Wentworth Park betting tips – 2022 Golden Easter Egg heats

Wentworth Park tips and best bets

It's Easter Egg time! Some 10 heats of the greatest greyhound race in NSW are on the cards this Saturday at Wentworth Park, and plenty of visitors from both north and south of the border will be looking to etch their names alongside some of the immortals of this industry. This might be the best card of racing on any one single night anywhere in the country, and it gives punters and connections every chance to back a winner and see their dog progress one step closer to the prized Golden Easter Egg. We wish all connections and greyhounds the best of luck and safe passage. Good luck with your investments on this stacked programme.

Race 1: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 1 Non Graded 520m

  1. Yuko Girl has a moderate beginner outside her and has only had box 1 once in her career and sizzled around here in 29.86, so she is a definite chance if she begins like she can.
  2. Where's Rocky has been average against the best in the business of late and would need to lift to win this, and he is only a moderate beginner.
  3. bounced back to his brilliant best at Dapto, but his record around here of one win from 18 starts leaves a bit to be desired.
  4. Indy Honey is a quality bitch that has been below her best recently but has raced in the best races in the industry. She is in the strong Andrea Dailly kennel and they always go well here.
  5. Do It is a genuine top grader who won a heat of the Paws of Thunder here in 29.59 before getting dragged down early as joint favourite in the final. Awkward draw, but this is the dog to beat.
  6. Fergie Pepper has been sound as a bell recently, but this isn't as much of a step up in grade as a trial by fire. She is good, but is she this good?
  7. Chase Me Honey was the fastest heat winner for the inaugural Country Classic race, has a good record here and has early pace and strength. Will be the testing material.
  8. Mitchell Street is another well-travelled greyhound who was very good in the Maitland carnival, leading in the final. Has lots of zip but will need it from box 8.

Race 2: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 2 Non Graded 520m

  1. Analysing has been superb here of late, progressing to FFA grade, but this is another step. Not sure if box 1 is the best for her, but her pace will serve her well.
  2. Zipping Pearson has been racing well around the rich Country Classic circuit but would need to be at her very best for this.
  3. Chrissie Banner hasn't produced her best lately and a last-start win at Goulburn is not exactly Easter Egg class, but she has talent and has won six races here.
  4. Aston Rupee – SCRATCHED
  5. Fabriola Ximenez has been freshened up since his miss in the Australian Cup. Also was knocked out in the heats of the Paws of Thunder and is another quality animal that could easily win this.
  6. another well-travelled superstar who won a heat of the Derby here back in January 21. Has been going best over the middle distances of late but has been freshened up with a sprint campaign to get ready for this.
  7. Dulceria is a northern visitor who came to town to try her luck in the futurity in January and was only beaten eight lengths by in a Group 1 at Albion Park. Minor chance.
  8. Irinka Riley is a quality campaigner. Not sure he will be suited out in box 8 in this class, but he does have a 29.66 P.B. here.

Race 3: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 3 Non Graded 520m

  1. Arctic Kingdom has been good at Wenty Park recently, but this is a different beast. However, he really loves box 1 and could use it to help him progress to the semi finals.
  2. Equalizer is a Victorian visitor for the strong Jason Thompson kennel who won the Brisbane Cup with a great run. Likes the fence but is not a noted quick beginner, which can be problematic at the tight Glebe circuit. Having his first race here but sure to have been well schooled.
  3. Surprise Baby will find this tougher than recent efforts, but that's what we love about the Egg. Every runner has their chance.
  4. Key Bob is another that has been racing really well but will try to step up into elite class. Has the pace to press for the lead but would need to cross these and take off.
  5. Sound of Silence has gone off the boil a little since his slashing form at the end of last year and if Frank Hurst can get him back to his best would definitely be a chance of winning this.
  6. Bandit Ned is another local hero for the Lord kennel, who has won 8/12 here and is well drawn in the middle. All class, and even though he was tried at the middle-distance classic recently, he'll be primed to progress through this series.
  7. Murray's Way is another local who has earned a shot at this company. She is hit or miss at box rise and can't be missing it in this class. She will try her heart out though.
  8. Daph's Ascend is another Dailly runner, who finished fourth in the Australian Cup recently. A boom or bust beginner that can win this at box rise, but the biggest query is that she is 0/7 from the outside two boxes.

