Greyhound Trainer Guilty Of Verbal & Physical Abuse

In what could be a world first, NSW GHRRA Greyhound Stewards have found a greyhound trainer guilty of verbally abusing the greyhound in his charge before physically assaulting the greyhound.

In a profound demonstration of how significant animal welfare issues have become to the greyhound racing industry, the charge of verbally abusing the greyhound was considered in parallel with the physical abuse, in that it did cause the greyhound Kezza’s Warrior “undue suffering”.

Last week NSW GHRRA Stewards finalised an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding an incident in which Mr. Paul Weatherley, greyhound trainer of Kezza’s Warrior, allegedly verbally abused and also physically abused the greyhound following the completion of Race 2 at Mudgee on the 26th October, 2008 .

During the course of the Inquiry evidence was taken from several witnessed who stated that Mr. Weatherly yelled abuse at the greyhound as he was putting the lead on then proceeded to hit the greyhound with its lead.

Then as he was walking the greyhound back he punched the greyhound on the side with enough force to make the greyhound wince.

Stewards subsequently charged pursuant to Rule 86(ae) which provides that a person shall be guilty of an offence if the person by use of any gear, substance, or thing or by any other means inflicts undue suffering on a greyhound.

Mr. Paul Weatherly by his own admission inflicted undue suffering on the greyhound Kezza’s Warrior by hitting the greyhound with its lead and also punching the greyhound causing it to wince.

Mr Weatherly pleaded guilty to the charge was suspended for a period of four months from 26th October 2008.

Past Discussion

  1. Only four months ban?!! Anyone who considers punching a dog & beating it with a lead appropriate behaviour shoudn’t be around greyhounds at all… ever!

    What excuse could you possibly have for doing that? After a race at mudgee too… does the few hundred bucks mean that much to you??

    Very, very poor Mr Weatherley… I’m sure many others will be happy to see that four months ban last forever….

    just my two cents….

  2. For what it is worth Peter, I agree entirely with you that the penalty could’ve been much greater.

    I will congratulate the Stewards involved though on dealing with the inquiry and person immediately on the day that the incident occurred.