Greyhound industry shattered after ban passes through Upper House

THE New South Wales greyhound racing industry has been left outraged by the State Government’s decision to pair with the Greens Party and pass a legislation through the Upper House which will see the sport banned within NSW as of July 1, 2017.

The Legislative Council met on Wednesday morning and continued through until close to midnight, with the Labor Party, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party and the Christian Democrat Party forming an unlikely alliance to fight the ban.

However, when all was said and done, the supporters of the sport didn’t have the numbers on their side, with the Liberals, Nationals and Greens pairing to destroy an industry which contributes over $335 million to the state each year.

“We are angry and disappointed that this ban has been rushed through the State’s Upper House,” said Brenton Scott, Chief Executive, NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers’ Association (GBOTA).

“Opposition MPs were not even given time to read the bill before it was introduced to Parliament and the fact that this bill was presented first in the Upper House is very unusual.”

Scott was scathing of Premier Mike Baird’s tactic to pass the legislation through the Upper House first, which has been touted as a method of silencing debate within the Lower House.

“This is an important issue – it should have been dealt with in the appropriate, regular manner which involves proper Parliamentary debate. We continue to ask for a fair go for our industry. I don’t believe we have received a fair hearing.

“This decision, and the manner in which the Premier has forced it through the Parliament, will have far reaching implications for local communities and the agricultural sector.

“He has transferred power to animal rights organisations by his actions and people in NSW will only fully appreciate the wide spread impact of this decision in the years to come.”

Scott said the industry is refusing to lose hope, with the legislation still needing to be passed through the Lower House when Parliament resumes on Tuesday August 23.

“It is now up to the NSW National Party members and independent MPs to stand up for the rights of their constituents and to protect the wider community from the significant damage a decision to pass this through the Lower House will bring.

“Our case is also now before the Courts and our argument shows that the McHugh Report is not credible and it is this report that formed the basis of the Premier’s decision.”

Scott condemned the NSW Government’s move to fund a campaign to slander the industry using the public’s money and questioned the ethics and morals behind using a flawed report to spread anti-racing propaganda.

“We believe that the Premier’s decision to use tax payers money on an advertising campaign that promoted the data contained in this flawed report, when it has been widely shown to be wrong was a disgraceful action designed as much to convince members of Parliament as it was to confuse and mislead the community at large.

“We are firmly of the view that the many thousands of people affected by any decision to close the industry have been denied their judicial fairness by the manner in which this whole affair has been handled by the Baird government.

“We will continue to fight this decision through legal channels. It is our view that that bill should not be passed until the Supreme Court challenge and the validity of the Report on which the decision is based is determined.”

Past Discussion

  1.                                                                                       YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME ABC!!!!!!!

                                                                                                       CORRUPTION IN THE RANKS


  2.  Well all, local government elections are coming up in September, now us here in Cessnock will  be at the booths with placards condemning  The Liberals and the Greens for destroying the greyhound industry.We hope many others do the same in other locations across the state.. Wasn’t nice to see Mike Baird attending  the Church of England Church this morning in his electorate, Sorry i apologize i thought he was a Jew.

  3. i  emailed Barnaby Joyce  and told him to ask Troy Casser Daley to serenade Troy Grant with the song (WHEN A SMALL TOWN DIES) 

  4. BobWhitelaw we need her on our side bob. someone needs to get in her ear. maybe a latte and a bowl chips will entice her to sit with us…

    kidding. I love the woman.

  5. dogem Done sent email of to our man in the Senate Mr Brian Burston who once was on Cessnock Council . Now in over  states  get on One Nations web site  come on lets fire away,  i told him we were dirty they had the AJP third on their Senate ticket and that they were destroying good peoples lives  with their polices ,

  6. BobWhitelaw hi mate…I have sent an email to ONE NATION a week ago,and no reply as yet.

    I agree, we need her party to more show up the corrupted governments tactics with there midnight jaunter. filthy night owls.

    hey bob, I wonder if EVERYONE HAS TO BE IN ATTAENDANCE AT MIDNIGHT to pass a bill?

    not sure that was the case?thought that was the job of the government whip to assure everyone was there during a passing of a bill?




  8.                                          ” WE HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS ALL ALONG….BAIRD,LISTEN UP YOU DUMB RELIGOUS GOOSE.”’

    Greyhound racing figure ‘skewed’ by ‘dead’ dogs

    The Australian12:00AM August 15, 2016




    Property writerSydney

    A surge in greyhound registrations has cast doubt on figures ­relied on to shut the industry, with some of the new applications believed to be dogs previous­ly presumed dead.

    Greyhound naming applications have spiked fourfold to 1644 from a monthly average of 380 in July, when the Baird government moved to ban the sport. Some ­industry participants suggest that dogs previously counted as wastage — those killed because they are deemed unsuitable for racing — are being registered.

    “There are a significant number of greyhounds out there that are assumed dead,” said greyhound racing expert Michael Eberand. “Many people use prize money off their team of current greyhounds to feed older retired ones.”

    Former High Court judge ­Michael McHugh, who conduct­ed a special commission into the racing industry, released a report in June estimating that in the past 12 years 48,000-68,000 greyhounds had been killed for being too slow or unsuitable for racing.

    The figure, known as wastage, has emerged as one of the most hotly contested figures in the ­debate to keep the industry alive, but some participants argue the spike in registrations backs claims the McHugh wastage calcul­ations were drastically inaccurate.

    Data compiled by industry regulator Greyhound Racing NSW from a sample population of 9149 greyhounds, completed in January, was able to account for 93 per cent of the dogs, indicating a wastage rate closer to 6 per cent, rather than the McHugh report’s contention of 50-70 per cent.

