Australian Racing Greyhound Launches “Tessa For GRSA Bunnie Of The Year” Campaign

It’s not often that we at Australian Racing Greyhound get involved in modelling competitions, let alone actively voting in them or campaigning for a contestant, but one of our readers “Tessa” has entered the GRSA Bunnie Of The Year competition and deserves all our support.

Now, we aren’t about to go casting our considerable weight behind just anyone, so we made the effort to do an exhaustive background check (that involved confirming her name was spelled correctly and we had the right girl); and after veiwing her “credentials”, we are more than pleased to launch The Vote For Tessa Campaign for Bunnie Of The Year.

Tessa came to our attention when she commented on our story that launched the GRSA Bunnie Of The Year.

Tessas GRSA Bunnie Of The Year Entry
Tessa's Entry

Being an avid reader of Australian Racing Greyhound, she was one of the first to know of the impending competition and was keen to enter and gather as much support as possible from family and friends during the public voting process. And, after scrutinising Tessa’s GRSA Bunnie Of The Year entry (pictured above), we are more than happy jump on the bandwagon.

From the public voting, 12 finalists will be selected to be in the running to win over $4000 in prizes plus a modeling contract with FOX Models and become the face of Greyhound Racing SA for the year.

As the public voting is now open, we’ve had the chance to peruse Tessa’s opposition and in our opinion she is well and truly “past the post”; but just to be sure we encourage all our Australian Racing Greyhound readers to get behind Tessa and vote her in to the final 12.

For those that don’t have the time or patience to do there own “exhaustive research” on each contestant, we’ve made it easy by highlighting “our girl”.

Vote For Tessa For GRSA Bunnie Of The Year

All you to do is following this link : and click on the attractive brunnette on page 1 in the second row, 4 over from the left (we’ve highlighted her for the directionally challenged).

Tessas Photo On Page 1 Is Highlighted
Tessa's Photo On Page 1 Is Highlighted

****Please be aware GRSA have cunningly tried to thwart our campaign by moving Tessa to 5th over from the left, but still in the second row on page 1…..15:21 Tuesday 27th January 2009

****And again there has been an effort to thwart our campaign by moving Tessa to now 6th over from the left, but still in the second row on page 1…..13:52 Tuesday 10th February 2009

That will take you to Tessa’s page and from there click Tessa’s “Vote For Me” link. You will have to register the first time that you vote.

If anyone needs a little more incentive to vote, remember all voters go in to a draw for a $5,000 prize package plus a date with the GRSA Bunnie Of The Year, so you might get the chance to meet Tessa personally if our Vote For Tessa campaign is successful!

If any of our other readers would like the opportunity to enjoy the support of our huge readership just get in contact with us or leave a comment and we’ll make it happen.

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