Wentworth Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview October 11th 2014

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Race 3: Twelfth Man

Best Roughie:
Race 2: Story Time

Leg 1: 3,6,8 – Leg 2: 1,2,4,5,8 – Leg 3: 1,3,4 – Leg 4: 2,5,6 – $135 for 100%

Race No. 1Wentworthpark.com.au Stakes7:27 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1RANGI RUBY453630.33Terrence Kunde
3CHASING THE LINE8171NBTJohn Vanderburg
4HOOKER'S MISS651830.29Phillip Bailey
5FAMOUS STYLE631130.27Carole Eaton
6LOOSE AFFAIR527730.93
7SCREEN TEST452130.43Kenneth Staines
8INVISIBLE182530.01Larry Procopio
9TARAWI THUNDER558530.86Christine Proctor
10JACK FINN556630.64Mathew Wotton

Loose Affair hasn't been racing with much luck of late and he may go around at big over's tonight. He can ping the lids on occasions and he should be able to get a nice cart across from Famous Style in the early stages. This is one of the weaker races he has contested for a while and he will be great value.

Chasing The Line is a highly promising speedster and he looked ultra impressive when scoring at Goulbourn recently in a zippy 25.70. If he can handle the track at his first look he will play a major role. Invisible has won here previously in 30.01 and if he can step cleanly he should be able to settle in the top three early. Rangi Ruby is the interesting runner, his form is terrible at present but he is having his fourth run from a spell and he should be ready to fire.

Top Four: 6 – 3 – 8 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bets on Loose Affair and Rangi Ruby

Boxed Quinella: 1,3,6,8 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 3,6,8/1,3,6,8 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 6/1,3,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 2 Stakes7:50 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1CAWBOURNE COBRA561429.69Jodie Lord
2CAWBOURNE KAYONO851230.66Jodie Lord
3STORY TIME237330.54Marie Burton
4MAGIC EARNER714630.06Jodie Lord
5GRIN TO WIN165230.16Rita Nicolaou
6GOTTA PLAN616530.41Jodie Lord
7FANCY LOLA461230.59
8BILLABONG GROVE876430.96Terrence Stewart
9KENDRA'S CHANCE544630.63Shannon Boyd
10IBROX BLACKJACK758430.81William Dance

Cawbourne Cobra has the good draw and she really caught the eye when scoring here two runs back in a 29.69. She has only won once from 17 tries here but all her racing has been done against good opposition and from the red tonight she should be given every chance.

Magic Earner scored a smart 30.69 win three runs back and either side of those runs she hasn't had much luck, with a wide runner drawn on her outer she should get a clear run in the first 50m. Story Time has been placed in three of his past four and he is nearing another win, he has been missing the kick of late but earlier in his career he was a good box dog. So if he can regain some good box manners he can make a big impact at nice odds. Gotta Plan and Fancy Lola must be given some hope, both are poorly drawn but with a few breaks in running they can both hit the scoreboard.

Top Four: 1 – 4 – 3 – 7

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Cawbourne Cobra

Boxed Quinella: 1,3,4,7 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,3,4/1,3,4,7 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/3,4,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 3Bohemia.com.au Stakes8:07 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1TWELFTH MAN116129.80Kenneth Burnett
2FEIKUAI ZACK374230.09Andrew Inger
3VON RYAN724329.94John Ayoub
4EDDARD STARK612130.21Kenneth Burnett
5ISABEL ENLIM212630.38Len Haaring
6KAYLA'S TIGER178531.09Len Haaring
7DEVINE AWE342230.02Patrick Parrelli
8HILDA'S BOY123429.91Mario Abela
9IBROX BLACKJACK758430.81William Dance
10KENDRA'S CHANCE544630.63Shannon Boyd

Twelfth Man showed he is the real deal with an impressive 29.80 win here last week and with a clean getaway again he should be able to go a little quicker tonight. Three starts ago he set the track alight at Gosford with a 29.52 win, with his early speed I can see him going on to be highly competitive in much stronger races in the future.

Feikuai Zack hit the line hard when placed in his debut here last week, from the good draw he should be able to push through early and get a nice sit on Twelfth Man for most of the trip. Hilda's Boy is suitably drawn out wide and he has been placed in five of his nine tries here and his two recent placings here were behind class acts. Devine Awe is another with a consistent record here with nine placings from 12 attempts, he is armed with early speed and he should be able to sneak into a place.

Top Four: 1 – 2 – 7 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Twelfth Man

Exacta: 1,2/1,2,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,2/1,2/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/2,7,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 4Schweppes Stakes8:28 PM
4/5 event over 720 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,325 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,110 2nd: $1,485 3rd: $730.


1AVONDALE MAURICK747742.34Ronald Bell
4SPACE STAR131541.84
5TEARS SIAM136542.34Dawn Garrett
8JOANE126542.64Christine Proctor

Space Star bombed the start here last week and from there on he was always going to have his work cut out, tonight I expect him to jump a little better and he really should destroy this field. He is going to be a staying star in the future and he looks a moral.

