Group 3 MultiQuip Magic Maiden Series Hampered By Breakdown

In an embarassing gaffe for the last night, the Group 3 MultiQuip Magic Maiden Series Semi Finals were delayed over an hour after the cable snapped during the first race of the evening.

Because of the congested scheduling of the Carnival, and the fact the Series runners who for the final would be required back on Saturday night, and track staff had no option to delay all races and try and fix the problem.

Notably, after the resumption of racing, not one of the favourite runners in the Group 3 MultiQuip Magic Maiden Series Semi Finals managed to win their respective semi finals.

Of the 4 semi’s, 2 favourites finished second and the other two finished closer to last place than first. kennel complex is notorious for not being effectively sound proof and the lure was sent around the track numerous times after the new cable was fitted; with that noise sure to have upset the young dogs engaged in the series. That coupled with the extended waiting times prior to running would surely have caused more than a few of then highly talented young brigade to “act up” in the kennels and “run their race” before they were even rugged to participate.

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