the industry. One can only hope there is a senate inquiry into the greatest stitch up of all. Then these pollies can well and truly be locked up. 

    Surely the industry cant keep paying the wage of someone that is working against them ? Is this even legal to sabotage an industry ?

    Obviously Katherine has never heard of procedural fairness. Just for the record its one of the ways that we will actually be fighting the fight on keeping the industry open. 

  4. DaveSampson75  YAWN.YAWN.WHERE’s ME POKEMON?’

    haven’t you realised yet DAVID SAMPSON,that what ever you write on here,has no bearing in the BIGGER PICTURE. conversing on a forum is not going to get ya message out there son!!!

    picking slowly,slowly,slowly through such minute details is wasting your own life, but then a facist does this don’t they?

    the topic is about a fixed vid on an obvious set up for revenge because he spat the dummy against someone.

    DEB, no use harbouring the fool as his name is spread across numerous forums already,so naming him now is a bit late.

    the worst case of rigging a vid I have ever seen in my life and it will go nowhere and the goose wont even be charged on that stupid evidence.

    and as for NEWSON, don’t make it to obvious your anti us,even though you collect a very nice wage that could feed  a mob of vegans for a year. think about that.And that is a week of his wage to….boom,boom.

    politics and politicians rate ABOVE CAR SALESMAN as the most hated humans on this planet… any country.

    anyway back to DAVE. son, one swallow does not make a summer.keep searching mr. bored.

  5. Yes Lone widow it is a witch hunt – some  “animal lover” was prepared to sit on evidence for years knowing that if this man was guilty he could have been harming dogs for four years. Now all of a sudden it is available. Baird has actually stated after the grave episode that he has” lots more evidence and he would be releasing it soon”, must have known about it for quite some time and did nothing till he was concerned about his majority in the parliament and his life time tax free pension. with additional benefits. This dog trainer- if a court finds him guilty deserves whatever a judge gives him (  I am not a big fan of trial by mobile phone) but the hypocrisy is disgraceful.

  6. @DaveSamps That’s good Dave  still got another 96,998 to go. Good work.  Although Baird probably has upped the number by now, by the end of the week he should have it up to three million and counting. Keep going – it gives you something to do, keeps and  you off the street and out of the pub and now I have appointed your Minister for Counting Hound Numbers” I expect you to meet community expectations.All bets are off though Dave you said you could find 5 in 24 hours  it has taken you three days to find one and if you could find out the information it means some-one in the industry must have written that it was deceased so the industry is not full of liars just some incompetent record keepers.

  7. If the greyhound case mentioned  is proven to exist then I suggest that the people involved be permanently housed in an institution for the insane. If the Premier of NSW and his Minister for Racing think that there is a widespread problem with dog electrifying then they should join consider being institutionalised further themselves. Interestingly the article shows the innocent in a bad light but protects the persons being investigated. Obviously no one should be demonised until the case carries a formal charge but then politics is all about timing. Interestingly the press release shows that the independent inquiry is being instructed and that the Gardens Racetrack is owned by the Government. I thought that the Gardens funded through purchases through the industries independent capital fund. The use of batteries (cattle prods or electrified batons were common at one time in the horses. One of the woman Interstate Jockey’s at least in riding today after serving a sentence for using prods on race horse. Cattle prods have featured in animal welfare inquiries in the past but never mentioned in greyhounds. 

  8. dogem53 DaveSampson75  I agree that his name would become readily available, journos are happy to destroy anyone and then whinge when some attractive West Indian cricketer does a mild flirt job with them – they are outraged. 

    Aside from my very obvious belief that everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence I don’t think these namers and shamers realise that it is a criminal offence to brand some-one as guilty if a matter is before the courts or they have not found guilty by a court of law.  Doing this can get you a jail sentence thus the constant use of “alleged” by journos after Mr Hinch spent a bit of time at her Majesty’s pleasure. Now representing us at 75 years old gee is he really interested in bettering the country or just looking for a big fat tax free pension with benefits if he can sit it out for two terms ( less than six years)  It is unlikely that they  would go Dave( I mean even thought I have appointed him Minister for Counting Hound Dogs his profile has not yet reached a world wild audience ( just a few of us dog trainers)  but Newson  is obviously worried he couldn’t wait to tell everyone he couldn’t investigate now he had handed it to the Police and of course now he doesn’t have to explain where the evidence was for four years.

