Mt Gambier greyhound racing tips and betting predictions | 11/4

Mt Gambier greyhound tips

The upcoming greyhound racing event, in Mount Gambier, South Australia, on April 11, is set to deliver a day filled with thrilling races. The first race kicks off at 12:39 PM AEST, featuring a total of 12 races.

One of the attractions of the event is the Icon Signs (n/p) Mixed Series F Pr2 Division1 race taking place in Race 9. This 400 metre race offers a prize pool of $1,515, with the winner walking away with an impressive $1,065 reward. It's a competition for greyhounds of all grades, ensuring competition.

Don't forget to check out our complimentary greyhound tips to assist you in making well-informed choices for the greyhound racing event. Take advantage of this chance to experience a day at the races and have a shot at winning big!

Best Mt Gambier Greyhound Bookmakers

Mt Gambier Greyhound Tips – Thursday, 11/4/24

Here are today's free greyhound tips for Mt Gambier 11/4/2024:

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 12:39 305m Todd's Photographics Maiden Stake Pr2 Division1 Maiden Yadillah Scout (7) $970 $525
2 13:03 305m Gambier Vets Maiden Stake Pr2 Division2 Maiden Majestic Max (4) $970 $525
3 13:19 305m Commercial Hotel (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Louis Rose (1) Jack Trengove $1,005 $545
4 13:39 400m Klaassens Contractors Maiden Stake Pr2 Division1 Maiden Sudoku Shirley (1) Julie Green $970 $525
5 13:54 400m (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 Other Hot Cadillac (3) $1,070 $580
6 14:11 400m Cadillac Racing (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division2 Other Zambora Sam (4) Captain Abbott $1,070 $580
7 14:27 512m Greg Martlew Autos (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Magic Tom (6) Dean Fennell $1,005 $545
8 14:50 512m Trackside Pet Meats Pick 6 (n/p) Stake Pr2 Divisio Other Spartan Brave (8) Jack Trengove $1,070 $580
9 15:12 400m Icon Signs (n/p) Mixed Series F Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Just Paddy (1) Dean Fennell $1,515 $1,065
10 15:34 400m Exchange Printers (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Yadillah Chief (1) Robert Halliday $1,005 $545
11 15:52 400m Produce Store (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division2 TG1-4W Casting (1) Jack Trengove $1,005 $545
12 16:14 400m Winning Post Supplies (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division3 TG1-4W Rough Girl Mel (1) Noel Perry $1,005 $545


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Greyhound Racing Tips

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