A Colourful Day’s Coursing

This Sunday we headed up the Hume Highway to Longwood for the first rounds of the 2012 Mogambo @ Stud Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship, the Ray Boundy Memorial and the Bert Clark Memorial.

Upon arrival we were greeted with some true coursing weather, fog, cold and the prospect of rain, which we did get on and off throughout the day. Common attire seemed to be gumboots, raincoats & beanies and all greyhounds showing off a lovely display of doggy pyjamas in all colours and designs.

Our puppies once again did not disappoint with 43 showing what they’ve got first up with some great courses on display. They came from far and wide Wonthaggi, Portland and places in between, thanks must go out to all of you trainers who support coursing throughout the year and with entries coming in the way they have been, are letting the industry know that you definitely want coursing to stick around. Trust me we have no plans on going anywhere, so keep them coming.

After completing their three courses today and set to return next Sunday the cream of this crop are Al Moran for Russ & Jackie McRae, Marvel for the Grimmond camp from Benalla, Nurse Akali for Nicole Stanley, Mrs Affair for local coursing trainer Sharon Doust and Tubby Taylor & My Girl Scarlett for the Dawson camp who made the trek from Crossover in South Gippsland. Next Sunday looks like it will be a fantastic days coursing yet again.

The Ray Boundy Memorial had 16 runners entered so it was 2 courses for them today with the four left going on to battle the finals out next week and the remaining crew for that are Newman’s County again for Nicole Stanley from Portland, Where’s Hannibal for Snowy Bindley from Wonthaggi, couldn’t get further apart in distance from one coast to another, Manx Missile for Russ & Jackie McRae and Our Rhino Man for Dave Dawson, both trainers having a very successful campaign so far.

Just a reminder to trainers of any greyhounds who were beaten in the Ray Boundy you all have first dibs on spots in the Longwood Cup to be held next Sunday, the remaining spots will be selected from the next best All Aged greyhounds nominated who have coursed in previous meetings.

Today’s meeting was rounded out with 30 Maiden greyhounds (Coursing) contesting the Bert Clark Memorial and they did not disappoint during their 3 courses the remaining four have run so far. The four who are making the journey back next week are Hanadarko, Tubesman, Tapestry Lace and Scant Regard. Have a well earned rest this week so you can bring back your best again for the finals next week.

Along with these remaining final events next Sunday 8th July, 2012 there will also be as mentioned earlier the Longwood Cup, and supporting stakes for One Win Stakers, Maidens at the coursing and Puppies. Nominations can be entered via the NCA website www.ncavictoria.org and follow the nomination links or by phone by calling 03 5998 4614 between 6.30 – 8pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with entries closing at 8pm Wednesday 4th July, 2012.

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