Industry won’t lose faith as Baird’s ban enters Parliament

GREYHOUND racing participants in NSW are not going to take the proposed ban of their sport lying down, but industry insiders are worried they are not receiving a fair go, after legislation went before Parliament on Wednesday morning.

After a turbulent few weeks NSW Premier Mike Baird’s shock declaration that greyhound racing would be banned from July 1, 2017, finally reached Parliament with a heated debate taking place. Parliament is currently on a break but will resume at 2.30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

The Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill 2016 was put before the NSW Upper House, but it is still unclear as to when a final vote will take place, but Liberal party, with the backing of the Greens, remain confident they have enough numbers to push the legislation through.

But NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association CEO Brenton Scott said the industry would continue to fight the legislation on all front, including a Supreme Court challenge.

“This is an important issue – it needs to be dealt with in the appropriate, regular manner which involves proper Parliamentary debate and we are concerned that this is not going to be the case,” Scott said, “We continue to ask for a fair go for our industry.

“Our case is also now before the Courts and our argument shows that the McHugh Report is not credible and that this report formed the basis of the Premier’s decision, so it is important that this issue is not raced through Parliament without due consideration.”

Scott, who also heads the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance, the steering group tasked with fighting the ban, met with Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier Troy Grant on Tuesday morning and detailed four key guarantees the industry could make to ensure the sport rises to meet government and community expectations if it were allowed to continue.

The guarantees were:

– A total life cycle management plan for all greyhounds born into the industry, including every greyhound which is unable to race as well as retired dogs.

– A controlled breeding program which would immediately limit the amount of greyhounds being bred for racing within NSW to 2000 annually.

– A zero tolerance attitude towards animal cruelty which would result in life time bans for any participants found guilty of acts such as live baiting.

– Providing strict standards to ensure the safest racing environment as a means of eliminating avoidable injury.

Scott subsequently refuted comments made by Troy Grant at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon which slammed the NSW GBOTA for allegedly opposing a quota system when it was originally proposed by Greyhound Racing NSW’s Joint Working Group in early 2016.

“We were shocked to hear Troy Grant state yesterday that the GBOTA has previously not supported a proposed quota,” Scott said.

“This is absolutely incorrect and there is evidence in a submission to the Joint Working Group Draft Report Implementing Reform in the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry from earlier this year that makes it clear that GBOTA did in fact support a quota system.

“We supported the quota system then and we continue to support a quota system.

“We are committed to a plan that will ensure we are world leaders in regulation and animal welfare, that meets the expectations of the community and can still operate a viable and sustainable industry.”

Past Discussion

  1. let fists swing I say at that meeting.

    bet many go for TROY GRANT after declaring he likes belting old men….lol.

    the famous LEIGH MATHEWS of AFL FOOTBALL FAME(THE REAL GAME MIND YOU)  was quoted as saying one day to his BRISBANE TEAM who were about to meet the powerful(yes they were at that time)ESSENDON TEAM, that many believed would wipe MATHEWS mob off the oval, THAT IF IT BLEEDS, IT CAN BE KILLED….and they did win.

    the moral of the ditty is, for us, that as long as the NSW GOVERNMENT IS ALIVE,WE ALSO CAN KILL IT………just have to do what is necessary.

    one thing I feel is now becoming a waste of effort and resources,is GBOTA meeting with either GRANT OR BAIRD…………they must laugh there arses off every time BRENTON SCOTT walks away from them after discussions, so SCOTTY me lad, change tact now.

    maybe RAY HADLEY,MARK LATHAM & ALAN JONES, should get them on there SKY CHANNEL PROGRAM,all at once mind you,and rip right into them on the subject and let people see them for what they really are.

    first question to troy grant would be…………BED COMFY WITH THE GREENS BESIDE YOU?

    NEXT QUESTION TO BAIRDY BOY………’s the numbers for priests at the ANGLICAN CHURCH….down a few,in facT quite a few I hear MIKE.still going into the ministry there with that smoke hanging above the head?

    yep folks, if it bleeds,it still can be killed. there is always hope.

  2. Apparently there is a no compensation clause so much for their argument they would have to compensate the horse people- just pass some urgent legislation that says no compensation how easy is that?  Baird and his buffoon are seriously out of control.

  3. Deborah555 sneaky bastwards these two. saw that DEB.

    need the trio of HADLEY/LATHAM/JONES getting the cowards on tv for a solid debate………what you think?

