How To Make Money Betting On Greyhounds

No doubt there’s plenty of punters out there making a good quid from the dogs, but most of them only have their winnings for a short period before giving it back. The key to making money when backing dogs, is to continually stay in front.

No man or woman can continually win, and that’s why it’s important to have some sort of staking plan. There are many different staking plans, out there such as the 1326 Staking plan, the Level Staking plan, or the Percentage Staking plan. These 3 are just some of many that are out there. Staking plans are a betting method that allows you to maximize your winning streaks and minimize your loses in brief. They instruct you how to stake your bets in order to turn a profit and remain in the game without having to top up your bank.

We all love a bet and most of us feed off the adrenalin that comes with backing a dog and watching it go around. Its a great feeling cheering your charge on and riding it all the way to the finish line; but this can be the our downside as a punter. We love the rush so much, that some of us will take on the impossible, and try to back the winner in every race and in every code. Believe me I know, I’ve been there and done that, and served my punting apprenticeship.

It was that rush and adrenalin that led me into the dogs, and then the of easy money. I’ve been around the dogs since I was nine and was a regular at Beenleigh, and . I cut my teeth pulling on the coat tales of fellow punters, pestering them to place a bet for me. It was my weekly ritual – save my lunch money, finish school, and head to the Beenleigh dogs. Often leaving with what a nine year old considered a fist full of money!

I’m now 26 and have had 18 years on the punt, enough experience to know the right and wrong way. But even with my many years experience, I still have to give myself a big kick in the ass from time to time. Because even I shy away from the right way and become the mug gambler. Its hard not too, you get caught up in the moment.

Im sure we have a mix of greyhound enthusiast reading this, Punters, Trainers, Owners, Breeders and people on the verge of entering the industry. This story is more geared towards the the average joe blow punter; and I’m hoping we can steer some of you in the right direction, and turn your weekly punt into a ongoing profit.

I know some of you will always love the punt, and it doesn’t matter to you if you win or lose, but I rely on winning and winning consistently, and in order to do so, I use a staking plan; and rely on a second party to place my bets. It works best for me, and I’m lucky to have a a second party who has no love of the greyhound and is wholly and solely in it for the business and profit.

Now a lot of mug punters will shy away from the favourites, and would rather back a value runner; but the facts are they are favourites for a reason, and $100 on @$1.50 for a $150 return, is much better than $20 on @ $6.00 for the odd winner. Consistency, rather than the odd value runner is a much more profitably way to make money backing the dogs. Its paramount to keep a record of wins and losses and always look at the big picture rather then focusing on the day to day win or loss ratio.

A lot of people will say it takes no skill to pick a favourite, and to some that may be right; but it does take plenty of skill to work out when a favourite is a “false favourite”; and knowing the difference between the two is also a recipe to success

All to often we see favourites getting beat; some legitimately and others just simply being out classed. Its important to back dogs when all the aspects line up. The box draw, the right field, can it run the time to win the race, where will it land early on and will it need luck or will it make its own. These are just a few guidelines I stick to when backing a runner.

If your serious about making some extra cash off the dogs, then I suggest you first start by improving your selection skills.

It doesn’t matter if all your winners are $1.30 pops, what matters is that you are able to find these runners on your own, rather then using someone else’s selections. Sure your selections may be the same as all out there at times and this can be sometimes reassuring; but as you develop your skills, your selections may not line up with some form guides and may not be given a “look-in” in some form guides. Do not let this change or alter your selection.

Secondly its most important to find yourself a reliable speed map. The majority of greyhound races are won at box rise and I can’t stress enough, that you use a speed map. There’s a few out there and I suggest trying a few out before you settle on the best one for you. Its always important to gather as much information on runners as possible and I always compare my own first sectional thoughts against my trusty speed map.

Thirdly you must remember win races, everyone will tell you that. It’s just silly how a quality dog can be $1.50 out of his perfect box, but you move him into a box he may struggle from, and the odds only barely increase to say $1.70. Its total madness, and its very important to back runners out of there desired box.

There’s many forms of , Win/Place, and Multiples. Its bloody hard to win consistently when taking trifectas or first fours, but the lure of a small outlay for a big return is sometimes to hard to resist. But believe me its near impossible to win consistently taking multiples, so I suggest sticking to betting for a win or place only. Small fish are sweet, and if you are yet to venture into the world of punting, then you already have an advantage over most punters.

Its very important to remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and being patient and waiting for that right dog to come along can be extremely difficult. Trust me I know, but if your not use to punting on the dogs and are considering giving it a go to add to your income, any profit you make is a ; and you wont be tempted to have that trifecta and spend $20 in hope your $20 investment may turn into $500. In my opinion Win and Place wagering is the only sure fire way to make consistent money.

Most of all its important to select and use a staking plan that will suit your starting bank and the desired method of punting. A quick google search will show up with many different plans and I suggest reading through each one to decide which one will work best for you. A well thought out staking plan can make the difference between winning $500 and winning $2000.

Now of course this is just a quick overview of how I make money backing dogs, and no doubt there’s many other methods out there that people use. Do your daily form, watch the replays select your runners and stick to that.

Don’t bet on impulse, and most of all don’t let the adrenalin and rush get the better of you.

Now I can only hope only a few of you strive to improve your greyhound punting ability.

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6 years ago

Great article Warren. I am just starting my greyhound research so I appreciate your advice. I will keep going with my research.

6 years ago

Great article Warren. I am just starting my greyhound research so I appreciate your advice. I will keep going with my research.