Brooke And Jamie Ennis Set For A Double Delight

Brooke and Jamie Ennis are set to have a big weekend.

The top-line training duo are on the crest of a winning wave and could well add another two Group race wins to their impressive list of accomplishments this Sunday.

The Ennis kennel will rug up the favourite in both the Canberra and Healesville Cups, the latter of which they have two runners engaged.

Jamie Ennis told ARG that it is a good time of year to be racing and described how fortunate he is to have a kennel choc-full of talent.

“Us trainers are a bit spoilt for choice this time of year with the amount of races to choose from,” Ennis told ARG.

“Brooke and I are probably even more lucky that it’s not only these three dogs that we have who can run in Group races, so you have to really sit down and map out what is best for the dogs.”

The Canberra Cup final will feature their star My Bro Fabio, who warmed up for the $25,000 to-the-winner event by setting a new track record in the nation’s capital last Sunday.

Ennis says he believes the greyhound had well and truly earned the achievement.

“I was glad he could finally put a performance like that on the board last week. I know everybody has heard me say that he is the fastest dog I’ve had and that he has put some great performances in around The Meadows in heats and stuff like that, but it is great for him to finally get a track record.”

“I’d hate to think what sort of times he might be running in the middle of summer when the surfaces are a little bit harder.”

Ennis says the Canberra Cup campaign was something that the pair had planned meticulously and is part of a much grander scheme.

“We are sort of looking at trying to get him a start in the Top Gun and races like that. You won’t get invited by just winning free-for-alls, you need to win Group Races. On ability and times, you’d like to think he can win the Canberra Cup but that is barring an accident or bad luck. If he can do that then he might be a chance of gaining a start in some of those sorts of races.”

The Ennis’ have two starters in the Group Two Healesville Cup, with recent kennel acquisition Size Does Matter and exciting youngster Beejay the Deejay both making the $45,000 to-the-winner final after winning their heats last Sunday afternoon.

Beejay The Deejay is not two-years old until October and has already won seven races. While excited about the precocious pup, Ennis is also realistic about his future.

“He is a really high-speed dog. He is probably only ever going to be a country cups type of greyhound, I don’t think he will do anything spectacular over 500 metres or more but to be doing what he is at his age is just terrific.”

Size Does Matter started his career in Queensland with Reg Kay before the Ennis’ purchased him. He is loaded with potential and already looks like he may repay the pair in spades. Ennis says a race like this may not have been the sort of event that made them want to own him, but it has panned out well.

“I originally bought him as more of a 500 metre Group type dog but I have just been keeping him fresh and running him over the sprints. He is loving it and really wants to be there right now. He is coming out of the boxes and I even said to Reggie Kay that it is what had been his biggest problem early in his career, but he seems to be improving now. I wouldn’t swap him for any other dog in the final but if anything is going to beat him, it will be having to get across from box six.”

It may well transpire that the two kennelmates assist each other in the run given the box draw.

“Beejay The Deejay likes to cut down to the rails pretty hard, he does it on the circle too, he might take care of the dogs inside him and our other guy might get the run. As you know, you can play these things over and over in your head a thousand times and try and make a case for yourself, but once you put them in the boxes, it is in the lap of the Gods.”

Come Sunday evening, we will know if the Gods have shone on the kennel of Brooke and Jamie Ennis.

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Tammy Stuhmcke
Tammy Stuhmcke
7 years ago

Good luck guys !!!!!

Tammy Stuhmcke
Tammy Stuhmcke
7 years ago

Good luck guys !!!!!