Adelaide Cup Positive Swab Drug Shock In South Australia

Greyhound Racing South have just advised Australian Racing Greyhound that Boozeroo, trained by Ossie Chegia, has returned a positive swab to a drug.

The positive swab stems from a routine post race swab performed after Boozeroo qualified for the 2011 1 final by finishing second to Penthouse in the second Adelaide Cup Semi Final on Thursday 13th January 2011.

Both the “A” and “B” urine samples taken from Boozeroo on the night have returned positive to the drug Hyrdocortisone Hemisuccinate, the active ingredient in the drug .

Solu-Cortef has for many years been used as a drug to give a greyhound a “lift” and it was only in mid 2009 that Greyhounds Australiasia made a more determined effort to detect the drug in routine greyhound swabbing.

Australian Racing Greyhound understand that Mr Chegia has been advised of the results of the swab and is required to attend a formal inquiry in to the on Wednesday 16th March 2011.

Mr Chegia has been asked to bring any witnesses that may be able to assist that inquiry.

Boozeroo finished last in the 2011 Group 1 Adelaide Cup behind .

If Boozeroo and Chegia are found guilty at the , Boozeroo will almost certainly be disqualified from running second in the Adelaide Cup Semi Final.

That will result in the third place runner, being elevated to second, and mean he has been denied his rightful place in the 2011 Group 1 Adelaide Cup Final.

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[…] have confirmed that the appeal by Ossie Chegia against his four month disqualification for the positive swab returned by his greyhound Boozeroo during the Adelaide Cup series has been rejected by the Racing Appeals Tribunal.On the 12th April 2011 GRSA Stewards completed an […]