Campaspe Jack’s Western Saws Cup At Healesville Coursing

The meeting that had to be transferred to Healesvile was a huge success and many thanks must go to the hard working committees of both Healesville and Melton. As most enthusiasts will know there was a mechanical failure at Melton on Sunday 12th.

The Healesville Greyhound Racing Association gave valuable assistance to Melton in offering their track and staff to conduct Melton’s meeting at the Healesville track. It just goes to show what can be achieved when clubs work together for the betterment of our sport.

Both the weather and the coursing were fantastic. A 12 event program and many puppies giving a great account of themselves, all is shaping up for some great puppy events on the horizon. The and the Derby and Oaks both being conducted at Lang Lang are just a month or so away.

Many thanks should also go to the sponsors of Melton’s feature event, the Western Saws Cup. Western Saws i.e. Bill, Ellen and Owen Lambert made the trip to Healesville to present the Cup and rug to the winner, which was a local Melton greyhound who’s trained by Norm Walls.

Runner up was the ever reliable coursing bitch, Kristie Collyer’s . There were many closes courses and this was one that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats waiting for the judge’s flag.

Head Barista took out the South Morang 1 Win Stake for Geoff Villinger defeating Tony Cortese’s Dragon Rider, Miss Melfi took advantage of coursing on her home track by winning the Dawn James Memorial Bitch Maiden for the Reddoch family defeating L. Pisano’s Petite Louson.

Black bitch Megan broke through her maiden status for S. Meyland defeating B. Kinder’s Belliza Girl in the Tasman Meats Bitch Maiden. The Dawn James Memorial Dog Maiden was won by D. Reardon’s Selynya Supreme defeating G. Taylor’s Tan Tui Star.

The QPL Maiden was won by It’s Jubilee defeating Tough Line. Paul Grima’s Mr Swish won the 3rd Maiden Dog event which was sponsored by Gary Thomas. Defeated runner up, Miracle Turbo gave a good account of himself for Kevin & Dorothy Plunkett – Mickleham in another close final.

There were 5 puppy events conducted. Zohan defeated Other Brother in the Melton South Produce Dog Puppy, Unforgotten defeated Uno Crazy in the Tramolina Kennels Mixed Puppy. Zohan, Unforgotten and Uno Crazy are all from the same litter.

The Shovan family has a great day in the 2 Course Puppy Stakes. Gubba’s Reward defeated, Walking Out. Extended Edition defeated Unlock the Code and Diamond Duck defeated Four Fury. This was another close final.

Next week we are back to Healesville, this time it will be Charlton’s meeting which was transferred due to the severe drought conditions being experienced at Charlton.

Healesville Coursing Results

Event 1 – Western Saws Cup.
Winner: CAMPASPE JACK, a July 2006 BKW D, breeding: Solve The Puzzle X Holly Lulu, Owner: B. Petty, Trainer: Norm Walls – Melton DEFEATED VOODOO OAK, a March 2006 DKBD B, breeding: Primo Uno X Trendy Oak, Owner: K. R. Us Synd, Trainer: K. Collyer – East Coburg.

Event 2 – Petstock South Morang 1 Win Stake.
Winner: HEAD BARISTA, a May 2006 BK D, breeding: X Piccola Prima, Owner: Bouquet Duo Synd, Trainer: Geoff Villinger – Pearcedale DEFEATED DRAGON RIDER, a May 2006 RFN D, breeding: Big Daddy Cool X Ashton’s Girl, Owner/Trainer: Tony Cortese – Hampton Park.

Event 3 – Dawn James Memorial Bitch Maiden 1
Winner: MISS MELFI, a May 2006 BK B, breeding: Go Wild Teddy X Elmondo Rose, Owner: C. McMillan Trainer: J. Reddoch – Healesville DEFEATED PETITE LOUSON a May 2006 BK B, breeding: Exceptional X Lady Louson, Owner/Trainer: L. Pisano – Lysterfield.

Event 4 – Tasman Meats Bitch Maiden 2.
Winner: MEGAN, a November 2006 BK B, breeding: X Equidia, Owner: D C Racing Synd, Trainer: S. Meyland – Dixons Creek DEFEATED BELLIZA GIRL, a December 2006 BK B, breeding: Bombastic Shiraz X Two Twins, Owner: T. Wolley, Trainer: B. Kinder – Girgarre.

Event 5 – Dawn James Memorial Dog Maiden 1).
Winner: SELYNYA SUPREME, an October 2005 BK D, Breeding Primo Uno X Sugarland, Owner: G. Reardon, Trainer: DK. Reardon – Beveridge DEFEATED TAN TUI START, a February 2006 BK D, Owner: Prattay Synd, Trainer G. R. Taylor – Hampton Park.

Event 6 – Q.P.L. Dog Maiden 2.
Winner: IT’S JUBLIEE, a December 2006 WF D, breeding: Cool Performance X Over Lee, Owner/Trainer: P. Ellul – Noble Park DEFEATED TOUGH LINE, An October 02006 F D, breeding: Bond X Blue Eyed Bess, Owner: Plastered Synd, Trainer: J. Mc Callum – Craigieburn.

Event 7 – Gary Thomas Maiden 3.
Winner: MISTER SWISH, a February 2007 RBD D, breeding: X My Nightinggale, Owner/ Trainer: P. Grima – Coronet Bay. DEFEATED MIRACLE TURBO, a January 2007 WBK D, breeding: Elite State X Miracle Star – K. Plunkett – Mickleham.

Event 8 – Melton South Produce Dog Puppy.
Winner: ZOHAN, a March 2007 BD D, breeding: Primo Uno X Unmarkable, Owner/Trainer: M. Filomeno- Craigeburn DEFEATED OTHER BROTHER, AN October 2007 BD D, BREEDING: Fenceline X Linton’s Title, Owner/Trainer: Tony Cortese – Hampton Park.

Event 9 – Tramolina Kennels Mixed Puppy.
Winner: UNFORGOTTEN, a March 2007 BK B, breeding: Primo Uno X Unmarkable, Owner/ Trainer: M. Filomeno – Craigieburn DEFEATED UNO CRAZY, a March 2007 BK B, Primo Uno X Unmarkable, Owner: P. Racing Synd, Trainer: A. Portelli – Viewbank.

Event 10 – Wasteaway Dog Puppy (2 Course).
Winner: WALKING OUT, an April 2007 BK D, breeding: Pure Octane – Puzzle Belle, Owner/Trainer: D. Shovan – Adelaide Lead DEFEATED GUBBA’S REWARD, an April 2007 RF D, breeding Latest Lad X Missy Fortified, Owner: B. Gubbins, Trainer: D. Shovan – Adelaide Lead.

Event 11 – GRV Dog Puppy (2 Course).
Winner: EXTENDED EDITION, a May 2007 BD D, breeding: Pure Octane X Cannon’s Gem, Owner: K. Hordakis, Trainer: G. Brett. DEFEATED UNLOCK THE CODE, a July 2007 RF D, breeding, Owner: Champagne Synd, Trainer: B. Kinder – Girgarre.

Event 12 – NCAV Bitch Puppy (2 Course).
Winner: DIAMOND DUCK, a May 2007 WBK B, breeding: Elite State X Saint Kayla, Owner: Q P Racing Synd, Trainer: M. Clark – Healesville. DEFEATED FOUR FURY, a September 2007 BK B, breeding Pure Octane X Four Way Fury, Owner: I. Possy Synd, Trainer: G. Minguy – Cranbourne.

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