  9. Deborah555 Absolutely supported but I would like to add the greyhound community also should not be named and shamed

    either as the Premier and the Minister is clearly doing. . The IAC has rejected the exclusion of all Russians to compete in the Olympic Games on the grounds of human rights for the innocents. The above is a big win for animal (human) rights.

    Governing bodies have the duty not only to punish the guilty but protect the innocent.

    I don’t think that Katherine (author of this thread) wants to imply that there should be equal justice for the industry being named and shamed by the Government being balanced by the participant involved being named but thats the effect.

  10. John Tracey Deborah555  I absolutely agree that Katherine was not implying a disrespect for the law she was implying that we are disgusted as well.

  11. Peter Bell  Yes Peter it is  disgraceful when people are tried by press and mobile phone “evidence” what these anti racing bayers for blood don’t realise is that if they can get away with avoiding procedural fairness with this bloke they can then push their luck with anyone. They could argue they have set a precedent.No- guilt by mobile phone video or any other kind of video evidence worries me. If I can edit videos  it is easy and anyone can do it. The Australian legal system obviously has many faults but it beats the hell out of Henry VIII star chamber style of “justice”.

  12. dogem53 DaveSampson75  I agree with you except  I think if this bloke gets found guilty I think he will get jail time. If they are prepared to send two elderly rabbit killers to jail they will give this bloke a real hard time.( only because they love animals of course) nothing to do with political motives.

  13. DaveSampson75 John Tracey  No Dave that is not what we are saying. We are saying lets try him in a court of law and if he is found guilty after due process and a judge sends him to prison he deserves everything he gets. This bloke might be a lesser human being in your mind but you let these pollies get away with taking away legal rights and they can take away anyone’s. You think if some-one caught you doing something illegal ( and don’t even suggest you haven’t done anything illegal you would be amazed at what is illegal.) -you should based on a mobile phone video so grainy they had to get witnesses to identify you (as they should anyway) and then crucified in the press, paraded through town and found guilty without a fair trial. I don’t think so Dave. That’s how it worked in Medieval England if you want that type of justice fine I don’t.

  14. DaveSampson75  What so the three ladies who have adopted a greyhound and now believe they are experts on the racing industry can do what Dave- throw a bit of caviar at him. Just before going off to the horse racing. Why there Dave- if you think the people there have better morals than some-one in a housing commission estate then you know very little about human nature.

  15. Peter Bell DaveSampson75  don’t be ridiculous Peter even if some one was interested in breeding with him – he wouldn’t have time he’s busy counting every greyhound that has every graced the planet and slagging off greyhound trainers.

  16. Deborah555 DaveSampson75 John Tracey What do you need a trial for? He was accidentally carrying around an electric prodder at work and accidentally took it out and accidentally poked it into a box containing a greyhound? Guilty as charged … bring on the stocks!

  17. DaveSampson75 Deborah555 John Tracey  How do you know this Dave? That’s right you have seen the video. I might ring up the Attorney General and suggest to him that it is a waste of money paying for a legal system and we could really cut down the court waiting times if we just let Dave preside over the entire nation. He’s got a mobile phone and an internet connection what more do you need to do the job?

  18. Deborah555 DaveSampson75 John Tracey So it was a feather duster but just looks like an electric cattle prod? If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck … Everyone knows whats going on here. I think 6 months in the cooler might give him time to rethink how wise it was to torture animals.

  19. Dave I noticed the anti greyhound racing rent a crowd were out and about yesterday “honouring dead greyhounds” . I had a bit of a look but it was, with the odd exception, the usual crew. Overweight middle aged women with nothing to do now the kids have grown up.  Looking for meaning in their  life  and crossing ” being on the telly off their bucket list” well I’d suggest if honouring dead greyhounds is now there reason for being they might need to try a bit harder to find themselves. Obviously if they have time to do this they don’t work either tax payer funded or more likely- some man has been working for decades to keep them. Personally I thought they would have achieved more if they just stayed home and cooked this man his tea. I cannot believe these woman get air time. Saving greyhounds just providing more evidence for the men on the planet who think woman are silly bitches.

    Then there’s the loner, no friends, no social skills male anywhere from 18-29 with nothing to do but has just adopted a greyhound and now has become an authority (world class) on the evil nature of dog trainers.

    And of course behind the scenes the manipulators revving them all up ( previously male between 20 and 38 ) who would be equally adept at running any kind of a cult. Narcissism, delusions of grandeur and megalomania are transferable skills in any setting. Although I noticed some of them are getting older and looking a bit seedy around the edges and now of course we have a few women who want to be in charge.

