Industry & Politicians continue to fight despite Baird’s obduracy

THE greyhound racing industry is determined to keep the pressure on the New South Wales Premier at an all time high as Mike Baird continues to back his plan to outlaw the sport within the state.

Following a rally on Tuesday where over 2,500 participants flocked to Hyde Park and marched to Parliament house, Baird met with representatives from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party as well as the Christian Democrat Party on Wednesday morning to discuss the future of the industry.

However, Rev. Fred Nile from the Christian Democratic Party said Baird’s attitude was steadfast.

“Very disappointing…he seems to have made a decision and he isn’t going to back down on what he has announced,” Nile said on 2GB.

“We just have to keep the pressure on him and I’ll move in the Parliament to establish a greyhound industry oversight committee from both houses of Parliament.

“I think he has been emotionally affected by that Four Corner’s ABC program – that’s all he kept talking about.

“We want to clean the industry up – stop the live baiting.

“We won’t give up.”

Despite the disappointment, Brenton Scott, CEO of the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association said Tuesday’s rally was beneficial both as a means of protesting the ban and allowing participants to come together and support each other.

“The rally gave participants the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder and share their pain and frustration for what has been a profoundly unfair decision,” Scott told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“It also allowed them to send the fundamental message that a large group of good, decent, law abiding people who have done not one thing wrong are paying the penalty for the actions of a very small minority.

“I think that was expressed elegantly and at the same time strongly.

“It was an important exercise both in terms of its message and the support that participants were able to provide for one another.”

Scott said while the Premier is refusing to budge on his judgement, it is positive to see so many MPs join together to fight the ban in unison with the industry.

“It is extremely encouraging that the number of politicians from all parties represented in the parliament are prepared to sit back and acknowledge that there are question marks all over this decision.

“You have got parties like the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers and the Christian Democrats forming an unlikely coalition, coming from different ideologies and yet they share the same principals and think that this industry needs to be treated fairly.

“You also have the break out positions from within both the Liberal and National parties that are saying they are not convinced that this has been a fair process.

“We must take heart in the fact that so many people with differing political backgrounds are seeing that this decision isn’t fair…particularly when there is an alternative in place.

“No one is saying that there aren’t issues that we have to deal with, but everybody recognises that the industry has commenced change and that the industry can be held to account and they see that’s the role of the government – not to pre-judge an industry’s capacity to change.”

Past Discussion

  1. The number of people who attended keep growing each passing day … now its 2500? I suspect by the end of the week over 5000 will have attended this rally.

  2. DaveSampson75 Are the little boys busy champ ???

    The figure in my guestimates was somewhere in between 1500 to 2500. There is no way the number was less than 1200. Unless some simpleton public servant did a head count nobody was ever going to know. Obviously they were busy working for the ABC and running GRNSW.

  3. Peter Bell DaveSampson75 Peter, The estimates on the anti greyhound racing at Hyde Park were in various quarters as low as 80 and as high as 300. Whichever end of the scale you accept the figures were a large advancement in percentages compared to the groups attendance at the hearing of the Parliamentary Inquiry’s at both Penrith and at the Mitchell Library in Sydney (including the Street rally at Martin Place. The animal welfare promotion previously at Mudgee saw different times for the entry of the greyhound people and a single gate for people attending the animal welfare rally which was combined with a youth suicide prevention promotion to raise money to provide Mission Australia with a funded hot line. The people coming through the gate were asked to make a single “gold coin” donation and nine hundred coins were collected giving a good idea of the crowd numbers,

    The trouble with counting crowds at Hyde Park is that people enter the area from all points of the compass. I counted over five hundred at between 10 am and 10.30 and then people   there waa substantial arrivals in all directions melding with the early crowd dramatically increasing it, and it just kept growing. An arrangement had been made with the police for fifty persons to March to Parliament house and the police presence at the rally was sparse probably due to the fact that other protests in other locations had to be attended as well. While there was a degree of civil disobedience (wildcat action) with most of the crowd marching to Parliament house, the police on hand had little problems in escorting what was a well behaved March. Whether the crowd that eventually attended the march from the rally was a low as the stated 1500 or as high as 3000 is a mute point as the numbers one way or the other represent a massive turnout for a rally at the beginning of a campaign. The various political parties would have counted the crowds outside parliament house as well as the public servants. An estimate can be made by assessing the density of the crowd in a stationary position and measuring the area occupied but they would have missed the people that left Hyde Park and went home or back to work. I thought that about three hundred people left the Rally but did not attend the March, People were advised earlier that only fifty selected people were to March to Parliament house and these people had probably factored into their arrangements leaving at midday. The rally at Hyde Park was advertised t be held between 11 am and Noon.

