Kempsey locals urged to be on the look out for runaway greyhound

PARTICIPANTS and locals in the Kempsey area have been asked to be on the lookout for a greyhound which escaped after taking a tumble in the first race on Saturday.

Two year old greyhound Kikem Kitty was having her fifth start on Saturday for trainer Jason Carter when she found trouble and fell. After getting back on her feet, the disorientated greyhound escaped participants at the track and ran towards the swamp at the back of the track.

Despite their best efforts to capture the white and black bitch, Kempsey President Vicki Byrnes said she was able to get away, with no sign of her whereabouts since.

“She fell in the first race and she hit the outside fence,” Byrnes told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“Luckily she got up and she started going towards her handler, but she jumped the rail and started running around the centre of the track.

“The owners tried to catch her but they couldn’t and she slipped out through the fence at the back of the 350m boxes.

“We have been looking for her the past couple of days trying to call her with some food and the council have been on the lookout for her but at this stage there are no signs of where she has gone to.”

Byrnes said her Port Macquarie-based trainer is beside himself with grief, with the primary concern being able to return ‘Jazz’ home safely.

“Jason is hysterical and worried sick about her… I am too because she is all alone and she has been out there since Saturday.

“She still has her muzzle and her race rug on, but our main concern is that we have had some very cold days and nights out here and it looks like there is rain on the way.”

Byrnes is hopeful that she still has her bright yellow race rug on to make her easier to spot, but has warned that is may have been ripped off.

“We are hoping she still has her rug on, but she is pretty recognisable as she is a pure white girl with little black spots around her ears.”

Byrnes has asked anyone who may have seen Jazz to contact her via mobile 0403 410 529.

“She is probably very scared and she is quite timid so I don’t think she will go towards people, but if anyone happens to see her or knows where she might be they can call me.”

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  1. Greyhound wipes out in race, gets lost in swamp?
    My god the incompetence here is through the roof.

    Poor thing at the hands of you people.

  2. I guess no-one was really watching despite it being in the middle of a race.

    What does the C stand for in aaronC?

    C H maybe?

    You troll for a living? What that pays is about what you’re worth.


  3. AaronC_NZ Adam_12 Fair comment.  No SAV seems to be a nasty piece of work.  You have the right to voice a comment.  Chin up and cheers.

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