AGRA Announce 2009 Greyhound Of The Year Finalists

The AGRA today announced the three finalists for the 2009 AGRA Sky Channel .
Amity Bale, Cindeen Shelby and El Galo were judged the top three after the judging Panel considered the achievements of five greyhounds nominated by the AGRA committee.

The judging panel consisting of administrators, media representatives from each state and a of national media representatives from Print, Radio and Television.

The panel allocated votes 3, 2 and 1 on what they considered to be their top three finalists in order of each judge’s preference in a secret vote.

The votes have been tallied and one of the finalists will be crowned the winner of the covered award at AGRA’s National Awards night to be held at Cannington Greyhound Complex in Perth on Friday March the 12th.

On this exciting night the other National Award winners will also be announced they are Trainer of the Year, Sire and Dam of the Year and the Run of the Year.

Sky Channel camera’s will be in attendance at Cannington to capture a presentation package which will be shown on the “Catching Pen” the following Sunday.

The previous six winners of the AGRA Australian Greyhound of the Year are 2002 Boomeroo, 2003 , 2004 Whisky Assassin, 2005 Pure Octane, 2006 Betty’s Angel, 2007 Flashing Floods and 2008 El Galo.

in alphabetical order are the three finalists and their achievements during 2009 :

    (December 2005 Black Bitch Sonic Flight- Evonne Bale)
    Race starts:2009 43 – 23 wins, 6 seconds, 7 thirds
    Owner: (Young, NSW)
    Trainer: Graeme Bate (Lara)
    Winner: Group 2 AWM Distance; Sydney Cup; John Dillon Mem; ; Summer Cup; Group 3 Chairman’s Cup.
    Finalist: Group 2 McKenna Mem (2nd); Bold Trease (3rd); Group 3 Newcastle Cup (8th).
    Total Career Prizemoney: $275,195.
    (August 2006 Fawn Bitch Bombastic Shiraz-Proper Shelby) Race starts: 22 – 13 wins, 5 seconds, 1 third
    Owner: Raymond Parkinson (Salt Ash, NSW)
    Trainer: Kelvyn Greenough (Pearcedale)
    Winner: Paws of Thunder; Group 1 Topgun; Group 1 Crown Classic; Group 2 Black Top
    Finalist: Group 1 Winter Carnival Cup (4th); Group 1 Brisbane Cup (8th)
    Total Career Prizemoney: $383,700.
    (November 2005 Blue Dog Where’s Pedro-)
    Race starts 2009: 20 – 13 wins, 3 seconds, 2 thirds
    Owner: Seona Hood (Pearcedale)
    Trainer: Jason Thompson (Pearcedale) Winner: Group 1 Adelaide Cup; Group 1 Temlee
    Finalist: Group 1 Australian Cup (2nd); Group 1 Golden (3rd); Group 2 Wangaratta Cup (2nd); Group 2 Bob Payne Winter Stake (3rd); Group 2 (8th).
    Total Career Prizemoney: $519,380.
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