Wentworth Park greyhounds tips and betting preview May 23, 2015

HEADING to Wentworth Park tonight with another top card of racing featuring some of the best greyhounds within NSW.

To save you the hassle of examining the form to find the winners, our expert tipster Brad Bugeja has done all the card work, with a full of tonight's meeting.

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Best Bet
Race 9: Jewel Action

Best Value
Race 4: Kurmond Goddess

Leg 1: 1,2 – Leg 2: 3,4,6,7 – Leg 3: 4,6,7 – Leg 4: 4,5
$48 for 100%

Race No. 1Wentworthpark.com.au Bp Ht Sprin…7:25 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1DEAR DARCEY524129.89John Ayoub
2SHEBA'S IMAGE232230.10John Lawson
3PETER'S PICK823330.20John Callaughan
4GRALIN575630.52Russell Mansley
5QUEEN ESTHER525429.64Noelene Holloway
7DOWN EVERY ROAD227129.88Melinda Finn
8JEFFY GEE246530.11Jason Laurence
9JUST FAB683130.75
10RIO ROCKET743830.58Rita Nicolaou

Queen Esther has been a great chaser for quite a while now and she has won 14 of her 66 tries over this track and trip. The middle pin is a small concern but there isn't a whole lot of speed drawn around her so with a clean getaway she should be able to roll to the early lead and she is a very hard chaser to get past when on the lure.

Dear Darcey looks well placed in the red and he has won two of three starts here. He had turned in a couple of steady performances before bouncing back last time with a speedy 29.89 win. He should be in a prominent position throughout and he should still be there at the business end.

Down Every Road is the most talented chaser in the event and with a clear run he will be winning. The concern with him is that he has a very fast beginner drawn on his outside who is also a railer, so he is likely to be crowded soon after box rise.

Top Four: 5 – 1 – 3 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Queen Esther with William Hill

Boxed Quinella: 1,3,5,8 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,5/1,3,5,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5/1,3,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 2Wentworthpark.com.au Bp Ht Sprin…7:48 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1BOBBIE DAWN335330.92Darris Fahey
2PADDY'S DEVIL527529.76Patrick Byrne
3BRUCIN IT522230.85Mitchell Tubinas
4PRINCE ZESTA216330.73Jason Mackay
5PASSENGER134429.76Larry Procopio
6WINSOME SENOR434329.91Melinda Finn
7SCARP MISSILE412529.85Jodie Lord
8MY GANGSTA3127NBTTracey Bryant
9MEDUSA GOLD1877NBTRussell Mansley
10GRIN TO WIN684830.16Rita Nicolaou

Scarp Missile is normally a very reliable beginner and she finds herself in a race which lacks genuine early speed. If she can step cleanly again tonight she fire to the early lead and I would expect her to build up a nice lead mid race. She has a slick 29.85 PB here and that type of run would see her win with considerable ease.

Prince Zesta is in good hands and he is better than his past couple of runs suggest. Three runs back he really caught the eye with a devastating 29.62 Gosford win and if he can repeat that type of run he will be right in the mix.

My Gangsta is the run on type in the event, he will get too far back early to score but he does have great track sense and he could be a good anchor for third and fourth in your exotic bets.

Winsome Senor is the interesting runner, he can be very hard to follow but he is capable of very good things when switched on. If he goes around at silly odds he could be worth a saver bet.

