Greyhound Racing Tips For Friday 28th August 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound’s Greyhound Racing Tips for Friday 28th August 2009 with Tips tonight from Geelong (Victoria), (New South Wales) and selected races from Mandurah (West Australia).

Hopefully we’ll see some good Greyhound Racing action tonight with Greyhound Racing coming from Geelong (Victoria), Richmond (New South Wales) and selected races from Mandurah (West Australia), lets just recap betting advice for those tracks.

Geelong is considered to be a safe punting track especially over the 457m distance. The 347m starts are usually plagued by interference and terrible betting races, box 1 is an advantage and box 3 has a good record of this trip. The few 600m races run can produce good results but the short run to 1st corner has caused more than one betting plunge to go astray and does give an advantage to the box 1 runner. Over the 457m boxes 1 and 8 both share favouritism with the next most preferred draw box 7.

Richmond has always been a hot bed of greyhound betting activity, both good and bad; and it has always paid to follow educated money in most races at Richmond. The track has undergone some changes in recent years but the 535m races are genrally safe betting events as most dogs will get their chance in the run. Richmond races over the 313m and 400m distances and these should be avoided as betting options. If you must bet, boxes 1 and 2 over the 313m and box 1 over the 400m journey are massive advantages. The inside 3 boxes are only slightly favoured in the 535m races and again the inside 3 boxes are slightly favoured over the longer 717m distance. Over the 618 box 1 can be an advantage with box 2 next best.

Mandurah can be a punters graveyard, the 492m distance, 647m distance and the 302m distances are corner starts and even the 405m start is only a short run before the corner. Good beginners are decidedly advantaged as are the red boxes over all 3 shorter distances. In the 302m races box 1 is a huge advantage and the same box features as prominently over the 405m, although the inside 4 boxes all perform well. Over the 492 distance box 1 is again a big advantage as is box 2. Over the 647m there is a very slight preference to the squeeze boxes, 3,4,5 and 6 but it is marginal.

Geelong Greyhounds – Race 1 – Box 7 – Count Black

The trained Count Black has won 3 of 5 starts so far here and at . Has already scored a fast 25.46 win at Ballarat and has won here in 25.72. Has won from inside and outside draws, so box 7 shouldn’t be an issue. Is going to start surprisingly big odds tonight and Borg is more than handy with a greyhound.

Geelong Greyhounds – Race 3 – Box 8 – Mighty Mojo

Don’t underestimate the trained Mighty Mojo here. He hails from the pre-potent “Mint” lines and has started here at Geelong twice for 2 wins. Best is only 25.91 which is only average but 2 starts ago ran 19.73 over the shorts here and that shopuld see him lead. Is yet to win form box 8, but has won 4 of 10 starts with 3 placings and shouldn’t be underestimated, but don’t want to be on at silly odds, so hopefully Betezy won’t be laying off on this Vassallo trained runner.

Geelong Greyhounds – Race 6 – Box 8 – Amity Bale

In this scratching depleted race it should be Amity Bale first, daylight, the length of the straight, and about $5 in a taxi ride; second. Amity Bale does have a nasty habit of looking for rails runs and not leaving the fence to go around a greyhound, but she is an absolute class above these. Beware, is next best and will run second and if Amity Bale does not get the rails will be the winner. But small field suits and if the track is remotely right, ’s 40.50 track record could be under threat.

Richmond Greyhounds – Race 3 – Box 3 – Bank On Robin

Very interesting rave with Bank On Robin looking the obvious choice from box 3 after 3 wins from 4 starts here at Richmond and at . Has run 30.83 here and is undefeated, but at first draw wide on the track couldn’t manage a place. Big Hoser on the other hand has won from inside and outside draws and has run 30.86 here which will put him right in the race. However boxed outside him is Hill Top Sam who has won 2 of 3 and is obviously talented but has form that is hard to line up. Leaning to Bank On Robin but do not take anything under $2.50. Should be an interesting race though and willl provide a few greyhounds worth following once we learn a bit more about them.

Richmond Greyhounds – Race 6 – Box 8 – Queen Rose

With the scratching of Monique’s Doll, who would’ve been our selection, Queen Rose looks the obvious choice. Queen Rose has started here 4 times for 3 wins and has a PB of 30.81. Hasn’t won from box 7 but is locally trained and should handle the draw. Is very good when right and we might just get some odds about her here tonight.

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