Albion Park Greyhound Tips & Betting Preview December 11 2014

With ten great races at Albion Park tonight, lets get straight into the tips.

Best Bet:
Race 1: Georgina

Best Roughie:
Race 5: Chariot’s Offiah

Leg 1: 3,4,5,6,8 – Leg 2: 7,8 – Leg 3: 2,3,5,6,8 – Leg 4: 1,2,7
$150 for 100%

Race No. 1Sky Racing6:40 PM
NOV event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1GEORGINA212230.36Christina Harman
2GET INVOLVED125330.41Pamela Field
4BILLY ROSE HI334330.59Trevor Thompson
5GIGGLING TOMMY412330.37Glenda Dart
6KIHAEL PRINCESS463131.14Jamie Ogden
7ELUSIVE DESIRE316330.58Colin Graham
8DON’T DOUBT ME765730.71George Hagicostas
9OXLEY RUBEY1NBTPeter Ruetschi
10BOGART BLEND211731.43Kerry Myers

Georgina is a highly promising speedster and from the red she should get every chance to return to the winners list. Two starts back she turned in a monster performance when placed here, she was slow to begin and then got shuffled back, however she was still able to hit the line and she was beaten by less than a length. From the red she should have sufficient speed to lead and she is very fast on the bunny.

Elusive Desire has lots of ability which is evident by his 24.14 Lismore win three runs back. He hasn’t had much luck in his two subsequent runs but he has slow beginner either side tonight so he should get every chance to feature.

Get Involved is armed with good early speed and he has led for most of the journey in his three tries here, he should settle on the speed again he is a must for your exotics.

Giggling Tommy rounds out the chances, he should be near the speed early and he will continue to get stronger with more racing.

Top Four: 1 – 7 – 5 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Georgina with Sportingbet

Exacta: 1,7/1,2,5,7 ($6 for 100%)

Boxed Quinella: 1,2,5,7 ($6 for $1)

Trifecta: 1/2,5,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 2Big Dog Racing Supplements7:04 PM
4 event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1TEE BRADY84X330.06Tom Tzouvelis
2HOPE’S FANTASY314230.08William Elson
3ABBY’S FANTASY152230.10William Elson
4SONNET’S SPECIAL731630.08Mathew Reid
5VINNY KREUGER317730.28James Gallaway
6JOHNATHAN’S HOPE331130.08John Pollock
7PIKELET213129.88Ron Ball
8522329.97Shane Ellis
9HAWKO’S MISTAKE662529.94John Edwards
10FABIO767230.23Tom Tzouvelis

Hope’s Fantasy has been racing in very consistent style and I think she has the speed to lead from go to whoa tonight. Last week she set a cracking pace and was only beaten by two lengths in very fast time. Tonight she meets a very similar field and if she can push through at the first turn she will give a great sight.

Sonnet’s Special has plenty of gears and if he can avoid early bother he should be right in the mix, he has been missing the kick of late but with the high speed drawn underneath he should get a fairly clear passage even if he misses away.

Pikelet used the red draw to advantage when scoring here last week in 29.95 and although she is drawn on the other side tonight she still must be respected.

Velocity Zoe rounds out the winning hopes, she has been very unlucky since resuming from a spell but from the pink tonight she should get a clear passage early and she can then show her best.

Top Four: 2 – 4 – 7 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Hope’s Fantasy with Sportingbet

Boxed Quinella: 2,4,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 2,4,7/2,4,7,8 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2/4,7,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 3Brisgreys Xmas Stocking 5th Grad…7:22 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1AZA BUZZ544130.17Alex Green
2BYONIC AVENGER2252NBTGrant Fennelly
3ELUSIVE STRIKE537130.16Colin Graham
4HARA’S DERECK261330.27Kerry Myers
5GUNNADOO APACHE231430.22Glenda Dart
6KLONDIKE RUSH686430.30Gavin Linnan
7MR. BRAND313630.67Darren Titmarsh
8KILLARA112230.33Robin Palmer
9SHILLELAGH LANE663530.25Raymond Knudsen
10BLACK PARADOX214830.95Jeanette Cauchi

Aza Buzz returned to the winners list here last week and from the red he should be able to go back to back. Last week he flew through the first mark in a sizzling 5.59 and if he can reproduce that effort there is no chance they can cross him. He is generally pretty strong in the run home so if he holds them out he should get it done.

Hara’s Dereck is very consistent and he has the ability to lead or come from off the speed. He is going to need a few favours in the first 50m but if he gets room to muster he should be thereabouts.

Killara was far from disgraced when placed here last time and she has raced well from this draw previously, she is likely to settle mid field but she will be steaming home at the business end.

Gunnadoo Apache is probably the only other hope, he has raced very well here to date and he will show great mid race pace.