Race 4: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 4 Non Graded 520m

  1. Good Odds Emma has been superb in 5th Grade company, doing everything right. This is elite company, but there is no reason she can't use the box to sneak through to next weekend.
  2. All Nose has been a marvel for us of late, doing everything asked of him and at good odds. We know how strong he is and how he likes the fence, so if he can sneak a run through trouble at the first turn, there is no reason he can't be involved in the finish.
  3. Aston Lavinia is another Victorian from the Jessica Sharp kennels. Her best efforts have been against her own grade, but when she gets the start right she's is blistering early. Has blown her only two starts here, so maybe she is due?
  4. Redeem Our Cash has been flying for Alan Ivers and deserves a shot in this company. She possesses good early muster and could lead this race and take some running down.
  5. has been flying since heading up to the Mackay kennel from Victoria and had a great Country Classic series, where she was only beaten by Zipping Kyrgios in the final. She is a quality chaser that will take all sorts of beating.
  6. Zara's Ivan is another from the strong Dailly kennel. He is a reliable beginner who likes to try and build pace the entire way around, which is not ideal for Wentworth Park, but he's classy enough to overcome the horrible draw.
  7. Hyperventilate for Jo-Ann Croser will be at good odds to win this, but if he can find a few lengths on the clock, he does like the outside boxes and will be a rough hope.
  8. Connections for is racing extremely well in the higher grades but now faces some seasoned professional chasers. Has a more than handy P.B. and could use the box to stay away from early trouble.

All Nose

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Each Way



*Odds correct at time of publication

Race 5: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 5 Non Graded 520m

  1. Coast Model for the Lords can ping the lids and sizzle when she is right. Ran a slashing 29.58 during the match races here and has been tried over the middle distances recently. If she leads, she is a massive hope.
  2. Wow is just a marvel for Danielle Matic. He is the hometown hero and while he isn't a fantastic beginner, he usually musters pace quickly and accelerates the whole way around. If he misses, the red wins.
  3. Indy Fido is another for Andrea Dailly that hasn't been in great form this year and will need to lift for this, but the kennel has a tremendous record in big races, so be wary.
  4. Devel Sixteen is a classy Victorian who may not be going as well as he was this time last year when he won a heat of the Egg in a slashing 29.54. Was only beaten three lengths by Wow in a heat of the Paws of Thunder, taking ground off the superstar late. Definite danger.
  5. Modern Talking for Peter Lagogiane has only had three runs back from a break, and the kennel just knows how to produce them at this time of year. Worth a risk despite the awkward ally.
  6. Georgia Keeping for Charmaine Roberts beat a quality field easily in slashing time recently at Dubbo and definitely deserves a go at this level. She knows how to use outside boxes, but the query is the 0/4 record at the track.
  7. Idolize for is the reigning futurity champion and she loves this track and this box. Unbeaten here and from this box and has been flying recently at Shepparton. Can definitely lead the outside brigade, if not the entire field.
  8. Ties That Bind has progressed through her grades nicely but will find this tougher, especially with pace underneath her. Although she loves this place (10:7-2-1) and is OK from wide draws, she has never had box 8. A good each-way hope.