  4. Peter Bell DaveSampson75 For completion further information has come to hand of an Estimate of the crowd at Parliament house of 3,500 from the shooter , fishers and Farmers party so my post should read between 1500 and 3500 not 3,000.

    My point is that these figures do not factor in the crowd that left the Rally at Hyde Park and did not attend the March (explained in the above post).

  5. JeffWhite4 DaveSampson75 the only figure I hear on your mind was always(38-24-32)……..surprised you venture out of normal PLAYBOY pages to view any figures!!!!

    ANTIS AND BAIRDS figures…well, lets say this,better to stick ya heads back in the pages of PLAYBOY or POKEMON GO……..head is always down then.


  7. NSW Greyhound chief has phone and laptop seized after leaks

    Chief Steward of Greyhound Racing NSW, Clint Bentley.

    The Australian12:00AM August 4, 2016




    National Chief CorrespondentBrisbane

    The laptop computer and mobile phone of the chief steward of Greyhound Racing NSW, Clint Bentley, have been confiscated for an examination of email and call records after sensitive ­excerpts from legal documents were published in The Weekend Australian.

    The legal documents included submissions by his solicitor John Laxon, who highlighted alleged unfairness and flawed reasoning in the Baird government’s special commission of inquiry.

    The disclosure of the material has been embarrassing for Premier Mike Baird and his advisers as they have repeatedly insisted that the inquiry by former High Court judge Michael McHugh QC and his counsel assisting, Stephen Rushton SC, was forensic, ­in-depth, fair and balanced.

    Industry participants as well as former and current staff of GRNSW insist the inquiry was biased and that Mr Rushton was of the view before the first public hearing that shutdown was the best option.

    GRNSW staff and inquiry ­witnesses who want to defend the industry say they have been gagged and threatened with disciplinary action as Mr Baird moves towards abolition, the loss of hundreds of jobs and the demise of thousands of dogs.

    Sources close to GRNSW said yesterday the peak body’s legal counsel, Madeleine Love, and a staffer from KordaMentha went to see Mr Bentley on Tuesday and told him to hand over his phone and laptop.

    KordaMentha was appointed by GRNSW’s interim chief executive, Baird government appointee Paul Newson.

    Mr Newson has lost the confidence of staff who say he adopted a legal strategy to “run dead” in the inquiry, contributing to Mr Baird’s decision to end racing.

    Because Mr Bentley’s laptop computer was at his home in Mittagong, a two-hour drive from the GRNSW offices in Sydney, the chief steward was told to drive home.

    He was followed by the KordaMentha staffer who took the laptop.

    It was returned yesterday after forensic examination, according to sources, who said Mr Bentley was “concerned and distressed” at his treatment.

    Mr Newson has issued Mr Bentley a notice saying he was being investigated over leaks from confidential documents related to the inquiry and reported in The Weekend Australian. The documents belonged to Mr Bentley and his solicitor, not GRNSW, according to sources.

    Mr Laxon, of Laxon Lex Lawyers, said yesterday: “I am unable to make any comment.”

    The investigation of Mr Bentley, a devotee of greyhound racing, has heightened tensions in the industry.

    Mr Rushton declined to comment on criticisms including that he appeared to have made up his mind before the first public hearing last September that the industry should be shut down.

    Mr Newson said in a statement: “GRNSW did not instruct KordaMentha to confiscate the laptop and mobile phone of Mr Bentley.”

    (no paul they apparently didn’t…………you did tosser.)


  8. lol……BAIRD is floundering. reverts to stand over tactics does he.

    if staff feel victimised,and they may be losing there jobs,DISCRIMINATION ACT comes to mind.

    give it a go.

    watch RAY HADLEY/ALAN JONES go to town on the back of this. whoopee, love seeing bullies get taken down.

