Dailly confirms GRV raids on Anakie property

has confirmed to Australian Racing Greyhound that his property was raided on Wednesday by Greyhound Racing (GRV).

Dailly says the body was looking for within the training establishment run by George, his brother Tom and sister-in-law Andrea, but nothing was found.

“Five GRV officers were out at our Anakie property today,” Dailly said.

“They were going through the cupboards to make sure we didn’t have anything illegal.”

The raids follow a week of controversy in Victoria, with a greyhound trainer, Charlie Wilson, alleging over the weekend that he had teamed up with Animals Australia in order to conduct secret surveillance operations on some of the state’s largest kennels.

The covert procedures allegedly involved breaking into several properties overnight to hidden cameras, aiming to catch drug cheats within the sport.

Although the trainer at the centre of the scandal has told Australian Racing Greyhound that the Dailly’s property was targeted, George Dailly said he couldn’t say for certain there were illegal spy cameras on his property.

“We have heard that many things from that many people over the past three or four weeks that I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on,” Dailly explained.

“All we ever used to do was train our dogs and mind our own business and we are trying to at the moment, but it’s getting harder and harder.”

Dailly said recent times have been challenging for the industry and believes it is a breach of privacy if Animals Australia have been trespassing onto trainer’s residences.

“It is very disconcerting at the moment, that’s for sure,” he said

“If they are going into people’s places it’s an invasion of privacy.”

However, Dailly does understand that the industry will continue to be scrutinised following on from recent controversies, such as the live-baiting scandal.

“The industry has gone through a really tough time in the last couple of years and obviously we are all under the microscope and that’s probably how it’s going to be from now on,” he said.

“If everybody keeps their noses clean, looks after their dogs and just worries about the of the animal – keep them fit and healthy – then everything will be ok.”

Dailly was also understanding of GRV needing to act, but remains adamant that he has done nothing wrong.

“They can come here anytime they like,” he said.

“That’s part of life training greyhounds these days – GRV can come whenever they like and do kennel inspections.

“Good luck to them – that’s their job – they are entitled to come to our place and do what they have to do and we’ll do what we have to do.

“We have nothing to hide.”

It is understood another leading Victorian trainer was targeted by the raids, but Australian Racing Greyhound has been unable to confirm at this time.

, Vice President of the Victorian Greyhound Owners, Trainers and Breeders Association, released a statement earlier this week to voice his concern in regards to the hidden camera operation.

“​Mr ​Charlie Wilson has been in direct contact with me several times over the last 24 hours, providing information relating to an alleged covert, highly illegal surveillance campaign conducted by a well-known animal activist organisation that is determined to end greyhound racing by any means possible,” Britton said.

“Several greyhound properties in the greater area were the focus of this campaign, however it is possible that other greyhound properties in Victoria were included.

“The  are extremely concerned about the ramifications for participants and the sport stemming from these alleged illegal acts and are prepared to work with ​Mr Wilson, despite his alleged personal involvement, in an effort to bring this animal activist organisation to account for their actions.​

“Participants are rightly angry about the invasion of privacy and potential misuse of any footage gained in such a way, however verbally abusing or threatening Mr Wilson’s personal safety will not achieve anything and must stop immediately.”

Australian Racing Greyhound also contacted GRV for comment, however they had not responded at the time of publication.

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6 years ago

come on GRV,you will not find anyone hiding anything on there properties now. the word is out,its gone if there ever was anything.

is this just to appease us or the AA group?

this is so past GRV in all its extremities.go in after tip offs.of course places can be cleared and any info not there when u arrive.insiders at headquarters tipping old GRV off. don’t let us be fooled again that you are ‘right on it’.useless having raids now.that famous bird  has done a runner….again.

keep trying,maybe one day you will catch the real guys out.