Carole Scott Quinella’s The Patron’s Cup

With 98 nominations, 11 races and top class fields, coursing at was set to be something special.

took training honours with her quinella in the Patron’s Cup when Noble Quoted defeated Sam Spade.

took out the Ruby Home Loans Rising Star Stakes with Aston Bond when this January 07 whelp defeated Neil Mann’s Pillage.

, although defeated by Noble Quoted in the third round of the Cup, took the time honours for the day in running 15.00.

The Club was extremely pleased with the support from owners and trainers and looks forward to the final two meetings for this season.

The club’s next meeting is scheduled for 7 September and our final meeting on 27-28 September will see the running of the $5000 Adelaide Furniture & Electrical Waterloo Cup as well as the Two Wells Hardware & More Oaks and the Adelaide Plains Veterinary Services Derby.

The full results were as follows :

Race 1 : Todd Gray & Emerley Park Patrons Cup
Simon Mader’s NOBLE QUOTED (RBD D, Jun ’05; Token Prince/Miss Quoted) defeated Carole Scott’s SAM SPADE (WBK D, May ’06; Solve The Puzzle/Miss Quoted) by 1 length in 15.04. Winner trained by Carole Scott.

Race 2 : Ruby Home Loans Rising Star Cup
Ray Borda’s ASTON BOND (RFD, Jan ’07; Bond/Miss Spicy) defeated Neil Mann’s PILLAGE (BK D, Sep ’06; Carnage/Nirimba Pearl) by ½ length in 15.40. Winner trained by Terry Cahalan.

Race 3 : Adelaide Plains Veterinary Services Novice Stake
Robert Turner’s (BK D, Feb ’06; Brett Lee/Wedding) defeated Steve Feijen’s INHALOR (F D, Feb ’06; Where’s Pedro/Arbour Tess) by 1.5 lengths in 15.48. Winner trained by Dale Martin.

Race 4 : Two Wells Hardware & More Maiden Stake
Daniel Bourke’s MR. BOURKESTRUM (WBK D, Jan ’06; Exceptional/Moet Doll) defeated Joe Ceravolo’s LONE COUNTRY (WBK D, Apr ’06; Royal Assassin/Ariek) by 3 lengths in 15.70. Winner trained by Wendy Sebastyan.

Race 5 : Benny’s Landscaping Supplies Maiden Stake
’s BOUTIQUE BALE (BK B, Nov ’05; Climate Control/Andra Bale) defeated Yvonne Maxwell’s CONNER’S ANGEL (BK B, Oct ’05; Hallucinate/Looks Awesome) in 15.27. Winner trained by Shaun Matcott.

Race 6 : Lucky Pristine at Stud Maiden Stake
Adam Martin’s WHAT’S RON (BK D, Feb ’05; Brett Lee/Shimy Shimy) defeated Paul Wheeler’s GITEAU BALE (RF D, Apr ’05; Fortified Rush/Sunray Bale) in 15.06. Winner trained by Adam Martin.

Race 7 : Adelaide Furniture & Electrical Maiden Stake
Luis Carrico’s FAX AFFAIR (BE B, Jan ’06; Lindale Blue/Carrie Girl) defeated Paul Smart’s CIDER WINE (BD D, May ‘06’ WW Apple Jax/Shapely Creek) in 15.20. Winner trained by Paul Turner.

Race 8 : Todd Gray Maiden Stake
Catherine McNeill’s DOYOUN (BD D, Mar ’05; Nobody’s Fool/Moondust Girl) defeated David Williams’ EXTREME TIDE (WBK D, Feb ’05; Typhoon Tide/Rhiandaire) in 15.28. Winner trained by Noel Roney.

Race 9 : GOTBA Juvenile/Maiden Stake
’s (BK D, Feb ’07; Go Wild Teddy/Dancing Olivia) defeated Ray Borda’s ASTON BURN (BKW B, Jan ’07; Brett Lee/Paua To Burn) by 4 lengths in 15.32. Winner trained by .

Race 10 : GOTBA Juvenile/Maiden Stake
’s MANHATTAN ANGEL (WBD D, Jan ’07; Kiowa Sweet Trey/Cabernet Angel) defeated Ben Murphy’s ALABAMA ANGEL (F D, Jan ’07; Kiowa Sweet Trey/Cabernet Angel) by 10 lengths in 15.28. Winner trained by Laurie Cahalan.

Race 11 : GOTBA Juvenile/Maiden Stake
Ray Borda’s ASTON BEAUTY (F B, Jan ’07; Bond/Miss Spicy) defeated Shane Stewart’s SPEEDY OSTI (BK B, Sep ’06; Bombastic Shiraz/Special Osti) by 4.5 lengths in 15.30. Winner trained by Terry Cahalan.

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