GRNSW will head to the courts to keep the dogs at Dapto

NSW greyhound racing

have responded to the decision to discontinue greyhound racing at Dapto by the Agricultural & Horticultural Society; calling the decision unlawful, questioning the society’s financial reporting, and vowing to head to the courts to continue the “Dapto Dogs”.

Despite being blindsided by the Dapto announcement GRNSW CEO Mr said “The decision is unlawful and contrary to the club’s constitution and, as far as I am concerned, GRNSW will do everything in its power to continue racing at Dapto – including tomorrow night.

“The Dapto Agricultural and Horticultural Society Ltd committee has made a decision behind closed doors without consultation with members or participants – and the Dapto community.

“The sudden decision has been made in the middle of standard negotiations for a new funding agreement – and comes after a request from GRNSW for financial records and explanation of certain figures.

“The Dapto Agricultural and Horticultural Society Ltd committee has failed to comply with GRNSW’s lawful request for financial records – and we will be making a further announcement on this tomorrow.”

Mr Mestrov added “Up until this morning, the remained the only TAB greyhound racing club in NSW not to have signed a new Funding Agreement with GRNSW, under which GRNSW guarantees financial support for the next three years.

“All other 14 TAB clubs registered with GRNSW have signed the Funding Agreement after a process of consultation and negotiation, which started in July, and each of those TAB clubs will now be placed in a more financially sound position with better cash flows and security.

“During the process of negotiations with the Dapto club over recent months, GRNSW raised serious questions about the and reporting of the Dapto club’s accounts.

“GRNSW had sought clarification on these accounts, in particular figures separately for each of the Dapto Agricultural and Horticultural Society Ltd and Dapto Greyhound Racing Club.

“GRNSW believes the request for clarity and scrutiny of these accounts is the trigger for today’s blindsiding of GRNSW and the industry’s participants.

“We want to make it clear that GRNSW will be seeking further clarification of the Dapto club’s historic accounts and has not ruled out legal action.”

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