Top Four: 1 – 4 – 8 – 5

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Aza Buzz with Sportingbet

Boxed Quinella: 1,4,5,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/4,5,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,4,5/8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,4,5/Field/8 ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 4Brisgreys Xmas Stocking 5th Grad…7:44 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1ATOM SMASHER2667NBTNikki Peters
2MISTER TO US237229.99Terrence Auckram
3THAT ONE532630.97Peter Cauchi
4MACIE’S DINGO644130.28Tom Tzouvelis
5STELLA NIGHTS233129.89Glenda Dart
6ASTOUND YA122830.09Gloria Falla
7WAIKARIE MAGIC133130.04Brian Baker
8KOORINGA PETE151130.41Glen Northfield
10BUCK CITY636430.32

Mister to Us is a star stayer in the making and he finds himself in a race which features a number of runners who struggle in the run home. With this being the case, if he can avoid early bother and settle just outside the top four, he should be able to make a strong move mid race and then pick them off in the home straight.

Stella Nights went to another level here on Monday night, she pinged the lids and was never headed in her sizzling 29.89 win. If she reproduces that effort she clearly wins, however I’m not convinced that she will come out like that again so she will need some luck early.

Waikarie Magic showed a dazzling turn of foot to take control early in her 30.09 win here last time and with some room in the first 50m she should be in the finish again.

Astound Ya is the interesting runner, he can ping away and he has run some serious time in his wins to date.

Top Four: 2 – 5 – 7 – 6

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Mister To Us with Sportingbet

Trifecta: 2/5,6,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5,6,7/2/Field ($18 for 100%)

Quinella: 2 to rove with 5,6,7 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 2,5,7/2,5,6,7 ($9 for 100%)

Race No. 5Big Dog Challenge Bne 600 H8:08 PM
OPEN event over 600 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1GRIN AND WIN323835.24
2SET HER AGAIN711734.68Bruce Linnan
4HOUGENIE136334.88Peter Ruetschi
5FLICK PASS225634.99Ron Ball
6REGAL LAURYN253134.86Tony Brett
7TIME IS MONEY1511NBTSteven Scott
8DZEKO611434.91Glenda Dart
9OKAY YETTA658735.54

Hougenie was a tad unlucky here last week and she should be much better for the run considering it was her first 600m race for a while. With a slow beginner on her outside she should be able to get a clear run early and if given enough room she should be able to muster to the early lead. She is a much better chaser on the bunny and she is likely to give them something to catch.

Regal Lauryn is well placed out wide and she was super impressive in her 34.86 win here last week. She can bomb the start at times but if she lobs on the top four she is likely to figure in the finish.

Chariot’s Offiah is much better than his form reads and he should be suited to this journey, he should settle in the top two and I think he should be able to hold on to a top three spot.

Dzeko is the up and comer in the event, she has scored some sizzling wins here of late and if she can avoid early bother she should make an impact.

Top Four: 4 – 6 – 3 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Hougenie with Sportingbet

Boxed Quinella: 3,4,6,8 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 4,6/3,4,6,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4/3,6,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 6Big Dog Challenge Bne 600 H8:28 PM
OPEN event over 600 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1TUAVASA SHEK214235.21Darryl Chapman
2KIDATEE CROC542735.09Darren Russell
3GIVE ME CLASS1445NBTDeborah Arnold
5SHERIDON5746NBTRobin Palmer
6GOLFING AMY515634.94John Pollock
7MULLAWAY118734.62Joanne Price
8GOOD CALL PAUL132234.83
9OKAY YETTA658735.54Reg Hazelgrove

Mullaway is a super talent and he has won four of five over this journey and his PB of 34.62 is off the charts. I would prefer him from an inside draw but he has the speedy Golfing Amy drawn underneath and she should give him a nice cart across in the early stages.

Good Call Paul is the obvious danger and he is going to be very well fancied. He was a brilliant 34.83 winner here in October and he should be able to follow the favourite across early and then settle in a prominent position, he will have his work cut out reeling in the favourite but it probably isn’t beyond him.

Golfing Amy has the speed to lead and she also has a top record here, she is resuming after five weeks off so she may get a little tired in the run home.

Top Four: 7 – 8 – 6 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Mullaway with Sportingbet

Exacta: 7,8/1,6,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 7 to rove with 1,6,8 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 7/1,6,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 7Brisgreys Xmas Stocking 5th Grad…8:52 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1MADE THAT WAY824530.46Darren Titmarsh
2CYNDIE’S MAGIC117131.39William Elson
3MISS JACKPOT4111NBTRobert Cooke
4GEARS OF WAR671430.59Steve Lennon
5KINGSBRAE LAVINA222130.11Glenda Dart
6TEAR AWAY SIZE742129.86Reg Kay
7MISS KAMIKAZE552130.10Adam Hines
8GRIM CREEPER424429.86Thomas Noble
9BLUE DEN543730.19
10MOONLIGHT TYCOON583430.65Jeanette Cauchi

Tear Away Size is a tremendous talent and after a month off she should be primed for a bold showing. With a speedy beginner drawn underneath, she should get a fairly clear passage early and if she can settle in the top three she should prove too strong in the run home. She is likely to start short odds so it may be best to rove her in your exotics.

