Townsville greyhound racing tips & betting offers Tuesday 11/6/24

Townsville racing preview

Tonight's greyhound races in the city of Townsville, Queensland, guarantee a night of fast paced dog races.

Starting at 6:54 PM AEST, the event will include 12 races, each delivering a mix of speed, skill and competition.

The main attraction of the evening are the three Heats over 498 metres, each with a prize pool of $4,600. The winners of each heat will walk away with $2,990 in prize money, and a place in next week's final.

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We've got you covered with our free greyhound betting picks offering insights and analysis to help you navigate the world of greyhound betting with confidence.

Our team of greyhound racing fans has delved into the form, recent performances and track histories of each greyhound to arm you with the best intel possible.

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Townsville Greyhound Tips 11/6/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 18:54 380m Coral Coast Seafoods 4th Grade Perfect Pacific (4) Hayley Wooler $2,800 $1,820
2 19:14 380m Nq Game Meats 4th Grade Yellow Car (1) Rhonda Essery $2,800 $1,820
3 19:38 380m Kb Seafood Company 4th Grade Hooded Robin (4) Gary Farrell $2,800 $1,820
4 20:02 498m Simlec Electrical 5th Grade Moustache Mick (3) Rhonda Essery $3,800 $2,470
5 20:22 498m Cleveland Bay Seafoods 4th/5th Grade (10) Robert Lound $4,200 $2,730
6 20:46 498m Townsville Grand Prix H OPEN Denim (1) Glen Olsen $4,600 $2,990
7 21:06 498m Townsville Grand Prix H OPEN Three Tries (2) $4,600 $2,990
8 21:26 498m Townsville Grand Prix H OPEN Haytown's Trio (2) Mark Partland $4,600 $2,990
9 21:42 380m Pug Wash Painting Best 8 (3) Robert Lound $3,200 $2,080
10 22:06 380m Burdekin Vet Services 3rd Grade Come On Darcy (8) Tony Parker $3,200 $2,080
11 22:29 380m All Rumour Kennels 5th Grade Red Car (7) Rhonda Essery $2,400 $1,560
12 22:52 380m Louise Partland Photography 5th Grade Gifted Lilly (1) Rhonda Essery $2,400 $1,560


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