Gold Coast Greyhound Club Issued “Show Cause” Notice

Not more than a week after the running of the 2 Cup at , Ltd has issued the now redudant greyhound club a “show cause” notice as to why the club’s racing license should be renewed.

GQL chair said today the club would have until August 7 to provide submissions to comply with the “show cause” notice.

“Every year all GQL race clubs must make application to renew their license to race,” said Ms Watson.

The Gold Coast Racing Club has been in limbo since racing ceased at the site at the end of July 2008. The State Government took back the Gold Coast facility for the purpose of building a new Gold Coast University hospital on the site.

The club’s race dates and funding was then re-allocated to the Brisbane and clubs. The “show cause” notice has no impact on the current racing schedule or prizemoney levels.

The committee of the applied in December last year to conduct TAB/Sky race meetings at the GRC.

“The Directors of GQL considered the proposal and determined it was not viable,” said Ms Watson.

“To date the club has not presented an acceptable alternate proposal to conduct racing in the Gold Coast region.

“At this time GQL does not see an imperative for racing to recommence on the Gold Coast.”

Ms Watson said the Board of Directors of GQL would consider the Gold Coast Club’s submissions during August before a decision is made on the club’s racing license.

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