Tears Siam is a kennel and littermate to the favourite and although she doesn't have the same brilliance as her brother she has proven to be a handy stayer. In late August she scored a strong 42.34 win here and a similar effort tonight should see her fill the quinella spot. Avondale Maurick is much better than his recent runs suggest and he is drawn to show improvement. He can't beat the favourite but he should be able to sneak into the minor end of the money.

Top Four: 4 – 5 – 1 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 4/5/1

Trifecta: 4/1,5/1,5 ($2 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4/5/1,8 ($2 for 100%)

Race No. 5Betfair Blue Paws Stakes8:50 PM
FFA event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,775 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,450 2nd: $1,550 3rd: $775.


1MY AWESOME OPAL561829.91Marie Burton
2LACEY LOIS261629.86Peter Acers
3JEWEL ACTION111129.66Kristy Sultana
4KISS THE HAWK336129.91Christine Proctor
5QUEEN ESTHER552429.64Noelene Holloway
6HERSI243129.75Peter Lagogiane
8BESSY BOO141429.71Christine Proctor

Jewel Action is absolutely flying at present and it's hard to go against her based on her breathtaking 29.66 win here last week. In her two recent victories here she broke 5.40 to the first marker and a repeat of that would see her lead again and if she does lead she wins.

Hersi broke through for a well deserved win here last week in 29.84 and his effort two runs back when placed behind Jewel Action was quite impressive, he is likely to settle mid field but if there is some trouble up front he may capitalise late. Bessy Boo loves racing here and he got knocked over at a vital stage here last week. If he can find the rail without too much trouble he should be right in the finish. Queen Esther is the only other winning hope, she is a little down on confidence at present but she does have a tremendous record here.

Top Four: 3 – 6 – 8 – 5

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 3/5,6,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3,6,8/3,5,6,8/2,3,4,5,6,8 ($36 for 100%)

Exacta: 3,6,8/3,5,6,8 ($9 for 100%)

Quinella: 3 to rove with 5,6,8 ($3 for 100%)

Race No. 6Thank You Bohemia Stakes9:10 PM
4/5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $7,325 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,110 2nd: $1,485 3rd: $730.


2SOARING EAGLE574229.89Marie Burton
3HELLO GOOD BYE883730.59Charlie Gatt
4PADDY'S DEVIL653329.76Patrick Byrne
5FANCY TOP817229.90Dennis Barnes
6LINSKI167430.30John Ayoub
7WOODS464330.05Marie Burton
8OH SO STRIKING212429.70Darren Sultana
9CAWBOURNE LIBBY677830.02Jodie Lord
10DREAMSICLE675830.11Lorraine Atchison

Paddy's Devil is a lid pinger and he has posted an impressive 29.76 win here. That winning effort was in mid August and on that night he rolled the classy Evil punk. This is probably the weakest and most suitable race he has contested for a while, there is very little early speed and he should be off and gone at the first turn.

Fancy Top should follow Paddy's Devil across in the initial stages and she is highly talented when she can sight the bunny, I dont think she can reel Paddy in but she should hold on for the quinella spot. Gradence is the run on dog in the event and he is a great dog to anchor for second and third in your exotic bets. He is a huge talent but he finds bother and always seems to find one better. Soaring Eagle can show early speed at times and if he holds them out he could run a cheeky race at odds.

Top Four: 4 – 5 – 1 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Paddy's Devil

Exacta: 4,5/1,2,4,5 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 4 to rove with 1,2,5 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 4/1,2,5/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,4,5/1,2,4,5/1,2,3,4,5,8 ($36 for 100%)

Race No. 7Aaa Radiator Specialists Stakes9:27 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1MAGIC DREAM325529.84Jodie Lord
2FEIKUAI MOLLY4383NBTPamela Tabone
3JUMBLE213229.91Craig Chappelow
4RECRUITMENT342630.07Shaun Evans
5BLACK EMPRESS232429.92Harry Sarkis
6LUCY LOBSTER313330.15Charlie Lamb
7LOGAN JOHN212330.01Charlie Gatt
8CAPRIATI223230.14Harry Sarkis
9TORNADO GROVE656530.30John Stewart
10EAST COAST LOW777530.17Ivan Hanna

Jumble has turned in three impressive performances here in recent weeks and in my opinion he could be a super talent in the near future. His box manners aren't great but his turn foot soon after box rise is eye catching and he should find himself in the first two as they head through the first bend.

Magic Dream has the good draw and a little while back he scored by a whopping 13 lengths here in a slick 29.84. From the red he should be able to hold a prominent position early and he should be there at the business end. Recruitment has been disappointing of late but with a heap of speed underneath him tonight he should be able to find the rails with ease and get a nice sit through the early and middle stages.