    Wandering around with their crappy signs= they could have at least given some work to an unemployed sign writer and at least done something useful.

  20. DaveSampson75 Deborah555 John Tracey  Dave- I  have only appointed you Minister in charge of Hound Head Counting not to the bench of the High Court . Lets take it one step at a time. You haven’t found the 97,000 missing dogs yet and if you don’t hurry Baird will have it up to three million and you will be counting till you are ninety. That’s the trouble with young people no stamina to stick with the job. I will not even consider appointing you to the High Court Dave unless you can meet community expectations in your current. position.

    Everyone knows what’s going on here do they? I honestly thought it was a woman when I saw the video and yes I did have my glasses on. It does not matter if everyone knows we have a legal system which thankfully you are not in charge of. His chances of not doing jail time are slim at best and when he does he will get no sympathy or support from anyone in the industry. 

    I know you are working on the arrogant little shit attitude so maybe give the head counting and cruel video watching a bit of a rest and work on that.

  21. Dave get on with it mate- this morning you only had to find another 96,998- already there is a headline about the march of the million. Now you have 999,998 to find. By tomorrow morning some toe rag journo will have put and s on that million and you will have to pass the job onto your son. Get on with it Dave. I am sorry to tell you this Dave but that position as a High Court Judge is not looking  good.

  22. this is complete bullshit and INCORRECT. The footage was taken in 2012 and handed over to GRNSW head steward who then proceeded and gave the video to the police and rscpa. Under the survielliance ACT 2009 there is no action they can take.

    An employee from the gardens who had a 2nd copy of the video (he received as back up evidence) shared with a friend who was sacked from the Gardens last year.

    Out of spit he leaked to the ABC and hence Mr Newson (who is working for Mr Baird) made out that they only just received the info and had handed it over. This is old news rehashed by Mr Newson to bring the industry down as per Mr Bairds instructions

  23. Deborah555  DEBORAH……CLAP,CLAP,CLAP ET’; ETC; ETC;

    that is a brilliant insight into the majority,yes majority(a term these people understand very well), of what an activist is and what and where they are in social standing today.

    I must say though,even though men do think they wear the pants anyway,to see how a woman really sees it so openly and speak like the woman every man desires,you my friend,are a wonder. I think I am in love with ya….lol.lucky hubby.

    I see as time travels along this ”end greys road”, that not many real reasonings apart from live baiting,have come to the fore. apart from the intellectual HUGH, no one else has come forward with a definitive reason why they hate the dog industry,and that everyone involved in said industry is a bum and no brains. WITHOUT KNOWING THE PERSON.

    so typical isn’t it.

    deb,I admire your tenacity my friend,but don’t waste your time on these misfits,who do exactly what you have stated and feel like they have achieved something in life.TICK OFF THE BUCKET LIST.

    I would love to add some more nasties,but I respect humans a lot more than these parasites,so shall refrain from such gutter crawling.

    once again,love ya guts.

  24. Deborah555 What you are saying is the nub of the matter. I accept the administrator’s statement cut and pasted below

    It is not yet known whether the footage was handed into GRNSW straight after the incident or more recently. Despite occurring four years ago, Newson said it was essential that the individual involved is brought to justice.

    The intent of the video appears obvious that on the balance of probabilities that anyone reporting a video of this nature would have forwarded it to the authority around the time the incident occurred. There seems enough in this case to widen the inquiry to track staff and to GRNSW authorities and this is what appears to be happening with the referral to the police. The administrators release of only mentioning the individual being brought to justice appears to contain a bias as it is obvious that if the event of aggravated cruelty is substantiated sufficiently to press charges then the offenders can be named?. Also if the report has been covered up GRNSW then more serious charges may need to be considered. The last record of aggravated cruelty on a NSW race course recorded in the press was decades ago and it was not as serious as the current case. The race officials and the trainer pleaded guilty and were fined ,000 dollars each and did not receive jail time. The GRA handed out cancellations of licences from two years to five years. The matter was featured in the Rural Press but not the metropolitan press or by the Authority or Greyhound magazines. (Just gave these details to show how the society has changed). 

    While the GRNSW sections breached the laws on drug profiling themselves (apart from the bent head steward) they escaped criminal charges, (details were never released) (2 year jail maximum) after needing to show cause why they should not be charged (s ICAC recommendations). If there has been a cover  up by the authority then I hope that offenders will not be as lucky as avoiding punishment this time.

