Quick Or You Might Miss Out








Roll up, Roll up. Have I found a deal for you!

But before you pick up the phone and dial 0417780050 it’s important that you aren’t a timewaster. The owner of this untried pup won’t have time to waste once the phone starts ringing.

Let’s dissect this advert one line at a time.

GUARANTEED UNTRIED – Ok good news, I think???

SPRING GUN X WIN MEASURED (GOBIS nommed) – The bitch has had two litters prior to this Spring Gun litter. 12 pups for a combined four wins. The GOBIS part is pretty cool though.

18 MONTHS OLD – 18 months old and not tried. Fair enough, a bit later than some would be leaving it. But I can cope with this part of it.

UNNAMED: CHASES “HARD” SOUND – Hmmmm. He is untried. Not sure what he is chasing, lets just assume for now it’s the birds flying past the dogs nice open paddock where he has been able to show his chasing prowess.

NOT UP TO CITY STANDARDS – Guaranteed untried. Guaranteed!!! He just plods around his paddock, just doesn’t look up to city class. This might change when we try him I guess?

NO TIME WASTERS $1500 FIRM – I’m currently torn about whether to publish this article and advert, or to find my mobile before someone else beats me to the deal of a lifetime.

I think I’ll risk it!

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