GRSA & GRNSW Launch Inquiry In To Team Bundy Syndicates

Following recent complaints in relation to Syndicates lodged to and Stewards, GRSA Stewards have summoned Mr. Brad Gully for an on Monday 25th of January 2010.

He has been further instructed to provide all details of members of all Team Bundy Syndicates and all Greyhounds including pups owned by Team Bundy Syndicates to GRSA Stewards.

While this inquiry is pending GRSA Stewards have therefore made a decision to:

  • Not to transfer any ownerships of Team Bundy Greyhounds
  • Not to register any new registrations for any Team Bundy Syndicates
  • All directly nominated to Syndicate Manager Mr. Gully will be withheld until further notice. However all prize money directly nominated to a Trainer for a Team Bundy Syndicate will continue to be honored.
  • Mr. Gully has been advised to remove all reference to GRSA and GRNSW from his website –

If any Team Bundy Syndicate members would like to provide information to assist the GRSA , please send correspondence in writing to GRSA at PO Box 2352, Regency Park SA 5942 or email Chief at [email protected]

GRSA Stewards will continue to collaborate with GRNSW Stewards on this matter.

Further information will be released after the inquiry has been completed.

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