  9. DaveSampson75 Its a pity those who playing guessing games with numbers had no idea who was there , the word was they were having breakfast with Peter Singer after a night all together trying to justify their  their place on earth  ! and we all know what  his favorite past time is,and its not sharing human affections between two consenting adults and they pretend to have morals .

  10. JeffWhite4 DaveSampson75 Sign reads  Adopt a Greyhound   how many do you dog daters have? Since Newson starting closing the Industry the numbers here have doubled  I did have a good working relation ship with The Friends Of Hounds with foster care for the dogs waiting to be rehomed.

    Now not one word from these so called animal lovers. Now some of these DOGs  are bound for BAIRDS Crematorium  so tell me is that  what’s adopting  greyhound is all about ? Its about what good Greyhound owners want for their Greyhounds,they love to chase no matter what it is .So when all the Dogs at my retirement village are gone and with the help of you two we could start rehoming  some of the 30 million feral cats that are running lose around Australia KILLING our native wildlife . Animal welfare was one of the issues in this debate and other was corruption within the hierarchy of GRNSW and its been ignored by Rushton,McHugh, Baird and Grant which would have exposed their failure  to protect the Dogs and the good participants in the industry so in real terms this decision is a easy way out for Baird and Grant and Baird will be shortly move onto a well paid merchant bankers  role  after the MASS DESTRUCTION of NSW in every area  in our modern life  he should be exposed for the FRAUD that he is  My power bill has near doubled, My car rego near doubled ,price of water up, the price travel up on public  transport. Hospitals  Ques a mile long million to the Gallops for Randwicks up Grade some seats have never seen a arse (you two  fools should be looking at their( WASTAGE ) and i don”t mean in money terms . Now Ross Sims ACCC is saying Selling Public Assets  has unregulated monopolies that hurt productivity and damage  the economy.

  11. There is more to this ban than just  animal welfare issues. Mike Baird has reduced this to a class debate. Recommendation 64 in the McHugh. Report reads “if the racing codes cannot agree on a more equitable distribution of TAB revenue, the Parliament of NSW should legislate to amend the current arrangements by providing for a distribution that reflects each codes contribution to TAB revenue.” Of the three racing codes in NSW Greyhound Racing earns over 22% of turnover yet only receives 13% in distribution. With the ban on Greyhound Racing in NSW this inequity need not be resolved and Casino Mike’s mates in the horse racing industry will reap a fortune in TAB revenue.Yet again more of his rich mates will get richer and the battlers can hop in the dole queue.. 

  12. DaveSampson75  sort of like the number of dogs claimed to have been killed really they just keep increasing apparently that OK but a variation between newspapers of between 1500 and 3000 is some sinister conspiracy theory. Dave you and your new “liker” are displaying your hypocrisy.

  13. Baird’s ego and his belief he is God would not let him admit he has made a mess. His ego will eventually take a serious dent went respectable right leaning politicians are condemning him.

    The only effect the 4 corners programme would have had on him was “beauty I’ve got em must ring X at the ABC and thank them or better  get one of my staff to twitter it after she checks to see if it reeks of compassion.” If you have to ask your staff how to appear compassionate obviously you have no actual experience with the feeling..

  14. Deborah555 DEBORAH……

    on other topic he,BAIRD and his two gestapo cronies,GRANT/NEWSON, will be going to church quite often,as heaps of free time is coming.

    the continual stuff ups between each others departments(intentionally???)is bringing embarrassment and death to all three. they will lucky to be in a role within a month(or sooner)


  15. dogem53 Deborah555  Yes if I was a liberal or green rep in NSW I would be getting very worried about my seat and maybe get off the other seat and move it a few yards across the floor. Yes the Tacky Trio will bring them all down if they don’t do something.

    He slashed the education budget in the prisons must have used some of the money to supposedly educate himself. Money would obviously have been better spent in the prisons. K- he would have some girl in the office doing his twitter shit anyway and then blame her when he stuffs up.

  16. John Tracey Peter Bell DaveSampson75 3500 now …. rofl … you may just make that 5000 figure I mooted earlier by Saturday at this rate! 

