Gawler greyhound tips 10/5/2024: Unleash the winning potential

Today's Gawler greyhound racing meeting in the state of South Australia is set to deliver an action-packed day of thrilling races.

Starting with the race at 3:36 PM AEST, the event will showcase a total of 10 races.

The main attraction of the event is undoubtedly the Tab Stake Pr1 Division 1 race running as Race 6. Running over a distance of 643 metres this race features a prize pool of $2,555, with the victorious greyhound taking $1,790.

Use our greyhound tips to assist you in choosing your winners and improving your odds of victory.

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Today's Gawler Greyhound Tips Friday May 10 2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 15:36 400m Nixon's Function Centre Stake Pr1 Division1 6th Grade Zinfandel Macy (1) $1,515 $1,065
2 15:58 400m Gawler Dry Cleaners Stake Pr1 Division2 6th Grade Saint Elfonzo (1) Neil Mann $1,515 $1,065
3 16:16 400m Greyhounds As Pets Free for All Pr1 Division1 Free For All My Mum's Value (1) $2,095 $1,465
4 16:37 531m The Bunyip Stake Pr1 Division1 6th Grade Alpha Bloke (6) Don Turner $1,740 $1,215
5 16:54 531m Stake Pr1 Division2 6th Grade Shining On Fire (2) Steven Brook $1,740 $1,215
6 17:17 643m Tab Stake Pr1 Division1 5th Grade (1) $2,555 $1,790
7 17:39 531m Nixon's Function Centre (n/p) Mixed Stake Pr1 Divi SE Fantastic Tommy (6) Karen Wittholz $1,980 $1,380
8 17:54 400m Gawler Dry Cleaners (queens) Stake Pr1 Division1 5th Grade Sweet Sensation (1) Tony Nobes $1,610 $1,130
9 18:11 400m Greyhounds As Pets Stake Pr1 Division3 6th Grade Point For Point (4) Lester Harris $1,515 $1,065
10 18:35 400m The Bunyip Stake Pr1 Division4 6th Grade Westies Pride (1) $1,515 $1,065

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