Virginia’s Coursing Fast, Fast And Faster

In cool, windy conditions coursing enthusiasts were treated to some exceptional speed runs from a couple of very fast greyhounds.

Wine Master won for John McMillan in a fast 15.14, also ran 15.14 for Cathy Harris and Union Rules ran 15.12 for Kim Johnstone but the best of the day for Don Turner was It’s The Answer who powered up the straight running 14.85, 14.90 and 14.98 in his 3 runs.

Leading in a double, Bill McAvaney was very pleased with Sweeping Eagle and Ima Closing from his broodbitch, Juicy As.

Race 1 : Ruby Loans Veterans Stake
Pamela Carraill’s LOU PALMS (BD D, Dec ’04; Big Brother/Sally’s Flying) defeated Pamela Carraill’s BRUCE PALMS (BK D, Dec ’04; Big Brother/Sally’s Flying) by 2 lengths in 15.45. Winner trained by Leslie Carraill.

Race 2 : Benny’s Landscaping Supplies Maiden Stake
Brian Styles’ KEIRA MI (BK B, Jan ’07; Regional Image/Andi Rose) defeated The Drunken Monkey Syndicate’s MEGA UGLY (BEBD D, Dec ’06; /Lady Batiste) by 1 length in 15.30. Winner trained by Brian Styles.

Race 3 : Kennard’s Hire Maiden Stake
’s WINE MASTER (BK D, Sep ’06; Exceptional/Sparkling Bubble) defeated Paul Bushell’s COOL ILLUSION (WF D, Jan ’06; Big Daddy Cool/Illusion) by 1 length in 15.14. Winner trained by John McMillan.

Race 4 : Emerley Park Maiden Stake
The Mitchell & Jacob Syndicate’s ANAKIN SKYWALKER (BK D, Dec ’05; Where’s Pedro/Hazzafuture) defeated Todd Kelly’s DANCING DASH (WBK B, Jul ’06; Collide/Fair Dancer. Winner trained by Cathy Harris.

Race 5 : Cairnsy’s Pet Food & Fodder Maiden Stake
Raymond Dudley’s UNION RULES (BD D, Jan ’07; No Intent/Cosmic Emma) defeated Narelle Pittard’s HARD WORK (BK D, Oct ’06; Hotline Hero/Hotline Goldmine) by 1.25 lengths in 15.12. Winner trained by Kim Johnstone.

Race 6 : Todd Gray Maiden Stake
’s (BD D, Jan ‘07; Craigie Whistler/Jungle Beauty) defeated the Champagne Syndicate’s TICH’S FOLLY (RF D, Sep ’06; /Spendid Orchid) by 3 lengths in 15.40. Winner trained by Dale Martin.

Race 7 : Macro Meats One Stake/Novice Feature Stake
(F B, Sep ’06; /Just Sarah Jane) defeated ’s DANCING DAYS (BK B, Sep ’06; Carnage/Nirimba Pearl) by 4 lengths in 15.20. Winner trained by Steven Coates.

Race 8 : Adelaide Plains Veterinary Surgery Novice Stake
Don Turners’ IT’S THE ANSWER (WBK D, May ’06; Solve The Puzzle/Hot Cockatoo) defeated Steven Coates’ HARDAWAY HAWK (BK D, Feb ’07; Black Enforcer/hardaway Haven) by 1 length in 14.98. Winner trained by Don Turner.

Race 9 : Two Wells Hardware & More Juvenile Maiden
Bill McAvaney’s SWEEPING EAGLE (WBD D, Jul ’07; Closing Argument/Juicy As) defeated Cosimo Lopresto’s ROYALIST (BD D, Dec ’07; Cyrus The Virsu/Awesome Jumper) by 1.5 lengths in 15.56. Winner trained by Bill McAvaney.

Race 10 : Adelaide Furniture & Electrical Maiden Stake
Bill McAvaney’s IMA CLOSING (WBK B, Jul ’07; Closing Argument/Juicy As) defeated Pauline Power’s LION POWER (BK B, Feb ’07; Lion Hearted/Satanic Vixen) by .75 length in 15.58. Winner trained by Bill McAvaney.

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