Greyhound Racing Cups Runneth Over……………Each Other

How difficult it must be to program feature racing in Australia?

This week sees the heats of the in Victoria and the in South Australia. Unfortunately the latter has seriously depleted the formers fields, to a point where there was allegedly a ‘ring-around' to ensure could hold more than just five heats.

I'm reliably informed that had a leading trainer from the Lara region not responded to the ‘call ‘, the situation would have been pointedly embarrassing.

Added to this clash were the Heats. Given Bulli is a horseshoe shaped track it can be viewed, a little, but not a lot differently. It certainly adds to the logjam of features

That aside, I wonder how a situation can occur? Whilst I am aware that the numbers of feature races has increased over the past few seasons, these races are amongst the untouchable ‘time-honoured' brigade.

A quick look at the programming calendar nation wide would give anyone the idea that there is little communication between the states.

I'm told this is not the current situation. If so the communication lines have been twisted in this instance .It is not that difficult to get it right.

For instance only slight changes to the calendar would mean that our premier greyhounds would be available to contest the best races. To support my argument I respectfully submit the following obvious changes.

  • Cranbourne Cup Jan 3 and 10 (as scheduled).
  • Adelaide Cup Jan 13, 20 and 27 (instead of Jan 6, 13 and 20).
  • Feb 1 and 8 (instead of Jan 21 and 25).
  • Feb 19 ,26 and March 5 (as scheduled)
  • March 9 and 13 (as scheduled)

The Bulli meeting could be staged earlier ,possibly in mid to late December.

Hardly rocket science, and then onto the Egg at .

As a lover of Greyhound Racing, especially the good ones, I would hope that ‘they' the much vaunted ,powers-that -be, could get their collective acts together so that we can see the best run against the best in all states , and as frequently as possible.

The fast dogs are the industry's best advertisement and at a time when so many ‘slower' beasts are being catered too, it makes sense to showcase our stars at every opportunity.

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