Short And Sweet Coursing At Virginia

With only 29 nominations received, was a short sharp affair yesterday. In cool but sunny conditions, only 6 winners greeted the judge.

Carole Scott dared to have a double with Noble Quoted taking out the Stake and Lash Out winning a Juvenile/Maiden Stake.

continued on his winning way for when winning a One Stake.

A very happy Geoff Ryles was over the moon when Royal Ryles won the Kennards Hire Maiden Stake – Geoff has worked very hard over the past 18 months with this dog and his patience and hard work were rewarded when he won.

Jim Seaton also had his patience rewarded when Mystify Gold took out the Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery Maiden.

Last but not least, that wonderful speed coursing bitch won the Ruby Loans Open stake defeating her kennel mate, It's the Answer in a fast 15.07.

Owners and Trainers are reminded that our next meeting is scheduled for 5 July – feature dates have been decided and were in last week's Kennel Capers.

Race 1 : Ruby Loans Open Stake
Don Turners' MISS EVA MAI (RF B, Apr '06; Carnage/Miss Aime Lee) defeated Don Turner's IT'S THE ANSWER (WBK D, May '06; /Hot Cockatoo) by 1 length in 15.07. Winner trained by Don Turner.

Race 2 : Benny's Landscaping Supplies Veterans Stake
Simon Mader's NOBLE QUOTED (RBD D, Jun '05; Token Prince/Miss Quoted) defeated Lauren Harris' BRUTE STATE (FWD Jan '04; Elite State/Acacia Champagne) by 5 lengths in 15.28. Winner trained by Carole Scott.

Race 3 : Kennard's Hire Maiden Stake
Geoffrey Ryles ROYAL RYLES (BE D, Jun '06; /Royal Magnate) defeated Neil Perkine PARIS PUZZLE (BKW B, Oct '06; Lindale Blue/Ebony Puzzle) by .75 length in 15.29. Winner trained by .

Race 4 : Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery Maiden Stake
The Rapkaa Syndicate MYSTIFY GOLD (BK D, Nov '06; Texas Gold/Mystify Me) defeated Christopher Ormsby's PLAYIN' IT COOL (LTF D, Nov '05; Big Daddy Cool/Classic Capri) by a head in 15.68. Winner trained by Jim Seaton.

Race 5 : Cairnsy's Pet Food & Fodder One Stake
The Mitchell & Jacob Syndicate's ANAKIN SKYWALKER (BK D, Dec '05; Where's Pedro/Hazzafuture) defeated James Seaton's MILDE (WF B, Feb '05; Carlisle Jack/Bigbad Kelly) by 3.25 lengths in 15.20. Winner trained by Cathy Harris.

Race 6 : Juvenile/Maiden Stake
Carole Scott's LASH OUT (BD D, Nov '07; /Madam Lash) defeated Helen Deacon's RAMU VALLEY (BD D, Oct '07; Where's Pedro/Aussie Rose) by .75 length in 15.74. Winner trained by Carole Scott.

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