Race 6: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 6 Non Graded 520m

  1. Indy Matilda is another from the Dailly kennel who has shown good speed at this track, running second to Jungle Deuce in a heat of the Paws Of Thunder. Will appreciate the inside (placed 9/10 from there) and will be looking to add to the tally this weekend.
  2. Romantic Storm is a moderate beginner, which won't help him against these, and he would need to produce his P.B. around here to be in this race.
  3. Summer Key deserves her shot at this grade, but it's a massive step up. She will need to show the pace she possesses and run out of her socks to win this.
  4. Special Blend for Ashley Dwyer isn't going as well as he was at the end of last year and is awkwardly drawn with Showdown on his outside, but he is very honest.
  5. Showdown for Jedda Cutlack is another well-travelled chaser who when he gets his starts right can absolutely fly, as was witnessed by his Ipswich run two starts back. Definite danger in this series; only knock is the 0/5 here, but they have been against the best.
  6. Louis Rumble is a northern visitor, and Stephen Kavanagh doesn't bring many to Wenty anymore. This boy is as talented as they get, winning 25/50, and hasn't been here since winning his New Sensation heat this time last year and being beaten by Jungle Deuce in the final. Big threat.
  7. On The Bus for Rodney O'Brien has been exemplary in 4th/5th Grade lately, but this is a step up. His 0/8 here is the concern, but the Easter Egg usually throws up a few fairytales. No reason it can't be this bloke.
  8. Trouble At Mill has been freshen up for this series but is another that faces a major class rise. Won a FFA off this box in decent time in January, but we'd much rather him drawn down near the fence. Rough hope.

Race 7: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 7 Non Graded 520m

  1. Aston Merit is a Victorian visitor who has been flying over the shorter distances. He has the ability to challenge the pink early and if he can do that, he can certainly progress to the semis.
  2. Our Mechanic is an up-and-coming young dog for the Mackay kennel who has worked through the grades nicely. Was not embarrassed in his first goes at non-graded company in the Maitland Gold Cup, but he meets a hot heat here. Definitely an each-way hope.
  3. Opinions is an ultra-consistent chaser for the Burtons but will definitely need to find something to worry this field.
  4. Four Five loves to drop to the fence and steam home. He is as honest as they come but will need luck to get across from the draw and then more luck to force through and run into the race. Place chance.
  5. Ritza Donna already has a Group 1 in her pocket and was good when second to the pink last start. She is another that wants to get to the fence and charge home. Gave Wow a start and a beating here a month ago, so that shows just how good she is. Horribly drawn here but will be charging if she gets a crack at them.
  6. Good Odds Cash was given a freshen before being set for the Maitland Gold Cup, which she duly won, and is the definite threat to the pink. She can begin, but does she have the early toe to hold the pink out? She will be trying hard, as she always does.
  7. Lala Ivory fell in her latest start and the Dailly's wouldn't have bought her up if they didn't think she was capable of figuring in the series. Has a tough ask with the fav drawn outside her, but never underestimate this kennel.
  8. She's A Pearl is the pre-post favourite to win the whole series. She was high-priced acquisition for the Lord kennel and has shown why in her last month or so, stringing six wins on the trot including a Temora Cup and a 29.4 run here. Has extraordinary early pace and is rightly the series favourite.

She's A Pearl

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Race 8: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 8 Non Graded 520m

  1. How Good has a big task ahead of him in this race. Has a good record from the inside but has probably never been a field this good and was well beaten by Zipping Kansas in track record time last start at Bulli.
  2. Zipping Kyrgios is the gun dog of the moment and probably the strongest sprinting dog in the country. Won the inaugural Country Classic last week and will be the dog to beat in this race.
  3. Came And Went is a South Australian visitor for Troy Murray and Tezza Hill. He's been in outstanding form in S.A. stringing six in a row and deserves a shot at this. They have all been in 4/5th Grade company, but he's been showing blistering pace. Might be the leader and give ‘King Kyrgios' something to catch.
  4. is one of the fan favourites and was good in the heats of the Country Classic before putting in a couple of shockers. He is better than those, while he has never missed a place here and has never been beaten off box 4 in his career. At his best, he can challenge for a place.
  5. Gypsy Bun is the next of the Dailly dogs and she is a very talented chaser who is approaching start 100. Not as well drawn away from the fence but another who has been racing the best in the business, with a third in the Australian Cup to her credit.
  6. is another that has a massive job ahead of him if he wants to progress. Would need a personal best and then some against these but might sneak a place.
  7. Wicked Flash won his Paws of Thunder heat here with conviction and was then a touch unlucky in the final. Not the best of beginners and box 7 will do him no favours, but he's as honest as the day is long.
  8. Zipping Tesla won the Silver Chief, which is no mean feat, and then blew the start in the Australian Cup final. Has been freshened up since and it would not surprise to see him figure in the finish, although we'd rather him drawn in a fraction.

