Gawler greyhound tips & best bets Sunday May 26 2024

Tonight's upcoming greyhound racing meeting in South Australia on Sunday, May 26, 2024, will present a night of thrilling canine races.

With a total of 12 races scheduled, the action kicks off at 5:50 PM AEST, and concludes at 9:27 PM AEST.

The main attraction of the event is the Bunyip Grade 5 Series Final race in Race 9, offering a prize pool of $2,095, with $1,465 for the winner.

Discover expert tips for the Gawler greyhounds to enhance your race day experience.

Our team of analysts has meticulously reviewed each greyhound's form and recent performances, to provide you with insights for making well informed betting choices.

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Gawler Greyhound Tips 26/5/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 17:50 400m Northern Vermin Services Maiden Stake Pr1 Division Maiden Chicken Knight (2) Ben Rawlings $1,420 $1,000
2 18:11 531m The Bunyip (n/p) Special Event Series H Pr1 Divisi 5th/6th Grade Machismo (7) Richard Pearce $1,860 $1,305
3 18:36 531m (n/p) Special Event Series H Pr 5th/6th Grade Bedrock Will (1) $1,860 $1,305
4 18:52 531m Gawler Dry Cleaners (n/p) Special Event Series H P 5th/6th Grade Riot (4) Ben Rawlings $1,860 $1,305
5 19:12 400m Nixon's Function Centre Stake Pr1 Division1 5th Grade Sweet Treasure (7) $1,610 $1,130
6 19:30 400m Mixed Stake Pr1 Division1 4th/5th Grade Long Gully Shack (3) Paula Hearnden $1,720 $1,210
7 19:54 400m Tab Stake Pr1 Division1 6th Grade Long Gully Ted (1) Paula Hearnden $1,515 $1,065
8 20:12 400m Northern Vermin Services Mixed Stake Pr1 Division1 3rd/4th Grade (6) Michael Stewart $2,095 $1,465
9 20:27 400m The Bunyip (n/p) Grade 5 Series F Pr1 Division1 Invitation My Mum's Value (2) $2,095 $1,465
10 20:42 400m Greyhounds As Pets Stake Pr1 Division2 6th Grade (4) Harry Trengove $1,515 $1,065
11 21:06 400m Gawler Dry Cleaners Stake Pr1 Division2 5th Grade Call Me Jacques (1) Bosko Stamenkovic $1,610 $1,130
12 21:27 643m Nixon's Function Centre Mixed Stake Pr1 Division1 Other Crypto Monelli (1) Clint Trengove $2,555 $1,790


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