  25. John Tracey Deborah555

    This video was given to GRNSW  a few days after the event, the head steward gave it to the police and rspca who could not charge the person under the survielliance ACT 2009 and hence case was dropped.

    This was all rehashed by a disgruntled former employee who leaked his backup copy to the ABC and hence Mr Newson made his statememt which left out the important bits as per above, he is fishing for more bad publicly

  26. Deborah555

    This video was given to GRNSW  a few days after the event, the head steward gave it to the police and rspca who could not charge the person under the survielliance ACT 2009 and hence case was dropped.

    This was all rehashed by a disgruntled former employee who leaked his backup copy to the ABC and hence Mr Newson made his statememt which left out the important bits as per above, he is fishing for more bad publicly

  27. I’ve seen the video.  Any act of cruelty on the idiot handler’s part is inconclusive. Piranha has already mentioned that the matter was handed to Police and the RSPCA by the head steward, whoever that was at the time, and they, Police & RSPCA took no action.  It will be difficult to overturn the earlier decision unless some form of corruption or neglect on the part of investigating Police or the RSPCA can be proven.  On top of this, you have the Statute of Limitations and given that the case is some 4 years old, it will not get off the ground.

    In another forum, the ‘culprit’ has been named and it seems that he has not trained dogs for quite some time.

  28. Piranaha John Tracey Deborah555 Thanks your explanation it would explain how the authority came to the decision that the tape was an event in 2012. If you are right then the authority would have grounds for at least a domestic charge if the National or local rules allowed it. The greyhound rules in some states and in NSW previously allowed action only to be taken after after the legal processes involving criminal acts of cruelty had been established by the courts. As most of the cases were dropped or went on forever animal cruelty was allowed to continue abound.

    It all seems to lead to the previous Government Control Boards being unfocussed in the prevention of cruelty to animals, Further proof of this is under the MOA between the GRA and GRNSW on the separate board the Minister made it a legal requirement for the GRA (under his control) to have the full functions in regard to animal welfare and in the budget estimate there was no  financial allocation for animal welfare . On top of this GRNSW did not have a voting seat on Greyhounds Australasia the national body.( I sent hard copy to the inquiries).

  29. dogem53 Deborah555  I am glad you enjoyed the read and in all honesty Dogem53- I have not had this much fun since I was on the university debating team ( a very long time ago). No stuff em. lets give them a bit back.

    I did get a great laugh from one of the pampered princesses, in the Irish rent a crowd, who claimed in all seriousness “she knew some old dog trainer had accidently given himself Viagra, she knew he really meant to give it to the dog and based on this amazing evidence that she could conclude that all the old dog trainers were loading their dogs up with Viagra. I had tears rolling down my face I was laughing so much. Yes this one should be home not just cooking tea, but ironing a few shirts  as well for the bloke that most likely has kept her not just financially but from the nasty side of life. Yes you don’t see women in third world countries demonising the men who work in abattoirs and do the dirty stuff to feed their kids and them.

  30. John Tracey Deborah555 ‘Balance of Probability’ doesn’t hold any credibility in a court of law.  Probably does with GRNSW but you’re drawing a long bow if its based on the video evidence.

  31. DaveSampson75 Deborah555  I know Dave but once I realised what a genius you were I thought this lad is wasted looking for five dogs he has the potential to find millions – now get on with it.

  32. DaveSampson75 Deborah555  Yeah Dave I mentioned you the odd one. Either that or you are an overweight middle age lady posing as a young bloke on the internet. With all the gender bender stuff going on these days some of us old folks have a bit of a problem with those sorts of things.

  33. BJoe Just on what you are saying (and I believe that it is true but obviously I cant prove it) is that the evidence on the video is inconclusive and insufficient for the police or the RSPCA to use as background to instigate charges against people concerned at a Racetrack, I accept the case of the woman using a device in a nursing home to trap an official was against a privacy act but nevertheless the police were able to make the charge and get the conviction because a guilty plea was entered. (shown on the 7.30 report last night. I also accept that the evidence as you state was so flimsy that GRNSW did not regard the case as sufficient to case to investigate even though their test of proof only needed to be civil and require the balance of probability not the criminal law of beyond reasonable doubt.It is not known whether this matter was referred to the integrity auditor or whether an integrity officer was performing at the time.

    However the evidence is strong enough in the eyes of the Premier and the Minister for racing to demonise the bulk of certain citizens with greyhound interests and in their eyes shows that greyhound racing should be closed.

