Greyhound Racing Victoria Undermine Their Own Grading Policies To What End?

Riddle me this?

Q: When is a rule not a rule?
A: When it applies to the GRV.

Fair dinkum (well I am penning this on ), Tier 3 wonders will never cease. After a public outcry over an outrage that saw unraced (maiden) dogs salute in under the ‘restricted' times allowed, GRV changed the to ensure that the Tier 3 races were for slower types.

Lo and behold they admitted that unraced animals could not be judged as slow enough until they were seen in public.

Seems that an embarrassing oversight had been successfully cleaned up.

Hardly rocket science but not obvious logic for all initially at GRV.

Then, as I sifted through the plethora of meetings for January 26th 2011, commencing at 12.20 pm and finishing at 10.35 pm, including the now mandatory overlaps, I noticed the following ‘situation':

By the way overlaps are making life very difficult for those who wish to do accurate form, but perhaps therein lays another story.

But, sorry, I digress.

has a reduced prize money meeting – on Sky 1, whilst languishes on Sky 2 in a poor time slot. Why, one may ask? Perhaps another story? – where they have no less than 6 Tier 3 maidens.

In these six races there are no less than 9 unraced dogs.

How can these be drawn in Tier 3 contests when the GRV's own rules forbid it?

Below I have pasted in the GRV's own rules regarding the Tier 3 races.

Please pay particular notice to condition No. 6

TIER 3 Full Conditions

  • 1. All Tier 3 events will be run for half of normal provincial stakemoney
  • 2. Tier 3 Grade 5 events are Non-Penalty
  • 3. Open to Maiden and Grade 5 greyhounds (at specific track and distance)
  • 4. Greyhounds are prohibited from competing in Tier 3 events if they have run faster than a certain time standard in any of their past four starts
  • 5. Greyhounds must have competed in Victoria or at Barmera, , , and in all of their past four starts
  • 6. Maiden greyhounds must have had a minimum of two starts (which includes qualifying trial starts)
  • 7. Last start winners and placegetters at their actual last race start in Tier 3 events gain preference when next nominating for a Tier 3 event at the same track and distance
  • 8. Greyhounds who have waited the longest to gain a start (based on number of recent nominations) will be given preference. The remaining greyhounds will be drawn into the meeting RANDOMLY
  • 9. The compiling of race fields is centred around how much prizemoney a greyhound has won.
  • 10. The GRV Graders may where practicable and suitable races being available, separate greyhounds trained and/or owned in the same interest

Well I hope you paid attention to condition No.6, because that makes at least two of us.

No one at GRV is paying any attention to it.

Why have rules or conditions if those in control are unable to remember what they've put in place ?

Disgraceful and/or a flawed concept for mine.

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