Grim Creeper is much better than his recent form reads and he gets his chance to return to his best from the good draw. He has a sizzling 29.86 PB here and if he can regain some of that form he will run a big race at nice odds.

Kingsbrae Lavina is an improving type and she caught the eye when winning here in 30.11 last time, if she can lead again she should give them something to catch.

Top Four: 6 – 8 – 5 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Tear Away Size with Sportingbet

Exacta: 6/2,5,8 ($3 for 100%)

Quinella: 6 to rove with 2,5,8 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 6/2,5,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 8Tattsbet.com9:12 PM
BT8 event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $9,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $6,650 2nd: $1,900 3rd: $950.


1FUSAICHI KAHN311229.88Glenda Dart
2YOGI BLUE373329.89Peter O’reilly
3YOU CAN TALK221729.94Peter Ruetschi
4BILL’S FANTASY113129.93William Elson
5LE SIRENUSE211630.06Tom Tzouvelis
6GUNSPEED113430.01Shane Ellis
7CYNDIE’S SPECIAL662429.86William Elson
8FARMER’S GOLDX22229.98Darren Russell
9DREAM RIVER561229.86Troy Okamura

Yogi Blue has a great record here and she should be nice value in this event, she has been racing in consistent form of late and she was far from disgraced when placed behind Bill’s Fantasy here last week. She has the speed to hold them out if she steps cleanly and I’m pretty keen on this one tonight.

Fusaichi Kahn turned in a top effort when placed behind gun chaser here last week and he is drawn to figure prominently again, he will need to step cleanly but he should get plenty of room from Yogi Blue in the early stages.

Cyndie’s Special is another with a top record here and she should settle on the speed, she has raced well from wide draws in the past and she could be good value again.

Bill’s Fantasy is in career best form and he will be well fancied, I’m not sold on him tonight as there is a heap of speed drawn all around him.

Top Four: 2 – 1 – 7 – 4

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Yogi Blue and Cyndie’s Special with Sportingbet

Boxed Quinella: 1,2,4,7 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2/1,4,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,2,7/1,2,4,7 ($9 for 100%)

Race No. 9Brisgreys Xmas Stocking 5th Grad…9:31 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1BIG YELLOW TAXI221430.41Peter Roy
2SPANISH QUEEN1271NBTFrank Hancock
3SUDOKU REBEL141330.11James Gallaway
4PAY SHEET243430.15Ron Ball
5WITH A GEE721130.26Sylvia Hawkings
6THREADS222530.43Bruce Linnan
7MARLISA111230.28Christina Harman
8LINE UP BUOYS851130.02Bradley Woods
9JESS NIRO5515NBTWarren Nicholls
10DAYSEAS RIGG748530.28

Sudoku Rebel is armed with blistering early speed and he should give a great sight tonight. Last week he missed the kick but he still managed to work his way into the placings, tonight I’m expecting him to ping away and if he finds the bunny early I can’t see him being reeled in.

Marlisa is another with early speed and she should give a sight if she can cross in the first 50m, she is still a little inexperienced but she is capable of matching it with these.

Line Up Buoys is aiming for a hat trick of wins and he should be in the mix again, he will need to ping away but he has the form on the board and he must be respected.

Top Four: 3 – 7 – 8 – 6

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Sudoku Rebel with Sportingbet

Boxed Quinella: 3,6,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 3,7/3,6,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3/6,7,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 10Brisgreys Xmas Stocking 5th Grad…9:50 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Albion park Of $7,500 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,250 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1DON’T GO QUIETLY215230.37Pamela Field
2RENATUS175130.12Ron Ball
3CLASSY BLONDE683130.17Jamie Ogden
4TAYTO4126NBTPeter Cauchi
5HARD LUCK34X130.14Selena Zammit
6BIRTHDAY BASH8123NBTChristine Bourke
7CRIMSON TIDE785730.49Sidney Goodwin
8SKUZI213530.17Tony Apap
9BIG DAC664330.22Colin Hamilton
10YADA YADA YADA241531.01Mark Saal

Skuzi looks well placed in the pink and he should appreciate the drop in class from his most recent racing. There isn’t much speed underneath him so he should get a clear run early and therefore he will have every chance to cross.

Hard Luck turned in a strong and eye catching performance to score here last week in 30.14 and if given an ounce of luck tonight he will figure prominently again, he can bomb the start but he musters pace at a great rate and he will continue to get better with more racing.

Renatus finally broke through here last week and he should maintain that type of form here, he is well drawn nearer the inside and he normally shows good box manners.

Top Four: 8 – 5 – 2 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Skuzi with Sportingbet

Exacta: 2,5,8/1,2,5,8 ($9 for 100%)

Quinella: 8 to rove with 1,2,5 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 8/1,2,5/Field ($18 for 100%)

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