GRNSW Calls On NCA To Act Over Adam Dobbin Affair

Greyhound () today confirmed that it has, in the interests of the industry as a whole, asked the National Association (NCA) to reconsider its decision to retain , the club's General Manager.

The request from GRNSW follows public statements by the NCA that Mr Dobbin may have been involved in the disappearance of approximately $155,000 of funds from the .

GRNSW believes Mr Dobbin's position as General Manager of the NCA is untenable while these allegations remain unresolved.

However, his continued employment in that capacity at the NCA is a matter for the club to determine as GRNSW does not have the power to intervene in an individual club's employment matters.

GRNSW owns 70% of property, but has no involvement in the day-to-day financial operations of The Gardens or the Greyhound Recorder newspaper (which is wholly owned by the NCA). In effect, GRNSW has no greater involvement in the NCA than it does in any other race club.

Separate to the employment matter, GRNSW will be monitoring the position with the co-operation of the NCA to ensure that appropriate steps are taken and procedures implemented to prevent any similar losses in the future.

GRNSW has also commenced its own enquiries into the governance arrangements and internal control mechanisms in place at the NCA.

The Board of GRNSW will consider the outcome of these enquiries on 20 December 2012, as part of the club registration process for 2013.

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