Animal rights groups say NSW Government should not fund dogs

Animal advocate groups have come down hard on the for its decision to the greyhound racing industry using taxpayers’ money.

The Berejiklian government has come under fire from animal advocate groups over its decision to use $41 million of taxpayers’ money to reform the greyhound racing industry.

The hefty sum will be used to improve animal standards and create a new commission to oversee the industry, following the government’s backflip on the controversial racing ban.

“This amount of public funds should not be allocated to an industry exposed for mass dog killings, fatal injuries, and doping with dangerous drugs,” Humane Society International said on Tuesday.

The comments were echoed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, with campaigns associate director Ashley Fruno saying “no amount of money could clean up this dirty industry that kills countless dogs, simply for the crime of not running fast enough”.

“Using taxpayers’ money to subsidise an unethical, unpopular and unnecessary industry is short-sighted. These funds should be used instead to help greyhound trainers and breeders transition out of dog racing entirely,” she said.

The government says it will adopt all but one of the 122 recommendations of the Greyhound Industry Reform which was after then-premier sensationally backed down on his ban on the sport in October.

An independent integrity commission, separate from the sport’s commercial operations, will be created and there will be stricter controls on euthanasia and tougher penalties, including life bans, for live baiting.

Paul Toole said on Tuesday the government would contribute $30 million over five years to implement the reforms with an additional $11 million set aside for the new welfare body.

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