Changing Of The Guards At Canberra Greyhounds

Greyhound Racing Club is today happy to announce the appointment of Mr. Michael Brady as the new Club Secretary.

CGRC Chairman, John Curtin, said it was great to be welcoming Mr. Brady, who brings a wealth of experience to the position through his time in the industry and in private enterprise.

“We have made a number of changes at Canberra in recent months, so this seems like a great time for Michael to be joining us.

“Our current Manager, , has done a great job of implementing changes, including our new track, grading, stewarding and introduction of race field product fees, however she has decided it is time for a new challenge in her career and we wish her the best with that.

“The Board of Management feel we are moving forward in leaps and bounds and we are sure Michael will assist in reaching our new aims,” Mr. Curtin said.

Mr. Brady, married with 3 adult children, said he was keen to move to the Canberra region and take up the position of Secretary and get back into the field of work he had most enjoyed during his working life.

After commencing an interest in greyhound racing when working as a gatekeeper in 1976, he worked in various race day positions including judge over a 14-year period, before being appointed Secretary to the -Hunter Valley Mechanical Club in 1990.

In 1993 he returned to the print industry working for numerous papers in the Hunter Valley and remained in that field until 2004 when he took up a position with Ross Human Directions as a permanent contractor based at Lone Pine Barracks, Singleton.

“I have always maintained a strong interest in greyhound racing, having owned dogs over the past 29 years and fully understand the issues facing owners and trainers today.

“I hope my hands-on knowledge will benefit both the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club and owners and trainers in the region and looked forward to meeting both participants and sponsors alike,” Mr. Brady said.

Departing Manager, Ellen Dwyer, said she had greatly enjoyed her time at the Club and would remain involved in the racing industry.

“When I applied for the Manager’s position back in 2008, I knew I would be disappointed if I didn’t have a crack at the position, I love the industry and having worked with previous Manager Cynthia O’Brien, thoroughly enjoy the Club.

“We have had our challenges, which have been well documented, however there are just so many positives as well.

“Our Coverage has grown and we remain on the premier channel, we have provided consistent racing for our participants, with one increase in prizemoney and another very likely in the near future.

“We started the Cup, which will serve as the Club’s feature 440 metre event and give back to the community. We have aligned ourselves with the NSW Division C Grading policy and are fortunate to have the central grading department looking after this for us.

“On top of it all we have upgraded our racing surface, which to date has produced brilliant results with regards to safety, times and results.

“I have been very fortunate to make some great friends in my time at the Club both in Canberra and interstate, and gain a few additional father figures. I will stay in contact with all of these people and am looking to remain in the industry in a few ways,” Dwyer said.

“The Club is in a great place, I can see it achieving so much for the participants in coming months, thanks to the change in the funding arrangements, I wish Michael Brady and the Club the best moving forward and thank all who have supported me.”

Further to the change at the helm, Canberra in recent weeks has been forced to make changes with its Stewarding arrangements.

The implementation of the new Division C meetings in NSW have meant the stewarding department have been pushed, so the previous arrangement of Board overseeing Canberra meetings has become unviable for both parties.

With a likely increase for the service, Canberra approached a number of in the surrounding region and will now roster a Club to each meeting, with those who have agreed to Steward at the Canberra meetings also forming a for any required inquiries.

“It was a change that had to be made,” CGRC Chairman John Curtin said.

“We have been fortunate to find some very capable stewards willing to cover the meetings, so we are now looking to the future and the next challenge the Club has to face.”

Mr. Michael Brady will commence with the Club in early June, with a two week hand over period with current Manager, Ellen Dwyer.

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