Lots Of Bling At Lang Lang Coursing

Last weekend saw the start of the first of our Classics on the calendar with the first day of the 2013 TGS Electronics at Lang Lang. The weather behaved itself and whilst it was a little chilly the rain and fog stayed away and a great day was had by all.

The morning started with 51 puppies and they were all rearing to go. They came from all over the state which was great to see and by the end of the day we ended up with 7 left to go on next week to contest the finals. The Westerlo camp brought six of their Bling’s along and have 3 left going into next week Glitzy Bling, Bling Ading and Gypsy Bling. Then we have a few more locals, well local to Lang Lang you could say with Olliemax showing he can go well on sand or grass for Norm Rilen of Nilma , Hare Addict for and then the final local being My Clementine for . The odd man out of this lot is Passing Comment trained by from Huntly up way and he coursed fantastically all day so the locals had better bring their best game on next week as I’m sure he would like nothing better than to take the trophy home to Huntly.

Most of you older coursing folk would remember the late Ray Boundy, a voice that could be heard all over the course no matter whether you were at slips or the catching pen you could always hear Ray calling out the odds trying to entice willing punters to part with some of their hard earned cash. Since Ray passed away our resident bookmaker Garry Thomas has always supported the trophy in Ray;s honour and this year is no different. We started the morning with a very classy 16 runners and after some extremely hard fought battles we are left with four contenders for next week. They are last years winner Zambora Blueboy, the 2011 Oaks winner Queen Selene and then the two relatively new kids on the block Good Old Bert for Geoff Howell and Blonde Caviar trained by Peter Franklin, who some of you may remember was the slipper at the Camperdown Coursing Club for many years.

The final event on the list was the 2013 Amstel Golf Club , this event called for 32 maiden greyhounds with a preference given to those that had coursed before. We ended up with a bit over half and half which was great to see, and after three rounds today we have four newbies to this coursing caper left so a great effort and I’m sure you will all sleep well tonight. The greyhounds coming back next week to contest the finals are Spin The Top for Rob Ferris, Magic Match trained by a well known coursing trainer in Bianca Whitford, Shifty Mifty for David Dawson and last but not least Merciless showing today that Mercy was not high on his agenda.

I for one can’t wait to come back next week to see not only how this story unfolds, but also who else will come and join in the fun in the supporting events next Sunday. There will be events for All Aged, Maiden’s and Puppy’s with entries closing this Wednesday night (3rd July, 2013) at 8pm.

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