2015 Group 1 Hume Cup free tips and best bookmaker odds

GROUP racing action heads to The Meadows tonight for the Club’s traditional Melbourne Cup eve meeting, highlighted by the Group 1 Hume Cup over the 600 metre trip.

The Mark Delbridge- trained Zipping Eastwood currently holds favouritism at $3.75 with Bet365 following on from his dominant 34.34 heat victory last weekend. The son of and Pink Bandanna appears well boxed in the eight and should take a power of beating in the $75,000-to-the-winner event.

Also in contention is the ultra-consistent Secret Spell for the in-form Kelly Bravo camp. The black bitch projects to be the early leader from box two and the $4.50 on offer with Sportsbet is a nice price.

Also being run tonight is the Group 3 Silver Bullet over the 525 metre trip, with Shared Equity and Dalgetty set to restage their Geelong Cup clash when they exit boxes one and eight respectively. Jason Thompson’s Dagletty holds slight favouritism over Shared Equity, with $3.20 with Sportsbet the around for the son of Stagger and Rockin’ Along.

Lets check out the form of the runners engaged in both finals, with comments and tips from Australian Racing Greyhound‘s expert tipster, Brad Bugeja.

Group 3 Silver Bullet – 525 metres (8:48pm)

Box One – Shared Equity
Black Bitch – 28.9kg – February 2013
Brett Lee x West On Bluebird
Prize money: $111,275
Trainer: Angela Langton
Career: 40: 20-3-2
T/D: 4: 2-0-0
T/D Best: 29.83

“Shared Equity is an explosive talent when on song and she showed her true colours with a dazzling 29.20 win on Thursday and from the red draw she should get every chance to lead from go to whoa. She is taking on Dalgetty again who had her measure in the Geelong Cup but this time around she is better drawn and I would expect her to be in front of him at the first bend. From box one, I can’t see her missing a top two finish.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $3.50 with Bet365

Box Two – Margins
Black Dog – 37.9kg – February 2013
x Gogo Sutro
Prize money: $120,285
Trainer: Brooke Ennis
Career: 36: 13-7-4
T/D: 8: 3-2-1
T/D Best: 30.08

“Ideally drawn and he is all class, last time out he was never out of trouble when placed at Ballarat and he is better suited to this distance range. Tonight he has an explosive beginner drawn underneath and two wide runners drawn on his outside, so if he can step cleanly he should get a dream run through at the first bend and if he is within three of the leader off the back, he will prove very hard to hold out. If you can snag even money or better for the place, I suggest that you get on.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $4.20 with Sportsbet

Box Three – Texas Titan
Black Dog – 33.9kg – July 2012
Vapour Whirl x Foot Luce
Prize money: $103,400
Trainer: Jeff Britton
Career: 54: 16-7-15
T/D: 3: 2-1-0
T/D Best: 30.02

“Has a solid record here and he is a very powerful chaser, however he tends to go better at Sandown and he is likely to give away too big of a head start in this event. He does have a wide runner drawn on his outside, so that is a small advantage for him and if the outside division have trouble getting across, he definitely becomes a strong place prospect.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $18 with Sportsbet

Box Four –
Brindle and White Dog – 31.1kg – December 2013
x She Ain’t Late
Prize money: $73,100
Trainer: Kelly Bravo
Career: 13: 6-0-3
T/D: 2: 2-0-0
T/D Best: 29.83

“Has scored two super wins here in recent weeks and his latest victory was the Great Chase Final in a 29.83. If he can reproduce that type of effort, he should be in the mix for most of the journey, however he appears very awkwardly drawn in this event and his first section of 5.10 would see him in the middle of the pack as they approach the first bend. Can win if he pings but I think he will struggle with the big class rise tonight.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $11 with Bet365

Box Five –
Brindle Bitch – 27.9kg – July 2012
High Earner x Maple Bale
Prize money: $362,065
Career: 74: 21-15-13
T/D: 15: 4-3-2
T/D Best: 29.78