  4. The alliance group has asked people to write to Parliamentarians. I am happy to do this. This whole matter will end in tears for the Government  so my concern is personal I accepted the reviews in good faith and put in a lot of volunteer work as an information officer and sent in a lot of submissions on the grounds that it was a genuine inquiry. It matters little whether the act was written by the Government or received from the Stalinist division of the Greens or that it stalinist in nature the Act would have taken forever to construct and nobody could reasonably expect that this act preparation which would have cost a fortune in time and money was not premeditated  This leads to my grievance. I made many submissions to the enquiries, which I always do with a reasonable  expectation that the inquiry has not been and as I feel a citizen of the democracy I feel it is my duty to respond to various public enquires. Unfortunately with this latest inquiry I spent a lot of tome in hospital which meant I had to pay for edits and productions which cost me over two thousand dollars and a lot of discomfort, this was coupled with me spending little time on a joint history project and letting down my friends by giving precedence to the greyhound inquiries. The above also involved me in paying for historic edits that I would have normally done myself. My interest in submitting to enquiries in greyhounds is due to my keen interest in animal welfare and I have run the Happiness Club for over thirty years that takes people from the City to country meetings which support animal welfare. This included six years of age racing with greyhounds up to thirteen years of age. Various exhibitions co-ordinated with adoption groups and the proposals for Graveyards, memorial areas etc. Also I had a federal public service career in National Programs in the bush and was a delegate on the Australian Assistance plan which was intended to be the great regional development project of the century. I always found the Country party/national party leaders members sensational representatives for the Country (Also GRA-GRNSW until 2006) You only had to mention a problem you had on city boards to a Country Party Leader and within 24 hours you would get the matter resolved by a shaken Liberal Minister. Those were the good old days and the other party country members were sensational as well. I don’t know about the Greens the only contact I had with them was in 1992 when they supported the greyhounds in the discrimination with the horses over the Federal sales tax. I think they saw the greyhounds as grass  roots and the horses as big business at the time. Congratulations to the Nationals who are standing up for the Country, please don’t monster them they are trying to save you from yourselves.

    My grievance would be satisfied if common sense prevailed and the greyhound reforms were negotiated with a spending needed for legal matters spent on effective animal welfare.

  5. dogem53 Deborah555 I think that everyone that can should write a submission and get onto members of parliament. This whole business is a three ringed circus but we need to go further than use our time and others for our own amusement although it is hard not to be amused by it all. You only need to write a couple of lines in a reasonable way. If you write briefly you are sure to be read.

  6. dogem53 If your sending a submission in do not use capital letters because they will cull it and throw it in the bin. I have to reduce my spit to no more than 50 to 100 words myself.

    I will use satire and humour a bit like you.

    Brenton is going through the right motions if he does not see the Premier and Grant  they can say he had the chance to see them and did not take it.

    Are you posting these contrary views to annoy me, I am giving you the benefit of acting in good faith so what do you think that you are achieving.

    Showing disrespect for the head negotiator is playing into the opponents hands.

    Don’t answer this unless you feel that you have to.

  7. dogem53 If your sending a submission in do not use capital letters because they will cull it and throw it in the bin. I have to reduce my spit to no more than 50 to 100 words myself.

    I will use satire and humour a bit like you.

    Brenton is going through the right motions if he does not see the Premier and Grant  they can say he had the chance to see them and did not take it.

    Are you posting these contrary views to annoy me, I am giving you the benefit of acting in good faith so what do you think that you are achieving.

    Showing disrespect for the head negotiator is playing into the opponents hands.

    Don’t answer this unless you feel that you have to.

    Edit (in 4 minutes) 

  8. Deborah555 Thats right but I think that adequate compensation has to be paid for damages for them breaking the inter code agreement, The lawyers will sort this out but ti is going to cost a lot of money to progress. The act is designed to cost greyhound racing multi millions to progress. We had to sort out the Greyhound Act 2002 and spend millions doing it and it was nowhere near as complex as this act. I was told at the time that the 2002 act was a public service service pay back for the severe cut backs which were being made in the department, there appeared funny business in the ranks because Oakshott who was shadow minister for the State Gaming and Racing was getting leaks from the department and pounding Minister Face with lack of confidence motions previously (just forgot the term). This was before I was on the board, I went to see one of the most senior public servants when they were framing the 2002act which we contributed to and told him I did not want to apply for a mess and he told me not to worry because it could not exist for more than six months anyway, We got the Ex head of Treasury to run the Act and he made it survive but it came at a great cost. I did not reapply in 2006.

    I don’t know if there any funny bunny stuff behind this act it but it certainly looks like a revenge on the premier rather than anything else.  

