Rally essential for all with an interest in NSW greyhound racing

ANYONE who supports the New South Wales greyhound racing industry is urged to take part in the ‘Fair Go Rally’, which is set to be held in Sydney on August 2.

Organised by the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance – a new steering committee put in place to fight the proposed legislation to outlaw greyhound racing – the rally will be held at Hyde Park North on the same day the NSW Parliament will meet to discuss the ban.

Kevin Gordon, the Hunter Valley representative from the newly-formed group, said it’s pivotal that all people with an interest in the industry attend the rally.

“What we are looking for is a show of unity to the state government and Mr Baird in particular so they can see that we are one body and we are looking for a fair go,” Gordon told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“I would like to see between 700 and 1000 people attend. I think that would be a good show considering it is late notice and a work day.

“There is a lot of things going against us, many people have to travel long distances and they have dogs to look after.

“The Gardens have opened up their kennels at the track for anyone coming down on the buses and there will be someone there to supervise the dogs.

“We are trying to give everybody every possible means to get there.”

Gordon added that it’s not just owners or trainers to be involved on the day, with anyone who is affected by the ban such as butchers, feed and vitamin suppliers, vets, track staff and even punters invited to join the rally.

“The majority of people there will be from the industry, however I know we already have a butcher coming down from Bathurst because his whole business will close down if the greyhound industry does.

“Anyone who is involved or will suffer the repercussions of the industry closing down should be involved in this rally.”

As a part of the rally, around 50 greyhound racing participants will be escorted by members of the NSW Police Force to Parliament House to present opposition leader Luke Foley and Labor MP Sonia Hornery with a signed petition opposing the ban.

Gordon says he has high hopes for the petition, with signatures exceeding initial expectations.

“10,000 signatures creates a debate in parliament and that’s what we wanted to achieve.

“That has been achieved quite easily… just from the Hunter Valley and the northern local area we have 11,000 signatures and they have collected petitions from Bathurst, Richmond and the South Coast with over 13,000 signatures.

“We will definitely topple 25,000 signatures – we may even get close to 30,000.

“To get that amount in a short period of time is remarkable.”

Gordon expressed that the industry doesn’t hold any unrealistic expectations, but hopes that the rally and petition will reiterate to the government that greyhound racing deserves a fair go to show it has the capability to change.

“The government say we have lost our social licence, but if you go out into the real world, not just to those sitting in their apartments in Mosman, but to those out in the country… 9/10 people support us.

“To say that we have lost our social licence in NSW is completely incorrect.

“From the day the Four Corners program hit the air, TAB turnover hasn’t gone down for greyhound racing, it has gone up… so the average punter and person (support us).

“One of the big things people are opposed to is the process – there was no consultation with us or even [Mike Baird]’s own party.

“He just made the decision as a dictator does… we don’t live in a dictatorship – one person can’t just make a decision like this.”

It is hoped that at least one bus will be heading to Hyde Park from every track within NSW. Gordon noted that it is essential for participants to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner, while he also laid out some further ground rules for the day.

“No animals whatsoever, it leaves us open for potential problems. Anything could go wrong, with an animal being there in the crowd it could get spooked or hurt – so absolutely no animals.

“We are also asking for people to be well dressed – no tracksuits or beanies – a lot of people have suggested they will wear black and white which I think is a great idea.”

Fair Go Rally – event details

WHEN: Tuesday August 2, 11am
WHERE: Hyde Park North (in front of the Fountain)
NOTE: No animals (including greyhounds)
BUSES: Drop off @ College street in front of St Mary’s Cathedral between 10am – 11am (buses must drop and go). Pick up same place 12:30pm. Buses are asked to come via Wentworth Park Road to collect Placards/Shirts and receive briefing.
CAR PARKING: Domain Car park
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: St James Station or Town Hall Station is a short walk.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: During this rally there will be guest speakers, while a sausage sizzle and drinks will be supplied. Toilets are located in Hyde Park. The Alliance will supply some banners, but people are encouraged to bring banners that represent where they are from.

PLEASE NOTE: This a family event. We strongly encourage those attending to bring the whole family from 0 to 90 years of age.

Rally Attendance

Anyone who is planning to attend this rally and support greyhound racing can confirm their attendance by clicking the link below (it will return you to this page). There is no need to enter any details, we just want a guide to approximate numbers attending.

I will be attending the NSW Greyhound Racing Rally


Past Discussion

  1. We are all with you Katherine, don’t stop now.

    I feel so betrayed knowing now that the inquiry into track design and Elizabeth Arnots injury report of which there was only one was all they needed to shut the industry down. This was a conspiring, deliberate treasonable act against the people they were supposed to regulate and protect.  A bunch of gutter snipes.

    Long live the greyhound industry.

  2. It  Looks like the  the Alliance  were ask today by the Politicians that they would like to see Greyhounds there and  that all participants should march to outside Parliament house to voice their opposition to Baird and Grant  closing down the Greyhound Racing here in NSW  So could someone tell us all what is really going down here !