“Former star who appears to be way off her best and has really looked flat in her past two runs. The middle pin doesn’t help and with two wide runners underneath she is likely to find bother in the early stages. Not going well enough and really needs a rest.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $13 with William Hill

Box Six – Gaucho
Black Dog – 34.6kg – March 2013
El Grand Senor x Oh Em Gee
Prize money: $59,095
Trainer: Brooke Ennis
Career: 35: 14-4-3
T/D: 5: 3-0-0
T/D Best: 29.95

“Capable of running the hands off the clock when given clear galloping room and deserves his spot in the event, however from the six draw he is likely to experience a lot of crowding in the initial stages and he is going to need too many things to go his way.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $20 with William Hill

Box Seven – Waymore’s Blues
Black Dog – 32.6kg – January 2012
Collide x Casey’s Angel
Prize money: $147,055
Trainer: Kelly Bravo
Career: 84: 21-19-12
T/D: 14: 4-3-2
T/D Best: 30.18

“Strong chaser and he has a great record over this distance and at this venue over multiple distances. Last time out he speared the lids and held off the exciting Spring Trail when scoring at Ballarat in 31.14. This is clearly a lot tougher and he is going to have trouble getting across in the early stages. Can run a place but I can’t see him getting the cash.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $15 with William Hill

Box Eight – Dalgetty
Black Dog – 32.1kg – April 2013
Stagger x Rockin’ Along
Prize money: $69,910
Trainer: Jason Thompson
Career: 15: 10-2-0
T/D: 1: 1-0-0
T/D Best: 29.81

“Superstar in the making and he notched up his first feature race by capturing the Geelong Cup last time out. He isn’t great at box rise but he does have an explosive turn of foot once he hits the ground. The big concern with him is that it can be a little hard to get across from the pink at the Meadows and I can’t see him crossing Shared Equity in the run to the first turn. Shared Equity showed her strength with a blistering Sandown win on Thursday and I think if she leads, Dalgetty won’t be able to reel her in.”

Odds to win the Silver Bullet: $3.20 with Sportsbet

Top Four: 1 – 2 – 8 – 3

Suggested Bets:

Place bet on Margins

Trifecta: 1/2,3,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/2,3,8/2,3,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,2/1,2/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,2/1,2/3,8 ($4 for 100%)

Boxed Quinella: 1,2,3 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,2/1,2,3,8 ($6 for 100%)

Group 1 Hume Cup – 600 metres (9:40pm)

Box One – Beau Mambo
Black Dog – 33.2kg – February 2013
Mogambo x Honey Bird
Prize money: $37,970
Trainer: Michael Chilcott
Career: 53: 10-8-9
T/D: 5: 2-0-0
T/D Best: 34.64

“Surprised everyone last week when he led from go to whoa and paid well over $30 for the win. From the red draw he should get every chance to lead again but this race has a lot more depth and I would expect them to reel him in a lot quicker. Great effort to score in his heat but this does appear to be well beyond him.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $26 with William Hill

Box Two – Secret Spell
Black Bitch – 29.0kg – January 2013
Bartrim Bale x Wicked Witch
Prize money: $157,535
Trainer: Kelly Bravo
Career: 36: 19-2-2
T/D: 4: 3-0-0
T/D Best: 34.44

“Loves racing around this circuit and she bounced back to her best with a solid 34.76 heat win last week. She pounced on the early lead in her heat and she set up a nice lead mid race but she did get quite tired in the run home and her overall time of 34.76 probably isn’t good enough to score, however her kennel is absolutely on fire and I’m sure she will find a few lengths from last week. The last 50m is the big concern for me but she should lead quite easily and I expect her to give a great sight.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $4.50 with Bet365

Box Three – Weston East
Black Dog – 32.9kg – February 2013
Oaks Road x Hot Spur
Prize money: $117,540
Trainer: Angela Langton
Career: 43: 13-11-3
T/D: 3: 1-2-0
T/D Best: 34.64