Top Four: 7 – 4 – 8 – 6

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Scarp Missile

Boxed Quinella: 4,6,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 4,7/4,6,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

First Four: 4,6,7/4,6,7/8/Field ($30 for 100%)

First Four: 4,6,7/4,6,7/Field/8 ($30 for 100%)

Race No. 3Wentworthpark.com.au Bp Ht Sprin…8:10 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1KING ZAFONIC331130.34Dennis Gialanze
2SKIN DEEP265130.46Christopher Carl
3MEDUSA'S ME MUMX64529.75Russell Mansley
4RUBELLY MAGIC536630.12Rodney O'brien
5MAKO MAN3135NBTTracey Bryant
6INVISIBLE475230.01Larry Procopio
7TIGGERLONG KILLA571230.26Kevin Keys
8LEMON TREE GIRL454230.07Caroline Hughes
9RIO ROCKET743830.58Rita Nicolaou
10GOLD MISS771630.49Marie Burton

Lemon Tree Girl is dropping considerably in class tonight and with her early speed she should be leading throughout. Last time out she led for most of the trip before being run down by the classy Are Jip. She is favourably drawn in the eight box and with the lack of early speed drawn directly underneath there should be no excuses for her.

Mako Man has been racing in solid style at of late and he will be hitting the line solidly. He has now had four runs since a spell and he should be at peak fitness now and ready to fire.

Tiggerlong Killa has won three of eight here and he will be very strong in the run to the line, if he can balance up in the top four he could test the pink in the run to the finish line.

Rubelly Magic is a runner which must be kept safe in your exotic bets. She has the speed to lead and although she is quite weak she might be able to hang on for third or fourth spot.

Top Four: 8 – 7 – 5 – 4

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Lemon Tree Girl

Quinella: 8 to rove with 4,5,7 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 7,8/4,5,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 8/4,5,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 4Wentworthpark.com.au Bp Ht Sprin…8:28 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1MY AWESOME OPAL143329.91Marie Burton
2RICHIE BOY411430.59Earl Schmidt
3LORNA BELLEX51430.47Ronald Bell
4ONCE A DRIFTER222130.14Melinda Finn
5LITTLE HIGH611229.92Johannes Vanderburg
6LITTLE JILL123430.23Anthony Messina
7GATE JUAN735630.27George Borg
8KURMOND GODDESS735329.94Christine Proctor
9SPIRIT TO EXCEL877329.96Leonard Polidano
10MEDUSA GOLD1877NBTRussell Mansley

Little High is a highly talented prospect and he was very unlucky when placed here last time out. Prior to that run he did post a slick 29.92 win here and if he can repeat that type of effort he should take a power of beating. There is a little bit of speed on his outside which is a small concern but if he gets away on terms he has more than enough pace to hold them out.

Kurmond Goddess has a great record over this trip and she is dropping a little in class tonight. She can take a little while to wind up but if she can settle in the top four early she will make her presence felt as they approach the line.

Once A Drifter has a big engine but he can make a lot of mistakes early in his races. If he can get some room to balance up and make a move mid race he can get the cash, however he would need to be a nice price to invest.

My Awesome Opal rounds out the chances, he is drawn to be in the mix early and he could hang on for some minor money if he avoids trouble at the first turn.

Top Four: 5 – 8 – 4 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Little High

Quinella: 5 to rove with 1,4,8 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 4,5,8/1,4,5,8 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5/1,4,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 5 Stakes8:47 PM
4/5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,670 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,650 2nd: $1,350 3rd: $670.


1BLUE REVOLVER121X29.92Preston Rowles
3RIO ROCKET743830.58Rita Nicolaou
4STILL SEARCHIN'276130.11Melinda Finn
5BIG BAD BRENDA343130.26
6FASCINATE MARY162130.46Joan Singline
7REXY SKEETA843730.41Leslie Dennis
8BOOSTER VALVE424231.42Jared Della Casa
9JUST FAB683130.75Justin King
10MEDUSA GOLD1877NBTRussell Mansley

Blue Revolver has come up with the good draw and he should give a great sight. He is blessed with sizzling early speed and he beat the classy Aphorism here two runs back when recording an impressive 29.92. If he can find the top early he should dash away mid race and get the cash.

Entreaty is drawn to trail the red in the early stages and that should allow her to get the run of the race for most of the journey. She has broken the 30 second barrier here previously and if she is close enough to the red as they turn for home she might be able to run him down.