    There seems to me to be something rotten in the State of Denmark, thing don;t pass the pub test or more simply put there is something very smelly about this whole business.

    It would appear to me that the matter should be cleared up by all concerned by questions being asked in Parliament.

    Is my post fair comment everyone?.

  34. John Tracey BJoe  Absolutely- your comments are always fair and always an interesting good read as well. Baird and his lap dog would know that the evidence is  inadmissible the Police had already told the Racing Officials. They don’t really care whether this man is charged or sent to jail they just want to demonise greyhound people. They might be hoping he pleads guilty and then they can claim they have now done something about it of course they could have taken that punt four years ago if they really cared about cruelty.

    I think Baird wants the land at Wentworth Park ( he would have already had a few developers lined up before the investigation into the industry) and if he had simply stated that it is too expensive to race greyhounds on- I think the greyhound people would have agreed with him. Given there are no greyhound farms in the CBD and no-one wants to drive through the traffic anyway, plus it is not a particularly safe track for the dogs I think he could have acquired the land at Wenty with half an hour of honest negotiation. But if he did it in an  open and honest fashion(concepts that would never have crossed his mind) he could not have won the support of the two animals welfare /greenies  in Parliament to his side, now Rev Fred is not on his side. This way he gets both.

    Yes I find Baird and his belief in free enterprise and his current selling off of state owned income generating assets (interestingly non of his mates seem to want to buy the railways) when he himself lives on the taxpayer and will do so till the end of his days, just like his Father. Free enterprise for the poor tax payer funding for the rich.

    What really concern me, other than the end of greyhound racing is the fact he appears to be running a dictatorship without even consulting members of his own team.

    Interestingly when the live baiting demonising campaign was going on I went to an art exhibition and a number of people there with very different views on racing than my own told me they were initially shocked but after a while the stories become so ridiculous it was  obvious that this did not pass the smell test. Yes hopefully people can see through him at the next election.

  35. Deborah555 John Tracey BJoe My take is that the Premier has higher things in mind and wont be hanging around for the next election. 

    Just on another matter, I noticed that you referred to the Government dealing out justice along the lines of Henry 111. I have put the current events (historical research for a book project) to have astonishing similarity to the great uprising (peasants revolt) later in 1381 involving Richard 11. Both disputes were about taxation (poll tax and our fair share) both instigated at high levels GRNSW started the fair share campaign. Both misinterpreted the King and the States intentions and both including greyhound racing and GRNSW; and the peasants got slaughtered. Do you know of any special case in regard to Henry 111 who was regarded as mainly useless that I might be able to include in the book on racing and wagering.

  36. Don’t ever argue with an idiot EG Dave Sampson because he will always beat you with his experience, Dave you are a dill, I have seen the video and no evidence was shown to back your statement, nothing, zilch, zip, nada

  37. John Tracey BJoe  John if it said Henry 111 – I meant Henry(8th) I am interested in English History but there is absolutely nothing I could tell you that you do not already know. It is interesting though that nothing really changes in history except the names of the players. I don’t think human nature changes much.

    I was speaking to my Father and he agrees with your theory on Baird -burning the bridges before he moves on. I hope it is ambassador on one of the islands that the Chinese are building in the South Seas.

    I also think he realises he would not win the next election. I think some people might have been fooled by “the boyish charm” but the boyish charm is looking a bit worn out lately. Just another career pollie just like his dad.

  38. Todman  I am glad I was not in charge of the investigation the quality was so poor I thought it was an unattractive woman.

  39. I think Dave gets on this site because he does have a real concern about greyhounds (he is just naïve and idealistic- life will beat that out of him.) I think he loves to debate and it is a bit hard to find people to debate with- when these days people sitting next to each other are texting instead of talking. This is probably the last place on the planet where you can express your feelings freely, log on  whenever you like and actually have people with opposing views listen to you and respond. Anywhere else they would just block you. Yes Dave the reason you can get on this site and express freely because us dog people we are down to earth tolerant people who give other people a chance and I think even though you would never admit it – you are starting to like some of us.

    I think you have the potential (it will take a while ) to be a pretty decent human being and you unlike that nasty piece of work Aaron you actually have a sense of humour. Count yourself lucky sometimes it is the only weapon you have when life shits on you and it stops you from becoming a fanatic.

  40. Deborah555 John Tracey BJoe Thanks , that clears it up. . As you pointed out we are returning to “medieval justice” Henry 8th is a good starting point in regards to wagering and recreational differences between  the entitled and the masses. (lots of research documents) held.