Iona Seven All Set For A Date With Spud Regis

Earlier this year there was no better sprinting bitch wide than . The daughter of Swift Fancy and Iona Habit was on her way to group one glory in the Paws Of Thunder and had the world at her feet.

Next stop on the group radar was the and it was there that disaster struck. Just as the excitement machine was crossing to find the front she was tightened and fell.

She had another two starts but after falling at Mount Gambier it was decided by owner Frank Sidrak that it was retirement time.

“She is in the house now and lives on the lounge. She goes outside for a 10 minute run and then spends the rest of the day relaxing. She is loving life as a pet”, Frank Sidrak explained.

“She will spend the rest of her days at home living in luxury. Misty is part of the family and we love having her here.”

“She was going better than ever and she trialled at Mount Gambier and flew. She then fell in the race at Mount Gambier and we just thought that was it. We love the bitch and she owed us nothing. She made four group one finals and we decided it was time to let her inside the house.”

It’s now off to the barn, where Misty will hope to leave her mark.

“We went to with Iona Tokyo and he is out of . We took Courageous Girl to Cape Hawke and he’s a Where’s Pedro. We wanted to go to a son of with Misty and we believe was the best of them. I remember how fast he was at his best, he was a machine and was from a good litter. It was just a no brainer.”

Iona Seven is due to be served naturally tomorrow by Spud Regis and it will be exciting times when this litter starts to grace the tracks in a couple of years time!

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Greyhound Cannonball
Greyhound Cannonball
6 years ago

Here’s the test mating

Davey Sadler
Davey Sadler
6 years ago

Here’s the test mating