Still Searchin' will be well fancied in the event and she has strong prospects, however from the middle pin she is going to need a lot of things to go her way in running.

Booster Valve could be the value for your exotic bets, she will get back early but she does hit the line solidly and she will be big odds.

Top Four: 1 – 2 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Blue Revolver with William Hill

Exacta: 1,2/1,2,4,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/2,4,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,2/1,2/Field ($12 for 100%)

Race No. 6Ladbrokes 2-5 Win Final 2-5 Wins…9:12 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $11,000 Prizemoney.
1st: $8,000 2nd: $2,000 3rd: $1,000.


1SHORTY BANNER811830.24Gary Adams
2MURPHY'S LAW525230.23Beau Hedley
3WILD FIRE336130.13Mark Gatt
4RITZA ROSSI422230.16Mark Gatt
5MY LADY DAY465129.80Domenic Traino
6RYLEY SAMS212129.90Bruce King
7WINSOME AMANDA343230.01Melinda Finn
8MATCHSTICK824230.09Margaret Keys
9CRUZIN' WHAM424330.44Paul Camilleri
10PRINCE ZESTA216330.73Jason Mackay

Ryley Sams has been ultra impressive in his brief career to date and with an ounce of luck early he should be winning. Three starts back he destroyed a quality lineup when posting a slick 29.90 over this journey and he has followed that effort up with another win and a placing over this trip. The draw is a big disadvantage tonight but there are a couple of railers underneath so he might be able to get a clear cart across in the early stages.

Ritza Rossi is another who is poorly drawn but he has a massive engine and after two solid placings over this trip he is getting close to another win. His box manners have let him down of late so that is a slight concern but if he can come out tonight he should be in contention throughout.

Wild Fire will be hitting the line solidly and he caught the eye with a strong 30.28 heat win last week, he will probably get too far back to score but he should take home some minor money.

Winsome Amanda could be the value, she appears to be an improving type and she has won here previously in a solid 30.01.

Top Four: 6 – 4 – 3 – 7

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Ryley Sams

Quinella: 6 to rove with 3,4,7 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 3,4,6/3,4,6,7 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 6/3,4,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 7Ladbrokes Visa Card Stakes9:35 PM
4 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,670 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,650 2nd: $1,350 3rd: $670.


1MAGIC EARNER242430.06Jodie Lord
2ELLA HAS CLASS313229.68Dean Swain
3LOOSE CONNECTION746130.17Caroline Hughes
4KNIGHT SPRITE126129.72Gayle Masterson
5TAP OUT ROSE161430.08Rodney Metselaar
6NIGHTWATCHMAN161730.00John Callaughan
7KICKING ROCKS125630.01Ryan Tredway
8COLLISION BLUE263629.97John Buckley

Knight Sprite is an explosive talent and he recently sizzled around the Gosford circuit in 29.46. He has won two of his eight tries here and he owns an impressive 29.72 PB. The draw is a little concern but he does like to move right soon after box rise so it might not be too big of a disadvantage.

Nightwatchman is a strong chaser and he recently beat the classy Cosmic Angel at Canberra in a handy 35.03, he will get back early on but he does have great track sense and he should figure in the money.

Kicking Rocks is a super star when on song and he is having his first run since Christmas. If he is fully wound up he would be a great winning chance.

Ella Has Class has been in consistent form and she can't be left out, she doesn't win very often but she does hit the line well and she can sneak into the placings.

Top Four: 4 – 6 – 7 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Knight Sprite

Boxed Quinella: 2,4,6,7 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 4,6,7/2,4,6,7 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4/2,6,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 8Aaa Radiator Specialists Stakes9:57 PM
FFA event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,775 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775.


