Canberra Bushfires Claim Greyhound Victims

Tragic news this morning emanating from bushfires burning in an area South of , toward the east of the Monaro Highway.

ABC news has reported that the fires burnt 9000 hectares of bush land and claimed the lives of 13 greyhounds owned by the Perrin family.

Lindsay Perrin lost the family business, an uninsured sawmill and her greyhound dogs in the fire.

“The whole time my dogs were burning. it was a nightmare. I lost 13 retired greyhounds,” she says.

“I managed to save five of them but to hear them burn was just a nightmare, there was absolutely nothing we could do.”

Meanwhile in Londonderry, near in New South Wales fires have burnt right up to many greyhound properties, but at this stage no property has been lost.

The fires were so severe, that at one stage the Richmond greyhound track was opened as a refuge for greyhounds under fire threat to be relocated and housed as a result of the fires in the area.

No word yet, about tonight’s Richmond greyhound meeting, but it is understood that the fire threat in the area has diminished overnight.


In the aftermath to the Perrin’s tragedy, the greyhound community have rallied to help the Perrin’s overcome their tragedy.

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