“Can be costly at times but he appears perfectly placed in box three and he was far from disgraced when placed in his heat last week. From the three draw he should be able to drop in behind the one and two in the early stages and if he settles in the top four as they go past the post the first time, he will prove very hard to hold out. This race features quite a few chasers who are suspect in the run home and that should work in his , he is my clear top pick and he should be a good price.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $6.00 with William Hill

Box Four – Ernest Bale
Black Dog – 35.3kg – August 2013
Turanza Bale x Cara Bale
Prize money: $45,955
Trainer: Steve Collins
Career: 31: 11-9-4
T/D: 1: 1-0-0
T/D Best: 34.52

“He has been racing in devastating style in recent weeks and he was able to use his rails draw to advantage when scoring a solid 34.52 heat win. His heat win was quite impressive but I thought he was a tad disappointing in the final stages as he did fold up in the last 40m. Obviously he will improve on that run but from the middle pin tonight, I am expecting him to settle in around third or fourth and he will have to work too hard mid race to get into contention. He can clearly win if he pings and leads but I can’t see that happening.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $13 with William Hill

Box Five – Xtreme Knocka
White and Blue Brindle Dog – 33.8kg – September 2012
Knocka Norris x Misty Fields
Prize money: $154,400
Trainer: Jason Thompson
Career: 75: 27-18-7
T/D: 7: 3-2-1
T/D Best: 34.42

“Class act and has a great record over this track and trip and he really hit the line well when scoring a top 34.42 heat win. Once again he hasn’t faired too well by the box draw and he is going to need some luck in the initial stages. Can clearly win if he gets away and settles in the top three but from this draw he is likely to be under the odds and place claims probably look best.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $5 with Bet365

Box Six – Kilkee Flex
Brindle Bitch – 28.0kg – February 2013
Kinloch Brae x Mamie Bale
Prize money: $39,995
Trainer: Peter Dapiran
Career: 38: 11-7-5
T/D: 5: 3-0-1
T/D Best: 34.36

“Has won three on the trot in impressive style and she was airborne in the run to the first marker last week and if she reproduces that type of effort she will take some stopping. She is going to be well fancied in this event but the draw does concern me a little and I don’t think she will be able to reproduce her eye popping 8.85 first section from last week. There is quite a bit of speed drawn around her, so I’m happy to take her on in this event.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $7.50 with Sportsbet

Box Seven – Come On Fantasy
Black Bitch – 29.0kg – November 2012
Premier Fantasy x Come On Luann
Prize money: $81,175
Trainer: Joe Borg
Career: 45: 9-11-9
T/D: 7: 1-2-0
T/D Best: 34.75

“Her record from wide draws isn’t great but she does like to race mid track and with the speed drawn underneath she should get a nice cart into the race. She showed smart early speed when placed in her heat last week and it took a powerful chaser to reel her in, if she can fire out and cross again she will be running very impressive sectionals and she could cause a boil over.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $13 with Sportsbet

Box Eight – Zipping Eastwood
Black Dog – 32.0kg – February 2013
Mandagery man x Pink Bandanna
Prize money: $65,430
Trainer: Mark Delbridge
Career: 45: 14-10-6
T/D: 5: 3-1-0
T/D Best: 34.34

“Continues to race well and he has probably faired best by the box draw having been placed in seven of his eight tries from this pin. Last week he speared the lids and was always in control when scoring in an impressive 34.34, there is a little more speed in tonight’s event but if he does step cleanly he should work into the race nicely and he will take some stopping. He has a great record here and he is ultra consistent, I expect a forward showing from him.”

Odds to win the Hume Cup: $3.75 with Bet365

Top Four: 3 – 8 – 7 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Quinella: 3 to rove with 2,5,7,8 ($4 for 100%)

Win bets on Weston East and Zipping Eastwood

Exacta: 3,8/2,3,5,7,8 ($8 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3,8/2,3,5,7,8/2,3,5,7,8 ($24 for 100%)

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