Finish On Lure To Stay Finished In Queensland Greyhound Racing

Use of the catching pen is to remain in greyhound racing in Queensland.

Limited (RQL) has advised that it has concluded its review of the continued operation of the catching pen at the conclusion of greyhound races.

The review was aimed at ensuring that the best possible form of greyhound racing was being used in Queensland taking into account:

° the safety and of greyhounds;
° the safety of trainers, attendants and industry participants;
° the broader commercial and general interest of industry participants; and
° the overall interests of the greyhound racing industry.

Having done so, and having taken into account the aims of the review, RQL has determined to continue the use of the catching pen at race meetings in Queensland.

However, RQL intends to have significant upgrades made to the lures used at and . Work will be undertaken in conjunction with industry participants with a view to an improved being used.

The RQL board also decided to implement certain other changes in an attempt to reduce the rate of suspension for and failing to pursue. Details of the additional measures are set out on the Greyhounds/ tab of the RQL website ).

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