Barry Wells Fined For Failing To Keep Treatment Records


84(A)(1): Failure to keep and retain treatment records


on the 15 December 2014 conducted an into the failure by Mr to keep and retain medical treatments administered to the greyhound ‘Hecan Bolt'.

After hearing the evidence, Stewards charged Mr Barry Wells pursuant to GAR84 (A)(1) in that as the person in charge of ‘Hecan Bolt' he did fail to keep and retain records detailing medical treatments administered to the greyhound under his care and was unable to produce such records when requested by stewards during an inspection conducted on 28 August 2014.

Mr Barry Wells failed to attend the Inquiry.

Stewards found Mr Barry Wells guilty and fined him the sum of $500.00.

ARG Opinion:

While $500 is a considerable amount of money, it is growing increasingly important for trainers to ensure that treatment records are kept as a way of monitoring the health, wellbeing and welfare of racing greyhounds. It is also relevant to note that in addition to the above charge, Barry Wells was also found guilty of a Heptaminol Positive on the same day and was disqualified for two years and fined $2,000.

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