Glenn Fish Is Victorian Greyhound Racing’s Top Steward

Just days before Dr Brian Willams steps down from his role as GRV Chief , the GRV have announced that the odds on favourite for the role, Mr has secured the position.

According to GRV, Glenn's appointment comes “following an extensive application and interview process”.

The announcement of Glenn's appointment to the the role is sure to be warmly received as he is well regarded amongst the rank and file, as a steward who through his family and his had a great deal of hands-on training for the role and has always demonstrated that experience through his commonsense approach to the job.

Glenn has considerable experience in the greyhound racing industry, commencing as a race meeting official at the Greyhound Racing Club in 1986.

In 1995, Glenn commenced employment with the then Greyhound Racing Control Board of Victoria as a Cadet Steward/Grader, and has since held a number of senior industry positions including Steward and Chief Grader.

From 2004, Glenn has been a Deputy Chief Steward with Greyhound . He has conducted race meetings in both metropolitan and provincial areas of the State and has subsequently been involved in the conduct of several inquiries, investigations and appeal processes.

Upon being , Glenn said “I see the position of Chief Steward as both challenging and rewarding. I view this progression as a great opportunity to continue to direct the GRV ' in a positive direction. I am grateful for the opportunity, and look forward to contributing to the future development of GRV's Racing and Department under the guidance of incoming Manager – , for whom I have the utmost respect.”

In welcoming the appointment GRV Chief Executive – Dr. said “Glenn has great practical experience in the racing industry. He is well respected by industry participants for his responsible attitude to fairness and transparency”.

“Further, I am confident that Glenn's commitment to continuously improve his own skills, as well as his department's attention to procedural fairness and natural justice, will see the GRV department continue at the forefront of industry standards.”

Glenn Fish will commence as GRV's Chief Steward on 1st July, 2009.

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