1MISS SUEKO211329.67Justin King
2FLASH EARNER135129.84Shayne Fleming
3SYNDICATE211130.01Kevin Clunne
4CHICA DESTACADA462629.49Doreen Drynan
5ARE JIP114129.48Kristy Sultana
6BESSY BOOX31329.71Christine Proctor
7FATHER SKEETA325529.84Leslie Dennis
8ZIPPING MIDGE173129.67Jason Mackay

Chica Destacada has been a little inconsistent in recent times but with a keen railer underneath and wide runner on her outside she appears drawn to get all the breaks and she should get every chance to show her best. She has an amazing record over this track and trip and she is a different chaser when she sights the lure early in her races.

Are Jip is back to his brilliant best having won three of his past four in explosive fashion. He can be a little hit or miss early but he should get plenty of room to drive through early and he should be able to put pressure on Chica Destacada throughout.

Bessy Boo is never far away over this track and trip and he will be hitting the line hard, he could be a good anchor for third and fourth in your exotics.

Zipping Midge looks well placed in the pink and with a clean getaway she could roll the top two picks. If she is over the odds she could be worth a saver bet.

Top Four: 4 – 5 – 6 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Chica Destacada with William Hill

Quinella; 4 to rove with 5,6,8 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4/5,6,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4,5/4,5/Field ($12 for 100%)

Race No. 9Wentworthpark.com.au Bp Ht Sprin…10:18 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1JEWEL ACTION125329.66Kristy Sultana
2JAZZ CRUZ415430.15Charles Lyttle
3SENOR PEARL124330.54Ronald Bell
4VELVET FLAME562229.78Dean Swain
5DEVINE VEGAS435830.43Patrick Parrelli
6COLLISION POST341230.36Rita Nicolaou
7THANK YOU573530.51Harry Sarkis
8NYXIE641731.03Gayle Masterson
9GOLD MISS771630.49Marie Burton
10MAGIC REFLECTION866431.25John Buckley

Jewel Action is a class act on her night and after a steady effort at Dapto over the 600-metre journey she looks better suited back to this journey. She is normally a good beginner and from the red draw she should be able to punch through and hold them out at the first bend. She is likely to be around the even money mark and that appears to be good value for a chaser of her calibre.

Velvet Flame has been racing consistently of late and she should be in the firing line in the early stages, I dont think she can reel the red in but she should be able to fill the quinella spot.

Jazz Cruz has solid place claims. She was a solid 30.15 winner here three runs back and she should get a nice sit just behind the speed for most of the trip.

Top Four: 1 – 4 – 2 – 6

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Jewel Action

Quinella: 1 to rove with 2,4,6 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/2,4,6/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,4/1,4/Field ($12 for 100%)

Race No. 10Wentworthpark.com.au Bp Ht Sprin…10:35 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1COSMO'S KING511531.26Gwenda Whitehead
3PERMANENT GUEST874330.01Stuart Hazlett
4GOOD ODDS REGINA142730.02Frank Hurst
5MANALONE471331.44Charles Lyttle
7DEVINE AWE254130.02Patrick Parrelli
8DECASTELLA463630.09Leonard Polidano
9CABOOSE466730.46Harry Sarkis
10JUST FAB683130.75Justin King

Jumble is much better than his form reads and after a couple of months off he should be ready to fire first up. He has a solid record over this journey and when last in work he was taking on some seriously good chasers. He should step evenly tonight and I would then expect him to burn off his opposition as they head into the first turn. The last 30-metres might be a worry but he should have enough petrol in the tank to score.

Good Odds Regina is the clear and obvious danger, she has won two of three here and she has the speed to go with Jumble in the early stages. If she holds him it early it should make for an interesting battle.

Cosmo's King comes here with strong Richmond form and he has shown good early speed in his races. He is facing his toughest test but with a clean getaway he should handle himself quite well.

Top Four: 6 – 4 – 1 – 7

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Jumble

Boxed Quinella: 1,4,6 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,4,6/1,4,6,7 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 6/1,4,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4,6/4,6/Field ($12 for 100%)

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