Mt Gambier greyhound tips & best bets Sunday June 16 2024

Mt Gambier greyhound tips

The greyhound races set in the region of south-east South Australia, guarantee a day filled with thrilling greyhound races on Sunday, June 16, 2024.

The first race is set to kick off at 12:22 PM AEST, offering a lineup of 11 races that will showcase the speed and agility of these athletes.

One of the attractions of the event is the Carlin & Gazzard Open Stake Pr1 Division 1 race, scheduled as Race 4. Spanning a distance of 512 metres, this race boasts a prize pool $2,400 with the victorious greyhound claiming a $1,680 reward.

For guidance in making better greyhound betting choices, we have put together a collection of complimentary greyhound tips for the Mt Gambier dogs today.

Our team of experts has thoroughly assessed each race, considering factors like performance track records and trainer expertise.

By using our free tips, you can improve your chances of selecting winning greyhounds.

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Mt Gambier Greyhound Tips 16/6/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 12:22 400m Williams Crane Hire Maiden Stake Pr1 Division1 Maiden Laura's Brandy (1) $1,420 $1,000
2 12:37 400m Todd's Photographics Stake Pr1 Division1 4th Grade Cadillac Ragtop (5) Kerry Lucy Hawker $1,720 $1,210
3 12:56 400m Dexter O'dine Grade 6 Series F Pr1 Division1 6th Grade Laura's Scotch (2) Neville Lenehan $1,610 $1,130
4 13:11 512m Carlin & Gazzard Open Stake Pr1 Division1 OPEN Top Cadillac (2) $2,400 $1,680
5 13:29 400m Gordon Refrigeration Stake Pr1 Division1 6th Grade Loads Of Money (1) David Lewis $1,515 $1,065
6 13:53 400m Exchange Printers Stake Pr1 Division2 6th Grade Lektra Carry (5) Philip Lenehan $1,515 $1,065
7 14:14 400m Ary Bar & Bistro Open Stake Pr1 Division1 OPEN Cadillac Star (1) Kerry Lucy Hawker $2,095 $1,465
8 14:39 512m Federal Hotel Stake Pr1 Division1 5th Grade Captain Rosie (8) $1,860 $1,305
9 14:57 512m Commercial Hotel Stake Pr1 Division1 6th Grade Magic Nancy (8) Dean Fennell $1,740 $1,215
10 15:21 400m Metal Worx Stake Pr1 Division1 5th Grade Rough Girl Slim (5) Noel Perry $1,610 $1,130
11 15:38 400m Da'leni Meats Stake Pr1 Division2 5th Grade Cadillac Girl (1) Captain Abbott $1,610 $1,130

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