Betting Exchange Giant Dumps Low Class Greyhound Meetings

Betting exchange giant, has recently taken a decision to discard certain greyhound meetings from its revolutionary betting model.

The meetings in the table below will no longer be offered to its customers.

These meetings are all shown on Sky 2 and in all cases are serviced by very moderate greyhounds, such as Victorian Tier3 class and the like.

This decision was not taken lightly and I am led to believe that leading Betfair administrators held exhaustive talks with industry leaders before taking and then implementing the decision.

By industry leaders I do not mean the relevant Board Authorities and the like, I am referring to those who turn over the vast sums of money that allow the greyhound industry Australia wide to keep ticking over.

Betfair certainly attracts a specific type of gambler, and as such, has listened to the feedback from those people.

The relevance of the decision might be lost on the ‘pubtab' style of gambler, simply betting race to race , but the more discerning punter has clearly avoided such meetings like the plague.

Para mutual agencies and Corporate Bookmakers such as Iasbet and will continue to field on these lesser meetings simply because their betting platform allows them to make a profit on them. For example Supertab would argue that 18% of something is better than 18% of nothing.

Then again it is the TAB'S that have driven the industry to ‘invent' these extra meetings. The argument for an exchange is quite different and I can see the justification for pulling these meetings from their platform.

Greyhound punters who want to bet on these greyhound meeting can still get set at Iasbet by clicking here : Bet At Iasbet or can bet at Sportsbet, by clicking here : Bet At Sportsbet

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