Bekim Maxim Wins The 2014 Mandurah Kanyana Cup

All the hard work and patience has finally paid off for 's kennels, with the very spiteful Bekim Maxim taking out the 2014 Kanyana Cup.

The black dog fell out of box two into last position. He made his way into seventh place as the field hit the first corner and in only a matter of seconds Bekim Maxim darted through the field to sit third behind leading kennelmate Waiter's Eye (1) and Ambitious Gem (6). Coming into the home straight it only took a number of his childish strides to steal the Kanyana Cup victory; Ambitious Gem finish second in front of Waiter's Eye and Prang Monelli (8) in a time of 27.88.

“It was great, such a big thrill to win the feature. I had a dog that ran a dead heat for first in a final so technically this is our first win.” Owner Paul Sanders explained.

“I thought he was going to struggle, but obviously when the race opened up a bit he got through and that was all he needed to do.”

“We travelled two and a half hours, so about 270 kilometres, just to watch him in the final so it was great to see him win.”

The son of – Sassy Guess, is certainly not short on personality; in a matter of seconds, Bekim Maxim informally known as Grasso, can unlock his kennel door with his tongue. Although this characteristic may be seen as pure talent, it can air on the side of frustrating when he is wandering through the kennels only seconds after putting him away. His personality traits certainly don't stop there; before feed time you can hear him pulling at the wire and playing in his water bowl and when it comes time for his food he lays down to eat it. It's dogs that makes training greyhounds all the more fun, isn't it?

“Grasso would have to be the best dog we have had, he has run the fastest time at Mandurah.”

As a pup the Sanders Grasso syndicate took the time to travel to Mandurah to pick a pup out of Sassy Guess' first litter. There were seven puppies in the litter and Grasso was the smallest of the three dogs and as a puppy he caused as much trouble as he does now in the kennels.

“Chris threw this old smelly sock that was in the yard for the pups and Grasso was the first dog to get it and that's how we picked him. He also has a white marking on his chest that looks like a hawk.”

“We got the Bekim part of his name obviously from Bekim Bale and the Maxim is a chemical that I sell to farmers. Mick sell's office furniture and one of the chairs is called Maxim, it was a conjoined meaning. So we came up with Bekim Maxim and away we went.”

The Sanders Grasso syndicate have been friends for a number of years before entering into the greyhound racing industry about 10 years ago, with a pup they purchased for $1000. From then on they had greyhounds; more recently they have had Velociraptor racing with . The syndicate decided to stick with the Bekim Bale sire for their next potential super star, this time mothered by Flying Machine.

For now the syndicate's most successful chaser, Bekim Maxim, pulled off a career high performance; the Kanyana Cup win was his seventh from 13 starts. The majority of his runs have been at Mandurah over the 490 with a personal best time of 27.54. The 31 kilo dog has recently been running over 's 530 metre distance; winning on two occasions from five starts.

“Linda has been great with us. It has been very exciting watching Grasso run around under Linda's name as trainer.”

With success over 490 an easy affair last night, it's only a matter of time before Bekim Maxim makes him way back up to Cannington in search of another feature race to add to his name.

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