  9. John Tracey dogem53 john. of course he is. no disputing that.

    I think you are mis-reading my intent. I am saying,it is rather strange for someone like BRENTON to do what he has and faithfully believe he is being heard and treated with due respect in his approach,but the next movement we hear is they are still going ahead with pushing the bill through.

    I see that as a smack in BRENTONS EYE. explain how else an outsider would view that john.

  10. Are you posting these contrary views to annoy me, I am giving you the benefit of acting in good faith so what do you think that you are achieving

    JOHN……..please explain. I am totally lost where this come from.

  11. John Tracey dogem53 Deborah555  Don’t worry John I have been running an email submission campaign from my office here for the last three weeks. Have a reply from almost everyone so they must be concerned.

  12. dogem53 Sorry mate I am a bit overheated and I don’t want to to repeat your post but you should not put scorn on the Head negotiator for the greyhounds by saying that people are laughing at him. I took exception at the Animal Welfare lady doing something similar and also I have had a row with Bob W over the same matter (We fight all the times  but neither of us worry about it)

    You always need to respect the position. I support Brenton both personally and his position as well.

    My wife keeps telling me that I am rude to people so I hope you don’t take offence 

    In summary greyhound racing is bigger than the three of us.

  13. John Tracey dogem53 you overheated john, nah, cannot imagine that…

    if it was me saying change tactics, maybe I should slow down and say what I really mean. Brenton is under huge pressure I would think,so me saying that would not help,but trust me,i am on his side and have always said the legislative vote is only the beginning of the fight and GOTBA have the best man ,apart from BRENTON, advising.

    john,it was reported today that a vote was taken and the bill was defeated 21-13. I tried watching it live,but missed the first part. if it was defeated why more readings? does it go on we vote on certain parts,alter those that upset the outcome,refine, present again, refine, until it is completed. how many ‘readings’ take place?

    also john who/what is GAG?

  14. dogem53 John Tracey  Dogem-  Brenton is playing the game beautifully- he is willing to talk and negotiate and show just what a good sport he is- they ignore him, who looks bad, not Brenton them. You are too honest and open and passionate that has its place but when you are dealing with utter bastards you have to use a whole heap of tactics and Brenton has them all under control. I hope John will not mind me saying this but what he is trying to say is that any criticism of Brenton can be used by the opposition. If you don’t agree with him we can always debate that later – if the ban is not overturned any ideas for improvement will come to nothing.

  15. dogem53 John Tracey No problems, I am overheated so I will not watch or read parliament today but I will look at the transcript tomorrow. What you have alerted me to is that people don’t know how the greyhound alliance is set up and funded so i am asking for a speaker at the country clubs conference to address all the country clubs on 23rd August 2016. Brenton is the public face behind the team which includes some of the top professional operators in the country. The group was formed partly by

    an indicative motion at the GBOTA annual general meeting allowing the Association to spend considerable reserves to tackle the special commission of inquiry. The motion followed the GAG /GBOTA Members (Greyhound Action Group) proposals for the GBOTA to join them in protests. The members of the GBOTA of which I am one are the owners of the GBOTA nd have a mutual interest not a single interest each in the company. There mutual interest is satisfied in this instance by fighting against the legislation on behalf of their members and greyhound racing people in general. There is a system where other clubs and interests can also contribute to the fund. There is a process by e-mail where anyone can complain or make suggestions about the conduct of the group but it is a restricted site so information does not go past you or the group unlike the racing site you are on which goes overseas and to Government.

    I make critical comments of certain nature to the group that I would not put on a public site myself.

    If you want to attend the country conference as  a delegate or as an observer we could get you a clearance.

  16. dogem53 Deborah555 I respect Jones, he always seems ready to change his view in the light of new facts.  Hadley I don’t know much about.  But Latham is an intellectually dishonest individual.  He is the king of the strawman argument and outrageous hyperbole.  He asserts that his opponents hold a position that they don’t, and then argues against that.  I was listening to him and Hadley talk about the greyhound ban on the Jones/Latham sky news program yesterday he asserts that the opponents of greyhound racing want animals to have equal rights to humans, and then goes on a tirade from there.  The entire premise is false.  I’m not aware of one animal welfare advocacy group that puts forward that position.  This is his tactic on anything he opposes, to dishonestly represent his opponents with ridiculous claims.

    I find it frustrating that Jones doesn’t hold him to account with his factual inaccuracies, because I find it hard to believe he isn’t aware of them.

    So I suppose I would in fact support a public debate on the issue with Mark Latham at the helm, because he’s only going to help the opponents ;)