Race 9: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 9 Non Graded 520m

  1. Rockstar Newbold for Shaun Evans has the job ahead of him. He's a consistent lower grade dog, but this is the Easter Egg and there are no easy heats.
  2. Americano Miss is an underrated chaser form the Dailly kennel who has a nice record of four wins and two seconds from her last seven including some great runs on the provincials. This is a new test, but it'd be no surprise to see her pass it.
  3. Boston Garden from the strong Britton kennel won a heat of the Derby back in January. Has been contesting the best races around but can be a moderate beginner, and he can't afford to be slow early with the blue outside him. Can certainly figure in the placings.
  4. Lala Kiwi is the current Australian Cup champion who then tried to get the Perth Cup as well and brings superb form into this series for the Dailly Kennel. Usually shows good early dash and has been around here when she tried to anticipate the start in the Paws of thunder and hit the boxes. Will be very hard to beat.
  5. Zipping Alabama is probably the strongest dog in the series. She came from last against a quality field in the Country Classic to grab third. She has a decent record at Wenty and from this box may get a lovely cart into the race from Lala Kiwi.
  6. Hadouken for Jessica Sharp can mix box manners but can't afford to make any mistakes against this field. Not as well drawn tonight and will need to show her early pace if she is going to progress.
  7. Handsome Rhino for Paul Galea heads north form Victoria with good middle distance form. His sprint form was mixed and he will need to produce his very best in this race tonight.
  8. Suzie's Face is a local for Steve Burgis who has an abundance of early speed. Absolutely no reason she can't ping and lead this race, and if she crosses the field, then havoc may ensue. Major player.

Lala Kiwi

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*Odds correct at time of publication

Race 10: Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg Heat 10 Non Graded 520m

  1. Hold Me Up is an honest chaser who is taking the leap of faith and trying his luck in the Egg. You gotta be in it to win it. Would need his very best.
  2. Sally's Reward has been flying for Vince Spiteri and just failed to hold off Mickey Doo here last week. Has a ton of early zip and could be in front for a fair way (if not all the way) in this race.
  3. Zipping Lopez is a good young chaser for the Mackay/Hallinan combo who has worked through his grades and distances well. Has never faced the starter here but sure to be well schooled and the kennel knows how to produce them.
  4. Fernando Hunter is a moderate beginner, which often hurts him with interference around this track, but when he can be close early and gets a clear run like he did back in February, he can run slashing times. Has a 29.5 P.B. around here but will need luck from this box.
  5. Soul To Squeeze is a consistent chaser but is lacking the class of some of his rivals. Would need to better his P.B. by some margin to worry these.
  6. is another talented Dailly dog but has been given the visitor's box. He is a consistent beginner who musters, and that can be trouble here, but definitely has the class to grab a place and progress.
  7. Boy Serious is an average beginner, which won't help his chances from out here. He is only one win from 12 at the track and a win in this would be a major surprise.
  8. Decimate is another Victorian from the Jason Thompson kennel. While not the best beginner, he has good pace once he gets going and will probably enjoy the room out in box 8, where his record is good. He can run time when he hits the front early and may get a nice run in this.

Race 11: It's Going to Be Glorious Apr 9 5th Grade 520m

This is the lone 5th Grade on the card tonight, and Magic Flame showed what she can do when given some room early. Whilst the sectionals were not great, she was good at both ends and may well do exactly the same in this. Kip Keeping is the obvious danger; he won the big Coonamble Maiden series and has been given his chance tonight. With not much genuine pace in the race, he might well lead and be very hard to run down. Zipping Demand contested the Country Classic and so is definitely top grade and will be the one finishing the hardest, but he may need a touch of luck. Kiwi Fantasy and Outback Ugg have minor chances depending on how the race sorts itself out early.

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