Top Four: 3 – 1 – 4 – 5

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Jumble

Trifecta: 1,3,4/1,3,4,5/1,3,4,5,7,8 ($36 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,3/1,3,4,5 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 3 to rove with 1,4,5,8 ($4 for 100%)

Race No. 8Bohemia Crystal F9:47 PM
NG event over 720 metres at Wentworth park Of $34,375 Prizemoney.
1st: $25,000 2nd: $6,250 3rd: $3,125.


1MR. CORSAIR323242.15Michelle Shambler
2RUFF CUT DIAMOND411141.87Michael Fearnley
3MY ASUNCION743442.22Adele Powell
4ZIPPING RORY435141.75Bethany Dapiran
5ZIPPING MAGGIE114341.78Peter Dapiran
6SWEET IT IS322241.78Darren Mcdonald
7PADDLES ANDERSON331442.26Jodie Lord
8DUSTY MOONSHINE611341.86Denice Warren
9SPACE STAR131541.84Dawn Garrett
10TEARS SIAM136542.34Dawn Garrett

Ruff Cut Diamond is absolutely flying at present and she has looked very impressive in her two recent sub 42 second wins here. She is reliable early and she appears to be getting stronger and stronger with every run. If she finds the bunny early it's hard to see her being run down.

Sweet It Is has the class edge but her racing pattern requires her receiving a lot of luck in running. She has rarely missed a cheque of late and she should be running home into the quinella spot again. Mr. Corsair is the value, his effort last week was massive and he took a heap of ground off Ruff Cut Diamond in the run home. He is going to be massive odds but he could be a nice place bet and he must be included in your exotic bets. Zipping Maggie can ping the lids in her races and she has been racing in terrific style, she was a tad disappointing in her heat last week but she should make amends.

Top Four: 2 – 6 – 1 – 5

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Ruff Cut Diamond

Exacta: 2,5,6/1,2,5,6 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2/1,5,6/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2,5,6/1,2,5,6/1,2,4,5,6,7 ($36 for 100%)

Race No. 9Macro Meats Gourmet Game Stakes10:12 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1CAWBOURNE POWER452329.78Jodie Lord
2ALL TOO FANCY151129.81Dennis Barnes
3ENCOSTA DEPLENTE111530.34Lorraine Perrin
4INTERROGATED122229.83Michelle Shambler
5GLORIFIED GEE248330.31Marie Burton
6LADY RONRAY111129.91Raymond Steele
7BOCHINO APPEAL534730.57Bruce Caden
8MY TAB7867NBTPamela Tabone
9EAST COAST LOW777530.17Ivan Hanna
10TORNADO GROVE656530.30John Stewart

Lady Ronray has won 11 of 12 in her career to date and she is unbeaten in three attempts here. She is armed with blinding early speed and with a clean getaway she should once again lead from go to whoa.

Interrogated has recorded two strong and fast placings here in recent weeks and with an ounce of luck early he should feature again. He can be slow to begin at times but he does possess a very good turn of foot. All Too Fancy was a brilliant 29.81 winner here in September and she normally begins quite well. She would need to lead to win but she does have enough natural speed to hold them out. Cawbourne Power has loads of talent but he struggles to win here. He has won only one of 29 here but he has been placed a further 18 times.

Top Four: 6 – 4 – 2 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 6/1,2,4/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2,4,6/1,2,4,6/1,2,4,6,7,8 ($36 for 100%)

Quinella: 6 to rove with 1,2,4 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 2,4,6/1,2,4,6 ($9 for 100%)

Race No. 10Rapidvite Stakes10:35 PM
5 event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $6,205 Prizemoney.
1st: $4,350 2nd: $1,235 3rd: $620.


1INNER CITY644629.93Christine Proctor
2MISS SUEKO342729.67Justin King
3ANYTHING LESS712429.60John Finn
4EXPLOSIVE EBONY118730.15Walter Simmons
5LONGNECK345430.11Christine Proctor
6BLACK DADDY265129.93Kenneth Staines
7HERE'S SKEETA871630.16Ronald Alcock
8RETIRING651529.93James White
9DREAMSICLE675830.11Lorraine Atchison
10CAWBOURNE LIBBY677830.02Jodie Lord

Anything Less is all class and with five wins from six tries here it's hard to look past him. He has recently joined the powerful John Finn kennel and he showed he is back to his best when scoring a breathtaking 29.60 win here in September.

Miss Sueko is a reliable beginner and she should set a cracking pace. She has a ridiculous 29.67 PB here but she has struggled to get back to that sort of time recently. If she can lead she can probably run around the 29.80 mark at present and that would be good enough to feature here. Retiring has the good draw and he has raced well in strong class for quite a while now. He lacks mid race speed but he will hit the line solidly and he is a must for your exotics. Black Daddy rounds out the chances, he returns to town after scoring a commanding 35.73 win and he only needs an ounce of luck early to feature.

Top Four: 3 – 2 – 8 – 6

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 2,3/2,3/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3/2/Field ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3/2,6,8/Field ($18 for 100%)

Exacta: 2,3/2,3,6,8 ($6 for 100%)

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