  3. BobWhitelaw lol, which dumb a..e politicians would ask for greyhounds to be brought along. Most of your greyhounds would certainly have not passed their greenhound test, which means you would have a bunch of dogs all walking around muzzled …. how does that help your public image lol. Awww how cute, look at all those dogs being forced to wear muzzles … yeah that’ll play well to the public.

  4. chrisfj “Where’s ERNIE?”, “Why were real figures withheld from the public?”, “You are about to SLAUGHTER 20,000+ greyhounds, Mr. Baird”, “What’s the REAL DEAL, Mr. Baird?”,  There are plenty to choose from, Chris.

  5. Instead of hiding behind your keyboard Samson you should front up there yourself. Make sure you have your name stuck to your forehead so some might recognize you and say hello. LOL.

  6. DaveSampson75 BobWhitelaw Great idea for a placard, Samson. Thanks for that. Attention Chris. “LIFT THE STUPID RULE ON MANDATORY MUZZLING FOR GREYHOUNDS!” Well done!

  7. chrisfj Issues worrying locals would be  skyscraper developments at Wentworth Park and the fact that the Land Title Office has been privatised. Also small business is worried about the shift of Libs to big business. Save Country Amenity would also be important. 

  8. JeffWhite4 No SAV Well Jeff and Aaron and others at the moment at my greyhound retirement village we have a total of 23 retired greyhounds some raced and some not, they age  between 16 years  and the youngest will turn 2 next month and i,am talking about in human years. With the closure of the Greyhound racing here in NSW  the funds that help to look after this dogs will be gone . i hope you and others will put their hands up to take these wonderful dogs if not they are condemn to no certain future ,Buttons, our girl,maggie,bree,mrs b,kipp,keith,goo,goo,ellie sas, dee, mayne,steveie, ruby,tony, pedro,whitee, bazza roo cryer,teaser,blue girl and baby doll. I would hate to think what would happen to them if i take them to the RSPCA shelter at Rutherford  these beautiful dogs are here because they failed the rehoming program  for many years this village has been sanctuary for greyhounds that don’t cut it at any level. just ask the FRIENDS of the HOUNDS  and the work i have done for them and i consider all the dogs here my friends  and you bastards want to bring that friendship to a end .You people  don’t realize that the cruelest animal on earth is MAN look at what we do to fellow humans Stop trying to make yourself look perfect here. There’s real world out  there get in it.12 months in which Baird and Grant  will have the industry shut down is insane, this plan will mean the death of perfectly healthy Greyhounds so in real terms you’s and others who are supporting Baird &Grant  grand plan have condemned  these dogs to death row  i hope you all feel proud of yourselves.

  9. DaveSampson75 Yes Dave  i hope turns up in his full military uniform and carrying his rifle  aren’t  military personal trained to KILL   I’am glad i’am atheist any way we will see you at the rally won’t we and you can take home some lovely  Greyhounds then again they might reject you ? dogs are good judge of character

  10. JeffWhite4 No SAV There is no threat there. If you are paranoid thats not my fault. If I met him Id give him a nice old fashioned bear hug and shout him a drink, or two. :)

  11. there are 1100 racehorse foals born yearly . Only 3000 get to the race track of the other 8000 1000 go to QLD AND S.A ABBATOIRS FOR HUMAN Consumption, and the rest to klnackeries for Dog Food over 80,000 in last 10 years and although the Racing body has all of the statistics they have done nothing to re-house these slower horses, like the Adopt a Greyhound

    incentive. And did you knoe that over 140 horses died on the track from aug 2014 to July 2015 with Rosehill being the most dedly in Australia with the most deaths or don’t Horses count

  12. DaveSampson75 would not have the guts to attend david.





    What will it be….celery sticks at 10 paces,or a bit closer so we see the whites of the eyes?

  14. DaveSampson75 BobWhitelaw just for you and those little radical men inside your brainwashed head dave.


    According to a law introduced in Australia in 1927Greyhounds must always wear a muzzle when in a public place. Initially themuzzle was introduced on the race track to prevent these valuable animals frominjuring themselves during the general excitement at the track and their highspirited racing.

    now DAVE, are you saying you are worried about being confronted by a grey with a muzzle on?

    quite clearly even the gods of animal welfare acquaint with the stupid rule,but until the GOVERNMENT decide on such a ridiculous rule, we BOGANS as MR. WHITE likes to refer us as, we OBEY THE RULES OF THE DAY.


    I am sure it would assist if the ACTU the CFMEU and the ‘Truck Drivers Union’ were invited to attend the rally.

  16. I hope that all the attendees to the rally take their pooches-(of all breeds)- along and show the so-called NSW Govt. that they are dealing with ALL dog people not just greyhounds! I help my partner with 2 g/h that we bred, and are training to race.   Why 2?    We are pensioners, and that’s all we can manage.   We train the dogs with love, & are proud to admit to that.

    Let’s show Baird that he IS NOT our voice.   As I live interstate I cannot afford to attend in person, but will be there in spirit!

  17. DaveSampson75 BobWhitelaw  such a political strategist Dave you are wasted here Dave apply to be “The Donald’s ” political advisor.

  18. Chrisfj, what about a dog of whatever breed! Encourage others to also feature a dog breed, as well as a Greyhound, on Banners.   Would certainly be an AMAZING sight to see.