    GRNSW anticipated a surge in naming numbers following the announcement, noting that a three-week window for owners to name their dogs and be included in an assistance package would compel participants to request a naming application earlier than usual.

    But the size of the spike has stunned the industry, with some participants suggesting naming applications are being sought for dogs that were never intended to race and had been counted as dead.

    “You’ve got dogs that are being named at a younger age than they usually are driving the figures, but you’ve also got people coming forward to name dogs that could be pets or just hanging around,” a senior racing official said on condition of anonymity.

    “There are also a lot of dogs out there that weren’t necessarily caught up in the original data, or that were just believed to be dead, but the potential to get funding tends to flush them out.”

    The NSW government declined to comment on whether dogs registered but never named for racing could have been counted in wastage figures relied upon by Premier Mike Baird in his decision to shut the industry down.

    However, a government spokeswoman defended the ­report’s wastage figure and ­denied the newly registered dogs had previously been thought to be dead.

    “Commissioner McHugh AC QC accounted for dogs that were whelped but not registered when determining the wastage figures in the Special Commission of ­Inquiry,” she said.

    A million assistance package will go to dogs and those ­connected to the industry


    whilst not the thing to do,i am not surprised this has happened.

    I only spoke about this type of reaction occurring to a group of people,who asked why would people think like that.

    the turmoil created,and the attitude of GRANT alone,is enough to tickle someones interest in seeking revenge.

    but,we should be above being pushed to that level,regardless of what we may think.

    defeats the whole purpose of a legal challenge,which if successful,will do more damage to them than a phone threat.


    is it possible to keep an open forum running?

    I can see this slowly dissipating as it drops down the list?

    I am sure kevin would like debate to continue. can you do something on this?

  11. dogem53 Could you be any more childish?  I’m a member of the AJP, I’d be happy to meet you face to face on any occasion.  Why don’t you try offering some kind of coherent critique of which policies of ours you disagree with and why instead of just stereotyping and ranting like a 12 year old?  You’re the one that was recently saying how much you dislike the way people behave on the internet and prefer face to face communication, yet I seriously doubt you would carry on like this in person.

    Why is it that as soon as someone is making an argument for the better treatment of animals in society they are suddenly “dictating to the world”.  Trying to influence public policy via a political party in a democracy is not “dictating”.  Just like any other political party the AJP makes arguments for what they believe in and people are free to vote for them or not as they choose based on whether they think their policies and arguments have merit.  Enough people voted for Mark Pearson to get a seat in the NSW parliament, so his voice is added to the mix.  It’s clear what he stands for and it’s easy to predict how he will vote on any issue involving the commercial exploitation of animals.

    There’s no comparison between the AJP and religious groups.  Religions are founded upon irrational beliefs, they make assertions about the nature of reality for which there is no evidence (whether it be scientology, christianity or any other religion).  The views of the AJP are based soundly upon our scientific understanding of the neurophysiology and cognitive capacities of animals.  Additionally, not every member of the AJP or everyone who votes for the AJP are necessarily vegan, though many are because naturally vegans are often people who care about the treatment of animals.  The AJP is about improving animal welfare, if you think that’s something to be scoffed at, good for you, but anyone who’s ever been for a walk through a high intensity piggery or even seen photos or videos of one knows there’s something seriously wrong with the way our society treats animals.  Additionally, many people care about animal welfare but don’t want to vote for the greens who have many social and economic policies that people disagree with, so there is a need for a political party dedicated to improving animal welfare.

    It’s also worth noting that your rage is completely misdirected.  The ban on greyhound racing is supported by many more politicians than the one member of the AJP in the NSW senate, so to suggest this one person is solely responsible is to have a seriously misunderstanding of how the parliament operates.  In addition to that, if you canvas the many opinion polls that have been run across news publications (both left and right leaning) you will see that a very large proportion of the public is against the greyhound racing industry.  So I’m not sure what kind of Karma you think is coming the way of the AJP in 2009, no one who voted for the AJP is going to be upset by this ban, so if they lose their seat at the next election it’s not going to be because of this or anything you can do.

    No one in the AJP is naive enough to think the world’s (or Australia’s) population is going to go vegan any time soon, but veganism, vegetarianism, and concern for animal welfare is on the rise in the west.  NSW is the state with the fastest growth of people identifying as vegetarian and has the second highest percentage of people identifying as vegetarians (  so it’s no suprise that the only state with an AJP member is NSW.  It’s likely that AJP representation nationally will increase in the years ahead unless the major political parties start to take a strong stance on animal welfare, in which case the need for the AJP’s existence will vanish (which would please no one more than the members of the AJP).

    If you think that the best way to react to the rising concern for animal welfare in society is to respond with aggressive vitriolic tirades then you’ve clearly learnt nothing from this entire saga in NSW.  Self righteous contempt for public opinion is what got you here.  If you’d taken the concerns of the public seriously in the first place, engaged in a reasoned discussion and shown a willingness to reform, this ban would never have been put on the table.

  12. Why was charges not pressed against Grant  when he threaten  a pensioner in Dubbo  two weeks ago , is there a law for one ,and another for pensioner i think they call it AVO ?  

  13. BobWhitelaw Yes I wondered that myself Bob, but then if your are a pensioner and you lie to ICAC you get sent to the court system and charged but if you are a previous premier you “have suffered enough” no further action taken,  Horse wastage  is okay apparently because rich people do that but dog wastage is ” horrendous, systemic cruelty”

    We now also have the Justice Department suggesting they may have breached privacy laws by sending out hundreds of private emails and could we just delete that email that should fix it. Apparently we evil dog people can be trusted to do that. It is certainly turning into a dogs dinner isn’t it?