Macro Meats A Popular Sponsor At Virginia Coursing

Owners and trainers were most appreciative to the sponsorship provided by (AKA Ray Borda) where the Club was able to double the prizemoney for every event. Kangaroo products were also provided for the BBQ and these were well received.

led the training charge when Noble Quoted and Lola Montez greeted the judge; ’s Howzat Colmar took out the main event from ; ’s West on Wallis withstood a late challenge from Oval Avenue and the remaining events were shared among some new faces.

Owners and trainers are reminded of our meeting on 2 August – the Ruby Loans Rising Star Prelude for SA BRED greyhounds will be conducted (for greyhounds whelped on or after 1 July 2007). Nominations close with on Wednesday 29 July at 9 am.

Virginia Coursing Results

Race 1 : Macro Meats Free For All
Justin Penn’s HOWZAT COLMAR (BK B, Mar ’06; Solve The Puzzle/Hopper Lee) defeated ’s MISS EVA MAI (F B, Apr ’06; Carnage/Miss Aime Lee) by a neck in 15.34. Winner trained by Justin Penn.

Race 2 : Macro Meats Veteran Stake
Simon Mader’s NOBLE QUOTED (RBD D, Jun ’05; /Miss Quoted) defeated Shaun Laffin’s BAD RAGAZ (BK D, Jun ’05; Big Daddy Cool/Impressive) by 2 lengths in 15.41. Winner trained by Carole Scott.

Race 3 : Macro Meats Maiden Stake
Kim Johnstone’s WEST ON WALLIS (RF D, Dec ’05; /Reggekate) defeated David Kelly’s OVAL AVENUE (BK D, Nov ’05; Whisky Assassin/Trimoral Gold) by ½ length in 15.50. Winner trained by Kim Johnstone.

Race 4 : Macro Meats Maiden Stake
Anthony DeVola’s ONE WAY CURRENT (BK D, Sep ’06; November Fury/Trios Pinari) defeated the Prime Park Racing Syndicate’s DETERMINIST (BD D, Jul ’07; Digital/Quee Two) by ½ length in 15.45. Winner trained by Leanne Fagan.

Race 5 : Macro Meats Maiden Stake
Barry Jones’ SLIPPER’S TONIC (BK B, Feb ’07; Bond/Slipper’s Gin) defeated Anthony DeVola’s COVERED IN CASH (BK D, Jun ’07; Regal Ricky/Smurf’s Madonna) by 2 lengths in 15.57. Winner trained by Barry Jones.

Race 6 : Macro Meats Novice Stake
Shaun Laffin’s SPARROW BAZ (BEBD D, Mar ’07; Elite State/Bazwell) had a bye through scratching of Steven Coates’ HARDAWAY HAWK (BK D, Feb ’07; Black Enforcer/Hardaway Haven) because of injury. Winner trained by Shaun Laffin.

Race 7 : Macro Meats Juvenile/Maiden Stake
Carole Scott’s LOLA MONTEZ (BK B, Nov ’07; Digital/Madam Lash) defeated Doug Frith’s MISS RHYTHM (FB, Jan ’08; Oak Rhythm/Thump) by 3 lengths in 15.62. Winner trained by Carole Scott.

Race 8 : Macro Meats Maiden Stake
Susan Marsh’s ARIA PHOENIX (LTF B, May ‘07; Whisky Assassin/Miss Jacqueline) defeated Albert Althorp’s WENDY’S BANDIT (RBD B, Sep ’06; Elite State/Bandit Lady) by 4 lengths in 15.83. Winner trained by Dale Martin.

Race 9 : Macro Meats Maiden Stake
Adam James’ CASUAL CHARM (BK B, Apr ’07; Elgrando/Thai Charm) defeated Susan Marsh’ SEMI PRO (BK D, May ’07; Whisky Assassin/Miss Jacqueline) by 8 lengths in 15.63. Winner trained by .

Race 10 : Macro Meats Maiden Stake
Valance Phillips’ EVICTION NOTICE (BK B, Feb ‘;07; bond/Red Printer) defeated Dale Hogan’s ELUSIVE ARCH (BK D, Apr ’07; Zed Three/Germander) by 3 lengths in 15.60. Winner trained by Valance Phillips.

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