  17. BobWhitelaw JeffWhite4 DaveSampson75 I have two rescue greyhounds which for my current circumstances is all I can take in without compromising the wellbeing of my existing two, so I think Im doing my fair share at digging the industry out of the whole it created itself.

  18. Deborah555 Reminds me of an Indian Running Duck, gobbles all in front of him and passes things from the rear end for those behind him.

  19. CRAZYCRAW Hi Steve, In the telegraph today the premier gives his reason that horse racing is Okay because most countries have it and only a few have greyhounds. I hope he is not reported correctly because this would mean that it is alright to be “cruel” to animals as long as a lot of countries are doing it.  The horses export to countries that Greyhound Australia is trying to place export bans on. The same welfare laws in the same country but it is OK for one and not the other.

    Following my Indian Running Duck inference what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  20. I thought we lived in a Democracy where both sides get a fair hearing. What happened to that process?

    This stance taken by Baird is dictatorial and reminiscent of Adolf Hitler.

  21. In the Telegraph today the premier gives his reason that horse racing is Okay is because most countries have it and only a few have greyhounds. I hope he is not reported correctly because this would mean that it is alright to be “cruel” to animals as long as a lot of countries are doing it.  The horses export to countries that Greyhound Australia is trying to place export bans on. The same welfare laws in the same country but it is OK for one and not the other.

    PS I don’t think either racing code is inherently cruel but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. 

  22. John Tracey CRAZYCRAW If a horse is not fast enough in the horse industry it ends up as dog food, how is that social licence OK with Baird but not for greyhounds? 

    I’m sorry Mr Baird – please explain?  

  23. Mr Baird, if a horse is not fast enough in the horse racing industry it ends up as dog food, how is their “social licence” OK with you but not OK for greyhounds? 

    I’m sorry Mr Baird – please explain?

  24. “No one is saying that there aren’t issues that we have to deal with, but everybody recognises that the industry has commenced change and that the industry can be held to account and they see that’s the role of the government – not to pre-judge an industry’s capacity to change.”

    You miss the point Mr. Scott.The live baiting scandal, among others, is a symptom and I’d like to believe Mr. Baird realized that when he decided on a ban rather than further regulation. This isn’t about the “industry’s capacity to change” because no amount of change can alter the fact that to you the greyhounds are mere tools, a means to an end, and that end is profit. When you commodify living creatures like that no amount of regulation will change the fact that when the tool is broken, or no longer does its job, it will be disposed of in the most cost effective manner available.So the baiting scandal, the illegal shipping of dogs to Macau, the mass graves, those aren’t bugs, those are features of a system based on exploitation

    I am a Board member of Grey2KUSA Worldwide, an organization that fights to save these marvelous creatures all over the globe. (you can learn more about us here: I have fostered and adopted rescued racing greyhounds since 1995. I cannot imagine abandoning any of them when they become injured, old or sick and yet this is routinely what happens to them at operating tracks and will continue to happen as long as greyhounds are allowed to be abandoned, injured and killed for profit.
    Fred Barton
    Board Member
    Grey2K USA Worldwide

  25. I find it strange that Victoria which has the exact same issues in the Greyhound Industry can implement reforms for a better future,  but NSW can’t.

    Baird is not trying and needs to resign so we can get somebody that can.

  26. DaveSampson75 BobWhitelaw JeffWhite4  But you lot want to return all the animals back to nature. You could let em go in the bush an get another couple.

  27. John Tracey CRAZYCRAW Agreed John his reasoning is wrong. By his analogy should we ban Rugby League simply because it is only a commercial success in only a handful of countries? Who would determine if Rugby League should have a social license, maybe the socially enlightened Greens Party could guide us?

  28. Paddo  yes it is Paddo particularly when he is humiliating and discrediting respected senior public servants in GRNSW for doing their job properly and using some-one he has appointed to spy on them to help him do that, yes it is a worry for democracy.

  29. DaveSampson75 BobWhitelaw JeffWhite4  Dave- Can you just find a spot for another lap dog called Newson who I think might be looking for a home soon. If he thinks Baird will support him after this mess he is kidding himself. He might be a bit big to carry in one of those trendy little carrier bags but I think he would probably fit under the table at some trendy north shore bar and he can then bite the hand that feeds him under the table.