GRV chip in a further $2.84m prizemoney for lower-grade races

Victorian greyhound racing

The Greyhound (GRV) Board have signed off an additional $2.84 million annually which will be directed into prize money throughout Victoria from 1 October, GRV Chair announced today.

“This increase, along with three extra race meetings which we have already introduced, will see returns to participants of more than $52 million across the year and more investment into regional Victoria,” Ms Duncan said.

“Such an investment not only assists all our participants but also has a flow-on effect into businesses throughout regional Victoria where many of our participants work and live.

“We have 13 tracks across Victoria with 11 of these being in the regions. We employ more than 4,300 people – with most regionally based – and have more than 15,000 participants. At a time when we all need to come together as a wider community, we know this increase in prize money will have a positive impact across the state.”

Ms Duncan added that the increase was aimed at grassroots provisional racing, which holds key broadcasting slots in GRV's weekly program and provides the pathway to metropolitan racing.

Total prize money for each Provincial Open race will rise to $2,725, Mixed 4/5 races will increase to $2,500, Grades 5-7 will go up to $2,360 and Maidens will be worth $2,005.

“This will significantly benefit greyhounds who are starting their racing career and support more participants to race at Provincial Level 2 instead of Tier 3 racing,” Ms Duncan said.

“Saturday twilight meetings have also been upgraded from Tier 3 to Provincial Level 2 meetings. Increasing Mixed 4/5 prize money will also deliver more returns for owners and trainers when their greyhounds are selected to compete in higher graded races.”

Ms Duncan said today's announcement would further strengthen 's future as a world leader in the sport.

“GRV is committed to increasing returns to participants across all levels of racing,” Ms Duncan said.

“Having increased Tier 3 by $1.37 million (21.6 percent) since November 2017 we will again review Tier 3 in 2021.”

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