GHRRA First State To Offer Online Scratchings

The New South Wales Greyhound and Harness Racing Authority () have trumped the Greyhound (GRV) by being the first to offer an online scratching service.

The GRV have been at the forefront of most advances in online services in but have recently slipped by comparison in terms of innovative offerings, with the news News South Wales will be the first to utilise the simplicity of web based communication to accept raceday .

It is common practice in most staes now to nominate greyhounds for races online, but New South Wales will be the first to take the next obvious step by allowing scratching notifications online.

From the 23rd January 2009 the NSW GHRRA will accept scratchings online from participants who are currently registered to nominate online.

Participants in all other states will still have to use the telephone to personally scratch greyhounds from raceday engagements.

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